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Dining at Ti Chen Saujana Golf Club with Executive Chinese Chef Sam Lu

Deep Fried Scallops with Banana and Taro Paste

Having to find my way to indulge a fine elegance dinner at Ti Chen Saujana Golf Club prepared by Ti Chon’s new Executive Chinese Chef Sam Lui was truly an exciting experience. As that night we were showcased with some of his award winning and signature dishes from his Signature Dishes and Gold Award Winning Menu from The World Chef Competition 2015, Shanghai. His signature dishes will be available in the new Ti Chen ala carte (unveiling in Sept 20150. As for his Gold Award Winning Menu is available now until end of August with days advance booking.

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Recipe Black Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs

Black Chicken Soup

Having the grocer near by can be such a handy thing to have. Such a damn convenient thing to have. A short drive and pick up your stuff fresh, having them cooked instantly is indeed something remarkable. This time I pick up the Black Chicken, petite as it is compared to a whole chicken. Here it was tucked nicely in the cold shelf. It is difficult to resist of not taking it back for a soup feast. Having some dry Chinese roots stashed nicely in the fridge is a must as it can so handy at all times. A bit of each can create a tasteful bowl of delicious warm soup and I just did that.


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On this comming 31st March 2012 Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur will be joining other international participants for the Earth Hour Day organised by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). All lights except essential lights within the hotel will be turned off for an hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm, aimed at promoting awareness pertaining to prevailing global climate changes.

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Dragon Feast and Yee Sang at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur

Tropical Fruit Yee Sang
Yee Sang at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at Park Royal

DId I tell you that I was on a dragon feast recently . . . . . I guested not since I was totally hypnotised with the awesome delicious food experience at Si Chuan Dou Hua. This time without fail I had my indulge of Yee Sang, something different this round. Tropical fruit Yee Sang was platted for all the guests, vibrant colours with juicy attraction.

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Yee Sang at Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant of Palace of The Golden Horses

Toss to Goodness at Palace of the Golden Horses

Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant

When I received the invitation from the award winning Kim Ma Cantonese Fusion Restaurant for a Yee Sang tossing, it filled myself with such a delight and joy. I knew about the famous Kim Ma Restaurant many years back when I was still a pre-matured blogger. I was at the Palace of the Golden Horses at that time reviewing their Italian cuisine which was incrediblity fabulous too. Upon learning about the famous Chef Roy Wong’s creation at Kim Ma it had drove my craving even stronger and at last I got an invitation to dine there. Very happy!

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Pao Xiang with Datuk Danny Ooi

shop front

My love, my passion and my life with Bak Kut Teh just went back very long way. We were like blood brothers. Everytime I see Bak Kut Teh, I just want to have it. Yes it grown to be my favourite food, some even have it everyday. As for myself, I just love dropping by Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, this time I found myself lunching the outlet at SS15, Subang Jaya with Datuk Danny Ooi.

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Chinese New Year Celebration Grand Imperial One Utama

Yee Sang
Yee Sang at Grand Imperial Restaurant

This year 2011, I had yet another awesome Chinese New Year celebration with awesome spectecular “Yee Sang” ( I always call this dish the Chinese New Year Salad Toss). We meet at Grand Imperial Restaurant at One Utama and we started off with the amazing delicious Sliced Smoked Breast Duck Yee Sang.

Smoked Duck Breast
Slices of Smoked Duck Breast

This Sliced Smoked Breast Duck Yee Sang was truly unique, something very delightful and interesting. It infused the whole Yee Sang dish with strong bursting flavours. I liked it as it was something new with a twist of western influence. I truly recommend this if you are dining here this Chinese New Year.

Lou Sang
Chopsticking into The Yee Sang

It was an awesome evening as I got to tossed the Yee Sang with the Chief Chef Lwee Fook Woh himself, Irene and friends.

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Monk Jumps Over The Wall at West Lake Garden- Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Monk Jumps Over The Wall at West Lake Garden Sunway

I had just been informed earlier that West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa reignites the gastronomic charm of Fujian province in China, with the hearty and nourishing concoction of Monk Jumps Over The Wall and will be making its appearance daily on the menu for lunch and dinner from this 1st to 14th August 2009. I will definitely be the first one jumping over the wall and how could I not!

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Herbal Chicken aka Begger Chicken

I had put up this begger chicken post in another website under the pen name of Miss Pinky and had decided to put up this post again on Big Boys Kitchen. I strongly feel that this chicken dish is inviting, warm, fantastic, and delicious as it is embedded with full flavour of chinese herbs.

In this chicken dish, I had used nine types of chinese herbs as follow:

Astralagus Root (Huang Qi/Puk Kei)
The pale yellow roots are believed to be good for the treatment of poor blood circulation and fatigue. This roots can be found in Korea and northern Chinese provinces of Shanxi and Gansu.

Codonopsis Root (Dang Shen/Dong Sam)
The root is generally used as a tonic and stimulant reputedly good for the treatment of gonorrhea, blood circulation and gynaecological diseases. It is widely adopted as a respectable substitute for the more expensive ginseng. Codonopsis root can increase the number of red corpuscles and reduce the number of leucocytes in the blood.

Chinese Yam (Shan Yao/Wai San)
These chalk-white silvers are believed to be a tonic for the kidneys and lungs, and are prescribed for diarrhea, diabetes and urinary problems.

Chinese Wolfberries (Gou Qi Zi/Gei Chi)
Both fruit and bark of the plant are used in medicine to improve vision and to adjust renal function. Chinese wolfberries also believed to be remedial for diabetes but paradoxically impart a sweetish flavour to most rich stews and soup.

Lily Bulb Petals (Bai He/Bak Hup)
The bulbs are harvested from July to September, then separated, blanched, dried and bleached in sulphur fumes. Lily bulb petals are believed to be beneficial for an extraordinary range of illness, from pulmory diseases and ulcers to coughs and dry throats.

Chinese Angelica (Dang Gui/Dong Kwai)
Recognised as one of the most effective herbal ingredient for a whole range of gynaecological ailments, taken by woman after childbirth to alleviate pain, lubricate the intestines and prevent haemorrhage.

Longan Flesh (Long Yan Rou/Long Ngan Yok)
Longan literally mean “dragon’s eyes”, is a small, seasonal fruit that comes in bunches. The flesh beneath is sweet, succulent and translucent and holds at its centre a round, dark brown seed; which is how a shelled longan could resemble and eye. Longan is cultivated in china and parts of Indochina. Stock dried longans come in two forms, in their shells with stones intactor ready shelled as lumps of tightly packed longan flesh.

Soloman’s Seal (Yu Zhu/Yok Chok)
Silvers of yellowish roots are good for treatment of ailments related to the pancreas, lungs and throat.

Red Dates (Hong Zao/Hung Cho)
Red dates should be about the size of grapes or smaller, dark maroon in colour and when dried , very wrinkled in appearance, almost like small, gnarled prunes. They are recommended for the restoration of vigour and vitality

All the herbs are boiled for an hour till the flavour is transfered to the soup.

Paper and aluminium foil are used to wrapped the chicken

Here I used a fresh chicken bought from my favourite market located at section 17, Petaling Jaya.

The chicken is stuffed with the cooked herbs and gravy in the cavity, wrapped and baked for 90minutes in the oven.


2pcs Astralagus Roots
2sticks Codonopsis Roots
5pcs Chinese Yam
20gm Chinese Wolfberries
10pcs Lily Bulb Petals
5thin slices Chinese Angelica
30gm Longan Flesh
3pcs Soloman’s Seal
5pcs Red Dates
1 large Chicken
Aluminium Foil

Boiled all the herbs with 200ml water till concentrate. Add a pinch of salt for taste. Stuff all the cooked herbs and concentrated soup into the cavity of the chicken. Wrapped the chicken with paper and aluminium foil. Baked for 90 minutes.

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