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New Individual Set Meal Paradise Inn Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Individual Hot Steaming Basket Set Meal – Steamed Minced Pork Patty with Salted Fish

It had been for a while I have not been into this restaurant but I was fortunately to find my way into it’s dining area one evening just recently. I just love some of the dishes available here that truly understand what a client needs, something I had before but once lost over the years. Yes dishes that my mom and dad used to cook in their petite kitchen.Simple yet nostalgic dishes like steamed minced pork with salted egg yolk truly grasped my heart winning over and over. I can easily have it with two or even three bowls of white rice, at least wo of them might just be eaten with it’s salty yet fishy relinguished sauce. Therefore I guess do not need to say much about this salted fish with minced pork dish, you ust need to try it yourself. I bet you will be like me.

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Great Deal at One Sweet One Night Solaris Dutamas

One Sweet One Night at Solaris Dutamas

Well I am truly not a frequent visitor to Solaris Dutamas but just last week I found myself having a great fun experience over dinner with some foodies. That night I landed myself at One Sweet One Night at Solaris Dutamas.

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Buka Puasa at Manhattan Fish Market

Salam Over Spice
Salam Over Spices

Meeting up with friends over dinnner and picking the right venue can sometimes be rather tricky. As for me I rather would pick a place nerby and not too far as to beat the evening traffic jam. The food must be good too. Staying nearby The Curve I picked the dinner at e@Curve and we went for The ManhattanFish Market Restaurant. Since I had read a good review on Mei Yee’s blog, I opted for their Bumbu Fiesta Meal.

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Having to arrive in Singapore is fantastic but the journey was another issue, fly with budget airline can be an interesting experience as you may end up not paying a low fare trip, but instead an expensive flight as there maybe rather a few of hidden and unknown cost. Well I will talk about this on my coming post. I would inform that I am safely here and enjoying every minute of my stay, that is the reason why you are reading this post, . . . . Singapore is fabulous!

House of Seafood 180 A

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Authentic Delicious Dining and A Nite to Remember

New Farmosa

I had been sms-ing with Gabey Goh recently about our interview with the local newspaper and I decided to meet up with her.

BBO: “Hi Gabey, shall we meet up for a chit-chat over dinner?”
Gabey: “Can, where shall we meet?”
BBO: “How about at New Farmosa
Gabey: “OK!”

The day came, I was so excited, so “kan cheong” even worst then the “kan cheong kitchen” over TV8, I was so nervous that I even poof up like dollies . . . lol! and end up late. When we arrived at the restaurant all the guests were sitting waiting for us and so did the the first main dish…oppsss!. . . . OMG! Gabey brought her photographer along, walio leh, I felt so like a movie star …. ahemmmm maybe not so handsome (handsup maybe got lar), singer also can lar. Stangely that nite I did not go to the powder room at all. . . anyway Gabey was so nice and so was our hostess and owner Jeanie, I felt so at home . . . we end up like long time friends.

By the way Aidan and his friends were there too . . . . so was our celeb p***boy Simon Seow. So we flicked out our camera and started taking food photos then dishing into those delicious food. The first dish was the Formosa Special combination dish which consist of fried butter eel, jellyfish in garlic sauce or sour plum sauce (cold dish), deep-fried pig intestines with sesame seeds, fried spare ribs with pickled pineapple and rice crust, popped rice with pork & fish maw in black pepper sauce.

Formosa Special Combination Dish

Formosa Special Combination Dish

Deep-fried pig intestines with sesame seeds

Formosa Special Combination Dish, Deep-fried Pig Intestines with Sesame Seeds

Fried butter eel

Formosa Special combination dish, Fried Butter Eel

Fried Spare ribs with pickled pineapple

Formosa Special combination dish, Fried Spare Ribs with Pickled Pineapple

Jellyfish in garlic sauce

Formosa Special combination dish, Jellyfish in Garlic Sauce

Rice crust, popped rice with pork & fish Maw in Black pepper sauce

Formosa Special combination dish, Rice Crust, Popped Rice with Pork & Fish Maw in Black Pepper Sauce

The Formosa Special Combination Dish was awesome delicious, I like the pop rice especially when eaten with coated sauce. The eel was ingeniously created, so awesomely delicious as the texture was to my liking, . . . I thought for a second it was tofu and agrued with one of the guest. Overall this dish was marvellous, done perfectly. Next came the shark fin soup, was good and I had two bowl . . I just can’t live with a bowl soup a day, …… just like an apple a day, seriously.

Shark's Fin Soup

Shark’s Fin Soup with Fresh Crab Meat, shredded Baby Scallops & Bamboo Pitch

Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig Hong Kong Style

Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig Hong Kong Style

This roasted piglet is a such winner, very crispy, succulent and fragrant indeed . . . just can eat it by itself without the hoi sin sauce.

Crilled Garlic Tiger Prawns & Fried TV butter Prawn

Grilled Garlic Tiger Prawns & Fried TV Butter Prawns

Stuffed prawn stick with fish paste was something done uniquely, as I usually don’t come across with the stuffing, it tasted good and well marinated . . . the butter prawn was good, simple and tasty.

Steamed Canadian Sea Brass

Steamed Canadian Sea Bass with Chinese Mushrooms, Salted Cabbage & Tomato

I will alway go all out for healty eating and steaming is part of my preaching. When this dish was placed, I thought it was cod fish, “wow it’s huge”, I shouted. Then Jeanie calmed me down and told me it was a canadina sea bass. The sea bass was steam perfectly as the texture of the fish was tender and perfect, well time, got to say it is not easy to steam a fish as when it is over cooked, the texture of the fish can be very hard and dry. But this one was done just as it suppose to be, well done chef.

Fried Asparagus, fresh lily buds, gingko nuts, lotus roots & pumpkin

Fried Asparagus, Fresh Lily Buds, Gingko Nuts,Lotus Roots and Pumpkin

For those who loves vegeterian dish would like this dish, even a meater myself find this such

Steamed Yam Rice Taiwanese Hakka Style

Steamed Yam Rice in Hollow Bamboo Taiwanese Haaka style

This rice dish was cooked perfectly and surprisingly the yam did the trick to enchance the taste so perfectly that I had two bowls of them.

GreenTea Aloe Vera, Honey Herbal, Yam Gingko & Custard Caramel

Assorted Pudding, Green Tea Aloe Vera, Honey Herbal, Yam Ginkgo (no lard, low sugar), Custard Caramel

The restaurant’s famous dessert was placed on the dining table, awesome to have them, they we not too sweet and tasted deliciously.

Toffee Yam

Toffee Yam

Next came the killer toffee yam, perfect to end the night’s dinner. I got to say it needed skill to make this dessert. . . melting the sugar on the boiling hot oil and coated the battered cooked yam with sesame seeds and then cold them in a chilled icy water to harden the coating. I justr adored it! Crunchy outside and tasty yam inside, great texture.

Sunny, Jeanie, Gabey

Look, look. .. . . Sunny Yaw took a memorable photo together with Jeanie and Gabey. It was most fruitful night, food was fantastic and the gathering was so fruitful. The dinner for 10 guests the night exclude drinks and dessert was RM520 plus 5% service charge.

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