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Tarte Fruit

It had been a busy week and the good news is, we are going to feature the work of chef William T (Singapore) on Big Boys Oven. I am sure it is going to be a very exciting and just can’t wait to see chef William T’s creation soon

For this week, I decided to put up a very simple tarte fruit as the ingredients are found in my fridge. Fresh fruits, sponge cake, strawberry cream, strawberry syrup and tarte shell. I started to assemble this tarte fruit by piping the strawberry cream onto the tart shell. Place a sponge cake on top of the strawberry cream and brushed some strawberry syrup over the cake sponge.

Once the tarte based is completed, the fresh fruits are arranged according to your liking. Lastly applied apricot glazing on to the fresh fruits as to bring the creation to life.

Do try this, it is simple, fast and yet gorgeous.

Luv Sunny Yaw

Preview of Sunny Yaw’s Collection

Dear Food Blogers,

Big Boys Oven will be featuring a cake preview on Sunny Yaw’s Collection at the end August. As it will be a close door event to be held in Kuala Lumpur, only guest with invitation be permitted to enter. Food Blogers, do not let go this oppurtunity, if you like to attend this function please email us your name, correspond address, contact number and your food blog website as soon as possible as seats are limited to sbkan34@hotmail.com

Big Boys Oven

Gateau Marquise Au Chocolat

I am sure some of us would wonder what is Gateau Marquise Au Chocolat. Well it is basically mean Decadent Chocolate Cake and that is what I had stumbled upon when I was reading Robert Linxe’s book “La Maison Du Chocolat“. I would really recommend this book to be in your mini library as it did somehow sneak into mine. It is a lovely book showing the work of Robert Linxe on chocolate and full of gorgeous pictures.

For this time I had modified Robert Linxe’s Decadent Chocolate Dessert into a cake version. This cake I would like to dedicated this especially to Lee Ping, ……..a healty dessert…….. You will be very surprise that I did not baked this cake in Big Boys Oven as it doesn’t need baking!

Basically and firstly you need to make the crust, mix a variety of roasted crushed nuts with melted butter and place it into the mould and refrigerate it until hard. Next you need to have your lovely melted chocolate, place in soft butter and egg yolk. Fold in beaten sugared egg white, and tranfer it to the mold and refrigerate for 12 hours. Once done, pipe in whipping cream and top it with nuts and chocolate powder.

Do give it a try and I am sure your guest will be for a surprise.
Sid xxx
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