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Penang’s Finest Hokkien Dishes | Hock Chuan Heong Restaurant Reclaimed My Roots!


Looking at both of this photographs of Hock Chuan Heong Restaurant, it just reminded me of the black and white photographs taken during the 60’s & 70’s that I inherited from my dad. It was fully beautifully painted of his growing up and some were with my mum too, part of her young teen. I guessed it was the time dad courting mum, just lovely. Do you keep such treasures?

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Penang’s Finest Coconut Jelly | Get’s A Thumbs Up from Big Boys Oven!

I know you will be laughing your hearts out as you look at my photo above . . . .but I think we were captured at the right moment and at the right place, what a great pose while having Madonna’s – Vogue played. . . . . Let’s strike a pose!

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chap goh mei
The beginning of 2009 had been great to BigBoysOven especially this Chinese New Year as we had been attending to a few Chinese New Year celebration cum Loh Sang. Yet two tickets to Souled Out Chap Goh Mei Clebration arrived at our doorstep. I was informed that Souled Out’s CNY celebration can be very extravagant, fascinating and something not be missed. The line up for the night was a chines buffet dinner, acrobatic show brought in from China, Lion Dance celebation and display of fireworks.
The buffet spread was plenty that night, lots of variety to pick from, roasted duck, roasted chicken, delicious giant garupa fish, prawns, mixed vegetables, lotus rice, noodles, soup, lots more . . . . not forgetting the chinese desserts too such as handmade mochi, kuih kochi, lots of fruits and not forgetting lots of large mandarin oranges. Not only that each table were given a large plate of “Loh Sang” to start off with the celebration . . . . . the night kicked off with such a gourmet of food.

Love, Kisses, Romance & Marriage . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WEE KIET & LEE LEE


What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain

My yesterday was blue, dear
Today I’m part of you, dear
My lonely nights are through, dear
Since you said you were mine

What a difference a day makes
There’s a rainbow before me
Skies above can’t be stormy
Since that moment of bliss, that thrilling kiss

It’s heaven when you find romance on your menu
What a difference a day made
And the difference is you
(Tony Bennett)

It was lovely to meet up with Lee Lee & Wee Kiet and to commission their wedding cake. We meet up at Star Buck Coffee and Lee Lee wanted a very simple 3tiers white wedding cake with handcrafted paper flowers and birds. Lee Lee adored the wedding cake and the wedding reception was held at Rahsia, KL.
Yet another wedding cake done perfectly for Lee Lee & Wee Kiet and it was a lovely wedding, the setting was so beautiful . . . . more wedding post coming, so see you real soon yeah . . . . as always Sunny Yaw

when I am mad about you, MAD ABOUT PIZZA !


When I am mad about you . . . . . I mad about pizza, how true can it be! can it be, I wonder? . . . . . I got to say when I mad about you, I will definitely not talking to you or even to call you . . . . . but if I am madly in love with you, I definitely want to hold you, even to caress you, I am sure you do! Do you? Well I am sure you too, just had this awesome experience on this Valentine’s Day which was just barely less than 24hours ago. I had an intrigging afternoon nap today, dosing off into my little dream land . . . . when I woke up it was already near to 8pm, wow! I was sure hungry and I wanted something simple and light, yet delicious. Pizza would be nice choice and MAD ABOUT PIZZA came into my play, yup it was true, Ken told me about his great discovery and experience at this eatery just recent(yesterday I think) and I wouldn’t mind to have a try.

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Limited Edition Love Macarons for Valentine’s Day

. . . . . . . . from Sunny Yaw


I had specially designed this lovely LOVE MACARONS for this coming Valentine’s Day. This will be an ideal gift specially for the one you love.

I will only be baking a few of this lovely love shape macarons and therefore do place your order now. Each coloured love shape macarons come with japanese cream cheese filling with additional surprise taste too! A box of 15 macarons will be RM50 (sms your order to 012 3021269) .

Place your order now before there are all taken away! :)

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY . . . . . . love Sunny Yaw

Limited Edition Valentine’s Cupcake by Big Boys Oven



February the 14th will be the Valentine’s Day and I had created four limited edition Valentine’s cupcakes inspired by my favourite star Martha Stewart. Each batch of this limited edition Valentine’s cupcakes come in a box of 12’s and personally handcrafted and decorated by myself. In each box you will able to find chocolat cake with strawberry compote, vanilla pod cake with mango, coffee cake with roasted walnut, lemon cake with blood orange peel.

If you like to order my Valentine’s cupcakes for your special one on Valentine’s Day, please email me your orders by 12th Feb (A box of 12 cupcakes = RM70)


We Ate Our Hearts Out . . . . . . .@ SOULED OUT


Caesar Salad – RM 16 Choice of roast beef (or chicken), on a bed of crispy romaine, croutons & egg.
This time the makan kaki’s headed to Souled Out at Desa Sri Hartamas for a dinner. We were served with this caeser salad and I love the way it was being served here, crispy, tasty and great aroma of parmesan cheese.
Sakura Denbu Salad – RM18 Sakura denbu, katsuoboshi, nori and dragonfruit on a bed of mixed leaves, drizzled with japanese style vinaigrette
Then came this salad named sakura, woh sound just like one of my ex but this one was very unique, very sexy and asian in taste indeed. This japanese vinaigrette was something rather unique, blended so well to my liking and taste . . . . truely fusion I would put it.
Mango Prawn Salad – RM 18 Succulent prawns, plump mangoes, creamy avocado cubes in a zesty dressing
This one is so refreshing to my taste, just so desireable for an instant marriage, the prawns were well sized and the mango was just deliciously sweet, blended so well with the salad leaves, just so thai. As I forked into it, I found my favourite acavado . . . . just spot on!
Beefed Out Pizza 8inch-RM 23 11inch-RM 28 Beef pepperoni, beef bacon, beef ribs….all beefed out!
When I arrived at Souled Out I saw this wood fire oven and I said to myself that I must have this wood fire pizza as I like the natural burning tast and aroma. The pizza arrived was a thin based pizza, the topping was enough just right and I like it crispy as it was. It did live up to my expectation and almostly when on unnoticeable.
Deep Fried Calamari-RM 18 Crispy and crunchy squid rings in a secret batter recipe.
My nephew and niece tagged along with me on this occasion and I ordered them their all time favourite dish deep fried crispy calamari. The first batch came, it was delicous but not that crispy the way the kids would love them but the second batch came ( we requested for more crispy), this time it was awesome, crisy in the outside, soft and tasty in the inside (not rubbery at all) . . . . .
Gosht Colapuri-RM 14 Mutton cubes braised in black pepper, onions, fresh tomatoes and chilli
The mutton was cooked to a certain of perfection, soft and tender . . . braised well as it reminded me of a good indian’s curry take away down Soho, London. The smell was not too bad but the bread did complemented the dish and yes I prefer having it with bread rather than a portion of rice.
Butter Chicken RM 22 Boneless chicken cooked in a creamy, tangy butter sauce.
The butter chicken tasted good too but I prefer the way the mutton was presented that night. The chicken was chunky and flooded with awesome sauce.
Sang Har Mein- RM 28 Wanton noodles with large fresh water prawns, deep fried and doused with egg gravy.
If you are looking for “Sang Har Mein”, I would recommend this one, awesome delicious, just blow my brain out. The sauce was tasty, yummy and the noodle was done perfectly. I almost fainted seeing such huge prawns topping . . . . . . well I was lying, I was very conscious but I wanted the dish all for myself . . . . . hehehehhe!
Spicy Square Fried Noodles – RM 14 Bean sheet noodles fried with chicken, prawns and bean sprouts.
The presentationon the dish was done so perfectly, yet another fusion. The noodle was hidden in a deep fried bean casing and prawns dangling on the box too. The noodle was perfectly friend and not too chiili hot.
Jerk Style Snapper – RM 25 Spicy snapper fillet coated with jerk spices. Served with mixed sautéed greens, chips and Creole sauce.
The snapper was just a bit over done, but the sauce complimented the dish well. I just love those chips so agreed with the kids.
Lamb Shank – RM 33 Slow cooked to perfection. Surrounded by mashed potato and chunky vegetables.
As a lamb shank lover, I just can’t stay away from this one. It was perfetly done perfectly tender to my liking and the sauce was truly delicious and went so well with the mashed potato.
Souled Out Shooters S.O.S – RM 60
10 Margarita Test Tubes
Choice of flavours(max 2 flavours)
Pannacotta RM 10 Italian style cream mousse infused with vanilla beans. Choice of topping: raspberry / caramel
This was my babe of the nite, silky, smooth and just awesome, just sweet enough . . . . . . better than my playmate of that night.
Lava Cake – RM 12 Warm moist chocolate cake in praline sauce and cashew nuts, topped with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream
This really warm me after all thos txic and deadly drinks, something to refreshin after a long dinner , . . . Haagen-Dazs what more can I ask . . . . . I would love to play and indulge it on my bed! . . . . . . . . . . I still dream about my souled out . . . . . . Sunny Yaw
With me too that night was Jason Lioh aka Big Eater who loves his food, Joshua Ong aka the event dictionary man, Andrew aka Mr Hunk, Kelvin aka the Foodhunter, Sueme aka I will sue You, May aka Lovely Prioncess and Syd aka The Adjunct Guy!


Cafelink (M) Sdn Bhd
No. 20, Jalan 30/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Reservations : 03 2300 1955
General : 03 2300 1929
Fax : 03 2300 1989
Email : yum_yum@souledout.com.my
Official website : www.souledout.com.my
Functions : 6012-361 6522
Booze Cruiser : 6012-200 1955

Malibu Sunrise – RM 50
A Blend of Alsolut Vanilla, Malibu, Cointreau, Pineapple juice, Grenadine, Lime juice, Cranberry juice, Orange & lime slices

Green Peace – RM 35
Limber up to the taste of white rum, Midori, dry orange curacao, sugar cane juice and pandan flavoured syrup

Lemon Lychee Martini – RM20
Vodka, Lychee liquer, fresh lemon juice, lychee syrup

Soul Sensation – RM23
Combining Vodka, Triple sec, Jasmine syrup, brown sugar, Red chili, Fresh ginger and lime.

The First-Ever Web 2.0 Magazine Hits The Town


I just found out today a NEW special edition Web2.0 magazine on food and dining by the name BestFoodJunction.com had just hit the town. In this edition, many of the work from various food bloggers had been featured such as from PasanKia, Joan, Joe, Lilian, Jasmine, Michael Yip, Christine, IpohWav3, Aishah and also Big Boys Oven too. This is incredible! Just one word fantastic.

I love this magazine as it is very informative, lots of lovely photos and mostly it is so very affordable, just only RM2.99! Available at major newspaper outlets and bookstores. Better get one now before there are all sold out! . . .yours Sunny Yaw

I have 5 extra copies and would like be give them away to those lucky ones, just leave me a comment.

p/s : Congratulation to BestFoodJunction.com and thank you for making this available

Treasure Uncovered

New Age Vegetarian Cuisine
Kechara Oasis, Jaya One

The makan kaki’s were invited to the official opening cum Chinese New Year lunch at KENCHARA OASIS at Jaya One recently. KECHARA OASIS is a new age vegetarian restaurant which serves international cuisines inspired by Chinese, Tibetan, Vietnamese and Western vegetarian styles.

The restaurant believes in spreading the goodness of the freahest and natural ingredients cooked ina contemporary, fine dining style that gives diners a wholesome and healthy experience, a world-class signature restaurant.

“At Kechara Oasis, we serve only natural and healthy ingredients to our customers. That means we use less sugar, less salt, less oil and less gluten in our dishes. Here we focus on using natural ingredients – vegetables, fruits, spices and etc.” . . . . . enthused Irene Lim, Director of Kechara Oasis Restaurant.

Kechara Oasis Special Yee Sang, this is the first dish we had and Syd’s said it was, . . . delicious, a real taste and aroma of nuts. He would renamed this dish as Loo Sang as there was no fish added. Overall . . . good taste with selection of sauces and full aroma of nuts.
“New-Age” Barbecue Satay Skewers, Syd seemed to find the glutten used was a bit over cooked and end up a bit hard but the coated sauce was delicious and tasty.
Treasure Garden – Stir-Fried Lotus Roots with White Fungus & Shitake Mushrooms, the smell of the mushrooms were aromatic deliteful and the compliment of the crunchy lotus roots enhance the taste of this dish.
Crispy Vietnamese Spring Rolls is interesting, crispy spring roll rolled onto a layer of lecttuce leave with a dash of sweet thai chilli sauce enfused the taste with excellence. Syd likes them and don’t mind having more . .
Vietnamese Longevity Cold Noodles did not jive with Syd, . . . he told me. The noodle was a bit hard and the taste somehow did not blend into the dish well, maybe it was make to taste Viet.
“Catch of the Day” Served with Chef’s Special Assam Gravy . . . . the gravy was excellent, this one did jive. Delicious gravy, very appetising and goes very well with rice.
Chilled Crystal Delights with Sea Coconut with Longan is an interesting combination, the crystal delights was beautifully done and complemented by the sea coconut with Longan.
Jason Lioh, Ken, Andrew, Syd & Joshua at Kechara Oasis. I would defintely like to visit this place to taste their menu soon as I would like to go vegeterian for a day :) . . . . . . I am back fully now, Sunny Yaw

Operating hours:
Lunch: Mon – Sat : 11.30pm – 3.00pm
Dinner: Mon – Sun : 6.00pm – 10.00pm
Keachara Oasis
D18-23, Block D, Jaya One
(entrance from B1 car park)
Jalan Universiti
Tel: 03-7968 1818

Love At The First Sight . . .

Mr Chocolate & Ms Red Wine

They are a wonderful couple and a heavenly partnership. The leftover red wine and the Sicao button chocolat in the cabinet would be the great combination dessert for tonight . . . .

Chocolat and Red Wine Cupcakes (20 medium cupcakes)

210gm butter, softened
220gm sugar
35gm cocoa powder
250gm sifted cake flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
110ml red wine
1/2 vanilla pod
160gm melted Sicao bitter chocolat

1. Preheat oven to 180C and have 20 cupcake wrappers
2. Whisk butter and sugar till light and fluffy, add one egg at a time, continue whisking.
3. Add in cocoa powder, cake flour, baking powder and cinnamon powder, fold in well.
4. Scrap the vanilla seed and add into the mixture.
5. Mix in red wine. Then fold in the melted bitter choclate.
6. Pour evenly the mixture into the cupcake wrappers.
7. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes.
8. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.
9. Top the surrface with buttercream or chocolat ganache

A simple dessert to make with the leftovers . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

A Prosperous Tossing of Yee Sang

The Master Chef Ricky Thein’s Way
Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel KL

tai zi heen  1

Syd and myself had been a dedicated follower of this award winning chef, Master Chef Ricky Thein Yiew Ming since we were introduced. What excites me most is his culinary taste and ingredients creativity. Everytime when I step into his restaurant, you will see me dropping by his kitchen first, sending him greetings and check out his delicious creation. This time Master Chef Ricky had created an awesome delicious menu for this Chinese New Year and Syd got to feast them together with many others from the media (total of 40 people were dining that night).

tai zi heen  2
tai zi heen  3
tai zi heen  4

Ying-Yang Yee Sang with Crispy Shredded Treasures in Plum Dressing tested the creativitiness of Master Chef Ricky. Unique Creativity is the best words to describe this piece of artistry Yee Sang dish with salmon steak gently rolled with seaweed, thinly slices to enchance the colour of this platter . . . . so eye catching and so appealing.

tai zi heen  5

Braised Pearl Shark’s Fin with Fish Maw in Supreme Golden Broth was such a superior treat. A piece of tender and refine delicously shark fin was so satisfying and so desireable. The fish maw was so beautifully cooked and what more to say, just lost with words . . . . the broth was so perfect . . . and not a drop left on Syd’s soup bowl.

tai zi heen  6
tai zi heen  7
tai zi heen  8
tai zi heen  9

Chef’s Chinese New Year Special Dim Sum had been produced to such a high standard and quality . . . . . . . mouth watering steamed Crystal Dumplings filled with Dried Scallops were something to shout about . . . something unique here too, the steamed Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings with Mexican Clams, creative and craving . . . . . . what’s more steamed Fish Balls with Abalone and Fatt Choy, very chic and trend setter . . . . . . deep-fried Spring Roll Loh Hon Style, crispy and meatless . . . . . . crispy Yam Puff wih Fresh Scallops and Parmesan Cheese defintely a bite needed . . . . pan fried Bean Curd Roll with Roasted Duck and Dried Mushroom, a must this New Year.

tai zi heen  10

Braised Dried Oysters with “Fatt Choy”. Top Shell and Sea Cucumber in Wok-fried Greens tasted awesome according to Syd. The dried oysters were well braised, soft and the flavor infued into the beautiful gravy. The sea cucumber was thick and tender complimented the dish. A defintely sorted dish during the Chinese New Year.

tai zi heen  11

Steamed Cod Fish with Pickled Radish and Garlic in Supreme Soy Sauce tasted awesome, a level beyond a higher level. The thick cut of Cod steak was amazing delicious and cooked to the precise taste and texture, not over cooked or even under cooked, jus perfect! . . . the supreme soy sauce enchance the the taste of the cod intensely. It was the perfect dish of the night.

tai zi heen  12

The Deep-fried Battred Prawns Tossed with Fresh Lime Dressing was Chef’s signature dish. A well size prawns, well flavoured and with preserved texture amke this dish so delicious and the dressing perfected the dish on the spot. Just deep fried to prefectly crunchy.

tai zi heen  13

Stewed Oxtail with Yam, Fragrant Whole Garlic and Leek in Casserole was something not expected to see and was presented. The oxtail was delicious and well done to taste. Yam was done deliciously too. Just simple and yet awesome.

tai zi heen  14

Fried Rice with Seafood and Baby Abalone was done perfectly too. Having abalone topping was so exciting. The rice was fragrant and tasty too.

tai zi heen  15

The Double-boiled Hasma with Red Dates and Glutinous Rice Dumplings was warm and tasty. Just simplicity.

tai zi heen  16

Syd posing with Master Chef Ricky and Ken. The food created by Master Chef Ricky was awesome and fantastic. I will defintely be visitng for more at Tai Zi Heen as I had missed this one . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

(all photos courtesy of Ken from FoodPoi)

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