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Dim Sum Maestro at Ti Chen Saujana Golf Club

Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew

He is brilliant yet he is sure a young and talented, Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew. I love his creativite play and truly a persone who will put upmost effort to think out of the box when comes to Dim Sum. Some may go overboard with their creation but Maestro Yau is one of those chefs that who I know who will go all out to maintain the substance and traditiion of a little petite dim sum. He is so adoreable yet his dim sum is something to die for.

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THE POMELO Banjaran Hotspring Retreat MIGF 2010

Water Pond at The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat

Ipoh is famous for limestone hills and natural caves. Even the beauties here are often associated with the purity water that they drink in Ipoh. One place in Ipoh had intrigged me on my recent visit. It was the Banjaran Hotspring Retreat located at Tambun, Ipoh.
It was an escape to a haven f relaxation and juvenation, Malaysia’s first integrated luxury wellness and spa nestled admist at a natural landscape of magnificient limestone hills, natural caves, pristine waterfalls, tropical jungle and natural geochemical hot springs that will capture your heart immediately.

The Hotspring

The Water Villa

There were about 25 luxurious villas that were camouflaged against a beautiful canvas of the tropical jungle and lake. It was breath taking scenery. I was excited when I was brief about the various type of wellness experience available at the Banjaran.

A Private Pool within The Water Villa

As I checked into one of the villas, it was truly exclusively beautiful. The word pampering just kept buzzing in my mind. The sea blue tiled private villa swimming pool was so gorgeous, dipping into it is a must. There was also a private jacuzzi hidden behind the bathroom. The bedroom was truly spacious and comfy.

The Pomelo

Next The Pomelo, the restaurant and a name acquired from a fruit that Tambun, Ipoh is famous for. It is like a large grapefruit but it is refreshing light, sweet and juicy. At the Pomelo you will defitely be pampered with spa cuisine which can be light and healthy comprising the flavours of organic fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood and premium poultry.

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Buka Puasa with a Brazalian Twist at Chatz Brasserie PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur

Carving The Whole Lamb

Attending a Ramadan berbuka Puasa can be rather exciting. Lots of varities offered and many pleasing dishes to pick. One that got me truly satisfied was this one at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur. The Chatz Brasserie.

The first thing that got me excited was spotting the golden roasted lamb, ” I must have that little lamb not Mary” I told myself jokingly. It was such an eye catching piece of half whole roasted lamb. I like mine not too lean and must be moist, having the crisp skin to go with it is a must. That night the lamb was truly outstanding, it was done the Brazilian way. Superb and it was done perfectly accurate, not too dry. By the way I like how the young gorgeous chef carved the lamb. He included it with an awesome smile! It was a perfect evening.

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We Ate Our Hearts Out . . . . . . .@ SOULED OUT


Caesar Salad – RM 16 Choice of roast beef (or chicken), on a bed of crispy romaine, croutons & egg.
This time the makan kaki’s headed to Souled Out at Desa Sri Hartamas for a dinner. We were served with this caeser salad and I love the way it was being served here, crispy, tasty and great aroma of parmesan cheese.
Sakura Denbu Salad – RM18 Sakura denbu, katsuoboshi, nori and dragonfruit on a bed of mixed leaves, drizzled with japanese style vinaigrette
Then came this salad named sakura, woh sound just like one of my ex but this one was very unique, very sexy and asian in taste indeed. This japanese vinaigrette was something rather unique, blended so well to my liking and taste . . . . truely fusion I would put it.
Mango Prawn Salad – RM 18 Succulent prawns, plump mangoes, creamy avocado cubes in a zesty dressing
This one is so refreshing to my taste, just so desireable for an instant marriage, the prawns were well sized and the mango was just deliciously sweet, blended so well with the salad leaves, just so thai. As I forked into it, I found my favourite acavado . . . . just spot on!
Beefed Out Pizza 8inch-RM 23 11inch-RM 28 Beef pepperoni, beef bacon, beef ribs….all beefed out!
When I arrived at Souled Out I saw this wood fire oven and I said to myself that I must have this wood fire pizza as I like the natural burning tast and aroma. The pizza arrived was a thin based pizza, the topping was enough just right and I like it crispy as it was. It did live up to my expectation and almostly when on unnoticeable.
Deep Fried Calamari-RM 18 Crispy and crunchy squid rings in a secret batter recipe.
My nephew and niece tagged along with me on this occasion and I ordered them their all time favourite dish deep fried crispy calamari. The first batch came, it was delicous but not that crispy the way the kids would love them but the second batch came ( we requested for more crispy), this time it was awesome, crisy in the outside, soft and tasty in the inside (not rubbery at all) . . . . .
Gosht Colapuri-RM 14 Mutton cubes braised in black pepper, onions, fresh tomatoes and chilli
The mutton was cooked to a certain of perfection, soft and tender . . . braised well as it reminded me of a good indian’s curry take away down Soho, London. The smell was not too bad but the bread did complemented the dish and yes I prefer having it with bread rather than a portion of rice.
Butter Chicken RM 22 Boneless chicken cooked in a creamy, tangy butter sauce.
The butter chicken tasted good too but I prefer the way the mutton was presented that night. The chicken was chunky and flooded with awesome sauce.
Sang Har Mein- RM 28 Wanton noodles with large fresh water prawns, deep fried and doused with egg gravy.
If you are looking for “Sang Har Mein”, I would recommend this one, awesome delicious, just blow my brain out. The sauce was tasty, yummy and the noodle was done perfectly. I almost fainted seeing such huge prawns topping . . . . . . well I was lying, I was very conscious but I wanted the dish all for myself . . . . . hehehehhe!
Spicy Square Fried Noodles – RM 14 Bean sheet noodles fried with chicken, prawns and bean sprouts.
The presentationon the dish was done so perfectly, yet another fusion. The noodle was hidden in a deep fried bean casing and prawns dangling on the box too. The noodle was perfectly friend and not too chiili hot.
Jerk Style Snapper – RM 25 Spicy snapper fillet coated with jerk spices. Served with mixed sautéed greens, chips and Creole sauce.
The snapper was just a bit over done, but the sauce complimented the dish well. I just love those chips so agreed with the kids.
Lamb Shank – RM 33 Slow cooked to perfection. Surrounded by mashed potato and chunky vegetables.
As a lamb shank lover, I just can’t stay away from this one. It was perfetly done perfectly tender to my liking and the sauce was truly delicious and went so well with the mashed potato.
Souled Out Shooters S.O.S – RM 60
10 Margarita Test Tubes
Choice of flavours(max 2 flavours)
Pannacotta RM 10 Italian style cream mousse infused with vanilla beans. Choice of topping: raspberry / caramel
This was my babe of the nite, silky, smooth and just awesome, just sweet enough . . . . . . better than my playmate of that night.
Lava Cake – RM 12 Warm moist chocolate cake in praline sauce and cashew nuts, topped with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream
This really warm me after all thos txic and deadly drinks, something to refreshin after a long dinner , . . . Haagen-Dazs what more can I ask . . . . . I would love to play and indulge it on my bed! . . . . . . . . . . I still dream about my souled out . . . . . . Sunny Yaw
With me too that night was Jason Lioh aka Big Eater who loves his food, Joshua Ong aka the event dictionary man, Andrew aka Mr Hunk, Kelvin aka the Foodhunter, Sueme aka I will sue You, May aka Lovely Prioncess and Syd aka The Adjunct Guy!


Cafelink (M) Sdn Bhd
No. 20, Jalan 30/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Reservations : 03 2300 1955
General : 03 2300 1929
Fax : 03 2300 1989
Email : yum_yum@souledout.com.my
Official website : www.souledout.com.my
Functions : 6012-361 6522
Booze Cruiser : 6012-200 1955

Malibu Sunrise – RM 50
A Blend of Alsolut Vanilla, Malibu, Cointreau, Pineapple juice, Grenadine, Lime juice, Cranberry juice, Orange & lime slices

Green Peace – RM 35
Limber up to the taste of white rum, Midori, dry orange curacao, sugar cane juice and pandan flavoured syrup

Lemon Lychee Martini – RM20
Vodka, Lychee liquer, fresh lemon juice, lychee syrup

Soul Sensation – RM23
Combining Vodka, Triple sec, Jasmine syrup, brown sugar, Red chili, Fresh ginger and lime.

Master Chef Wong Yean Loong – Flavors, Swiss Garden Int, KL


Chef Wong began his career in 1995 gaining valuable experience working for various restaurants and 5 star hotels and resorts in Australia, Macau and Malaysia. Chef Wong specializes in oriental and Asian cuisine with particular emphasis on the best quality produce. Amongst his many stints, Chef Wong has gained exposure in the prestigious Swiss-Grand Resort & Spa Bondi Beach, Australia where he created a series of wine dinners featuring oriental and Asian creations. The chef joined the Swiss-Garden Group in 1998 as Chef de Partie at Swiss-Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur and now his responsibilities include overseeing various operational aspects which includes kitchen management, menu planning and cost management

Caesar Salad

Swiss-Garden’s Caesar Salad

100gm Romaine lettuce
50gm Parmesan Cheese basket
10gm Chopped beef bacon
50gm Crouton
10gm Caesar dressing

50gm White bread (cubes)
2gm Chopped parsley and basil
30gm Olive oil
1gm Salt

Lightly fry the cubes of white bread with chopped parsley and basil until golden brown

Caesar dressing
1 Egg yolk
4gm Chopped garlic
5gm Chopped anchovies
10gm Dijon mustard
5gm White vinegar
10gm Olive oil
5gm Lemon juice
5gmParmesan cheese powder

Simply mix all ingredients together to form an emulsion and assemble the romaine lettuce onto the parmesan cheese basket. Drizzle the emulsion onto the lettuce and sprinkle the bacon and croutons.

Wine & Dine in The Kitchen with Master Chef Ricky Parlanti


Few weeks ago I was invited by the CAVALLINI’S Kitchen to attend a dine in the kitchen wth Master Chef Ricky Parlanti. I am sure a lot of us foodies know who he is, YES, he was the owner and operator of The Mangotree Restaurant that swept Kuala Lumpur over the past fifteen years and also a high profile chef in the Kuala Lumpur food scene. He was awarded The Best Chef in Malaysia(Expatriate) Award in the Millennium Gold Awards 2001/2002. His most recent accolade was the Hospitality Personality Asia Platinum Award 2005/2006 for Excellence in Hospitality Personality Chef of The Year. Since I got the chance to bring a few friends, I invited my readers to come along, Kenny Mah, Jennifer and Hwei Ming.


Here is the feast of the night, awesome delicious! and now let me introduce to you one by one the creation of Master Chef Ricky Parlanti.


Firstly, we were given a very very small portion of cooked angel hair pasta toasted with olive oil, diced tomatoes and slices of beef bacon. I think this was why the portion was so so small, it was a Amuse Bouche . . . something light to wash our mouth while waiting for the other delicious meal to come.


Oh boy this entrement got everyone shouted with desire of wanting more and the joy of indulging into it was purely unforgettable. This dish was called “Tramezzino Di Fegato Di Anatra” and translated as “Quince Coated Duck Liver with Creme Fraiche on Melba Toast Slices and Crispy Mediteranean Grilled Vegetables”. I got to tell you the duck liver was such a great experience as it was so deliciously fragrant. I got to say I had fall in loved with duck liver long time ago since I was exposed to the chinese duck liver wax sausages but this duck liver was even much superiorly done! The guests followed the way I ate, rubbed the left over sauce with delicious italian bread. It was so yummy and I felt the wolf inside me.


Thank you God it’s PORCINI! Yes we served with “Zuppa DI Funghi Porcini” translated as “Cream of Wild Boletus with Fresh Herbs and Shiitake Mushroom”. In this soup, there were fresh frozen Porcini, wow! I was singing the classic opera on the spot, how can’t I not? It was so awesome!


When I was passing by the hot stove just not far from me, I saw this huge succulent scallops. It was so irresistable of not salivating and sucking back my saliva. I was fighting off from being a bad boy. As I went back to my sit, came this “Capasante Al Pizzaiola” translated as “Lightly Sauteed Scallop and Fresh Basil Shallow-Fried with Piquant Pizzaiiola Sauce“. Come let me whisper into your ear about my findings . . . the scallop was so perfectly done, so succulent and so juicy, it melted my heart away and it was unbelieveable.


This is strange, we were served Mango Sorbetto! hmmm . . . I was informed that it was for the purpose of washing our mouth before the main course. The was great and yet to my discovery the sorbetto was drizzled with a shot of rum, boy this was shocking delicious and wouldn’t mind to have more.


Our main was “Cotolette Di Angello All Abbruzzese” translated as “Roasted Rack of Lamb on a Stew of Garlic, Tomato, Parsley and Fresh Basil“. I liked this lamb as it was done exactly medium rare, tender and nice.


Filetto Di Manzo Al Barolo E Dragoncello” translated as “Sauteed Fillet of Beef in a Barolo Wine Sauce, Flavored with Tarragon and Topped with Balsamic Flamed Asparagus” was our second main course dish. The Fillet was done so perfectly and the textured was so good as it straight melted in our mouth, all of us just loved it.


The last main dish was a duckling story called the “Petto Di Anatra All Arancia” translated as “Duck Breast in an Orange and Carmalized Brandy Sauce with Green Peppercorns“. It was fantastic, the duck was cooked perfectly and complimented well with the fragrant orange and brandy sauce.


Our dessert, was just like having Chirstmas in Heaven! It was “Cannoli Alla Siciliana” translated as “Sweetened Ricotta Cheese with Candied Fruits and Rolled into Crispy Light Shells“. It was so beautiful, colourful and so attractive like the one sitting next to me! It was awesome delicious aa it came with fresh fig too! truely heaven!

It was such an exciting experience of food exploration and able to dine & wine with the Master Chef Ricky Parlanti was really awesome and I will definitely have another date with him in the kitchen soon.

Read more about experienc with Ricky: Parlanti:

Hwei Ming

Kenny Mah

If you want to join me on a food exploration, do email me, I will let you know when next . . . . Sidney

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