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A New Menu . . . A New Beginnng

I had been very tired lately and have to take a short rest under the advice of my medical practitioner. I was also advice not to travel too, therefore I have to reschedule my baking class trip to Penang to mid October and miss a wedding too.(By the way,I would like to apologizes to my students who had been patiently waited for this classes. I promise I will defintely be there this mid October) Since I got time, I will be planning new things for my classes.

Right, what am I going to post today? Yes I am going to post about the dinner I had recently at Tai Zi Heen. I got an invitation by Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur to try out their new chinese menu created by Master Chef Ricky Thein and was requested to bring some friends along too. Without thinking, I sms-ed a few makan kaki (eaters) and this was one of the sms-es I send out!

me: are you free for makan(eat)?
xxx: where & when?
me: tai zi heen lar n this wednesday, can?
xxx: why?
me: eee . . . I am getting engaged.
xxx: wah liao to who?
me: come lar then you know.
xxx: cannot lar, next time….

I make a white lie during my sms-es, I told my makan kaki’s that I will be getting engaged on that day but in fact it was a farewell gathering dinner for two food bloggers Hwei Ming and Chris. I am sure by now both of them should be busy packing and so happen both of them will be heading to UK, Hwei Ming will be continuing his study in Manchester and Chris will be getting a new job in Glasgow. So that night we had Jennifer, Simon Seow, Hwei Ming, Chris, Shirley, Sharon, Sidney and myself. It was a incredible night as the food was awesome, creative, well presented and what’s more Delicious!


The night we started off with a light fried fluffy bun (Man Tau) topped over with sweet and sour sauce and crab meat which was so seductive, totally felt like being seduced into a lovely dinner.


Then came these lovely and beautiful covered soup bowls and each of us was served with this bowl. When we opened it’s cover, it was this lovely and tasty Double-Boiled Dried Fish Stomach Herbal Soup (Lai Tong) which was absolutely delicious and so indulging.


The next dish was the appetiser, it was Siew Mai dumplings but not an ordinary Siew Mai dumplings. We had the Tai Zi Heen’s “Siew Mai” from The Four Corners of The World (Tong Lam Sai Pak Siew Mai Wong).

Abalone “Siew Mai” (Tong Fong Chu Sar Pau Yee Mai)
Redang Crab Meat “Siew Mai” (Lam Yeong Rendang Hai Yok Mai)
Tuna “Siew Mai” (Sai Sek Tuna Yu Mai)
Scallop “Siew Mai” ( Pak Hoi Tai Jee Mai)


Next yet another appetisier was served andthis round was Tai Zi Heen’s Four Seasonal Crystal Shrimp Dumplings (Tai Zi Heen Sei Kwai Teen Har Kao) Gosh It was amazing when I saw the colors of these crystal dumplings . . . orange, green, crystal white and black. Just by looking at them, it had already captured my heart. Every single of this crystal dumplings represented a season, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Black(ink squid)-Summer


The first main dish we had was this Crispy Roasted Chicken Topped with Szechuan Sesame Sauce. This roasted chicken looked so petite gorgeous as the chicken had been deboned after roasting. The roasted chicken was placed at the centre of the dish perfectly and topped with crisp fried onions, white sesame seed, chopped scallion and a sprinkle of light hot sweet szechuan sauce, lovely and so adorable. I truely enjoyed this dish. It is a must order if you dine at this restaurant.


This dish was the Chef’s Signature Dish, truely a fusion dish that I would love having everyday. It was Oven-Baked Black Cod Fillet with a Butter and Parmesan Cheese Crust . . . truely heaven. I had never ever enjoyed such thick slices of cod fillet since I came back from Scotland seven years ago. The cod was well pan fried and baked in the oven to create the buttery parmesan cheese crust. The saltiness of the parmesan blended so well with the cod fillet and the presentation was fantastic. How can we not notice the word “Fish” well written in chinese on the huge serving plate. Kudos to the Chef!


Next was yet another Chef’s Signature Dish, the Ying-Yang Prawns – Crispy Prawns Tossed wth Asian Dressing and Garlic Pepper Sauce. I got to say I enjoyed this very much as the prawns were very fresh, meaty and crunchy. It was done to my liking, just cant let my eyes of them. The decoration was absolutely marvellously done, very well presented. Do you notice that this dish was decorate according to BigBoysOven . . . . . Sunny & Sidney! (muahahahahhahaha)


I alway find it difficult to handle beef whenever I dish up a recipe in my kitchen. Why? You may ask. Well, I always having tough cooked beef, hard and difficult to eat. But the beef dish that we had that night was absolutely difficult to describe as I was lost with words on how delicious it was, it just melted in my mouth and the biting was effortless. I would defintely recommend this dish, Wok-Fried Diced Beef Tenderlion with Black Papper and Crispy Garlic.


Then came the Stir-Fried Honey Peas with Wood Fungi, Pine Nuts and Lotus Root served on a crown basket. The vegetables were vey fresh, tasty, crunchy and was done prefectly, not over cooked at all.



When the main courses already done, came a huge selection and variety of moon cakes. They were delicious and I had wrote about them at Big Boys Kitchen.


Look, look at everyone especially Simon, Hwei Ming, Chris, Jennifer and myself just busy playing with our camera during those lovely and delicious food served that nite.


Tai Zi Heen is a must place to be as it has a few winning award for dining! A place I would recommend.

If you go there now for dinner from 1st August till the 30 September 2008, you can enjoy 50% off Dinner Nightly from 6.20pm-10.30pm from the a la carte menu excluding premium food items.

For Booking, call Tai Zi Heen at 03-2170 8888 extension 8200 or email to restaurant@princehotelkl.com.my

And, as always, terms and conditions apply.


This is me with the incredible Chef Ricky Thein.

I hope for a speed recovery and be back real soon . . . . Love Sunny Yaw

Romancing The Cupcakes, The Way You Want It!


Big Boys Oven had a private cupcake class recently at our studio and we baked chocolate banana and vanilla pod cupcakes and we were totally going bananas . . . ain’t it cool, yes it was fantastic! It maybe looked like basic a baking class but it came with a twist . . . in this baking class we encourage team work, it was fun.


What I did, . . . . I just make the first cupcake mixture and my students will have to do their cupcakes themselves later.



My students look so serious . . . I noticed in every classes I conducted, all my students were very attentive and very dedicated.



Once the mixture was ready, I showed them how to pipe the mixture into the cupcake case.


A sprinkle of chocolat chips will do the trick!


Break time, . . . . . durian moussecake and chocolat macarons . . . yummy desserts best paired with a cup of illy coffee.


First batch of cupcakes done!


Now it was my students hands on baking time! Look, look how serious my students can be, . . . . work is always work!


He did the whisking, she did the piping, . . . . what a team effort!



He insisted to try piping too!………lol!


It was cupcake decoration time!


This is how to do the twist!


Look, look at all my students lovely cupcake creations, so pretty and so desirable.















It was an enjoyable cupcake baking and decoration class, all the hard work paid off well . . . . . . another mission accomplished! . . . . Sunny Yaw

Amazing Bakes!

During the last baking class, I whipped up some desserts for my students for their coffee break . . . . . . . . it was a very refreshing lite strawberry mousse . . . . in this mousse I used a lot of fresh strawberries and blended them into puree . . . . . I am not sure about yourself . . . I prefer my desserts with a deduction of sweetness . . .


. . . the mousse turned out to be very satisfying, refreshing and with a lovely pinkish in color . . . my students loved it . . . .


. . . . . . . . lovely Sunny Yaw
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