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Kampachi Japanese Restaurant Equatorial Melaka

Cash Fong Kampachi Melaka
Japanese Chef Cash Fong of Kampachi Melaka

My recent trip to Melaka had me the great opportunity to meet up with the new Japanese Chef Cash Fong that heads the Kampachi Japanese Restaurant at Equatorial Melaka. It was a lunch meet and I was to embark to try out some of his exciting creation.

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The Launching of Merry Guinness 2011 with MasterChef Adam Liaw

Celebrate A Merry GUINNESS® Christmas with MasterChef Adam Liaw’s Bold New Flavors!

When the invitation arrived, it was totally lip smacking awesome! I can’t even sleep properly for a few night thinking about it as I will be getting to meet up with MastedChef Adam Liaw. A totally an up close event once in a life time. I am meeting up with a great successful chef and yet truly talented. The Adam Liaw, Australian MasterChef Season 2 !

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She is my Youngest Talented Macaron Baker

Yasmyn the Young Talented Baker

I meet up with Yasmyn at my studio this afternoon to embark for some macaron baking. In fact Yasmyn flew in from Melbourne with her mum Nancy for a short holiday. Before hand Nancy got in touch with me through facebook. Yes facebook, it truly connects people around the globe, just awesome isn’t it.

Yasmyn is only nine years old and she is my youngest student and yet the most charming one, she can really bakes. She handles her baking steadily, she weighs the ingredients, whisks, mix, pipe, bakes and assembles them. She can also take photos using her DSLR Nikon camera.

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Opt Healthy, Choose Organic SENSES Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Australian Cretified Organic Produce

It had been great and the elasticity of my schedule had been put to test . . . . yes, life had been very hectic but truly enjoyed every second of it. It just awesome and do melts my heart when people showed appreciation my work done and things that I am pushing myself to do, just incredible! I had took up a few challenges recently with a total different direction on what I had been doing, thanks for believing in us. but I will defintely not giving up blogging.

What did I do last week? Can you believe me, I was on a healthy eating spree. One was at a Japanese healthy eating of twelve special individually prepared course meal which was just superb and another was a truly eating pleasure of nine course organic classic western cuisine.


As for a try on a western healthy eating, I dropped by at Senses, Hilton Kuala Lumpur to try out their organic cuisine. In order to create a spread of scumptous organic dishes, Chef Michael Elfwing carefully selected a range of organic certified chemical free ingredients and produce from Australia and with natural flavours. Chef Michael also had also to optimal his cooking methods and preparation specially for this occasion.

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Oddbjorn Lona & Li Ling Wedding Reception

Oddbjorn Lona & Li Ling A
The Cake Topper of Oddbjorn Lona & Li Ling

He is from Norway, she is from Kuala Lumpur, they meet while schooling in Australia and now they got together and blessed with Wedding Bells! That evening was so beautiful and so amazingly gorgeous. It was truly a NORWAY, MALAYSIA, AUSTRALIA & SINGAPORE CONNECTION.

It was Li Ling who called me from Singapore on wanting myself personally to sculpture her wedding cake. It was great, she wanted simple yet elegant and the decoration for the reception evening was basically all white. Therefore I proposed to have a white wedding cake with additional of eye catching motives. At first she loved the idea of using dragon flies for the wedding cake that I previously sculptured but I wanted something differently unique and I selected butterflies. On the spot Li Ling loved the idea and that is how the wedding was sculptured! :)

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Sorenso & Angie’s Garden Wedding

Sorenson & Angie 1

Angie got back from Australia and made an appointment to meet me to discuss her wedding cupcakes 2 months ago and it was so exciting meeting her. She wanted to have two hundred cupcakes for her garden wedding just right behind her parent’s home!

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The Living Creature!

I am a yabbie and . . . . . my name is Charlie . . . . . . I stay in the kitchen . . . . and entertain my guests before they start their meal . . . . don’t I look handsome and attractive too . . . and I know you are looking at me now . . . .



. . . I was imported from down south as far as from Australia . . . I am definitely an orignal . . . not a figurine . . .




. . . look, look . . . I am in action now . . . I look very cute . . . just click play . . .

. . . . wonder will you take me home as your pet . . . but I am sure you will . . . . I also know I might end up being slaughter for a fine dining meal . . . will you be kind to adopt me as you pet?
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