Nikko Hotel Dim Sum Class with Chef Lo Tian Sion

Chef Lo Tian Sion

Dim Sum as breakfast? Why not make you own personalized Dim Sum?” I was told by the lady sitting across me while sipping her petite cup of chinese tea. “Sounds interesting, definitely exciting” I told myself quietly. Indulging such gourmet at home lazily over the weekend will defitely be the right choice with family members and even some close friends.

So a week ago I was invited to attend a Dim Sum class at Nikko Hotel wth Chef Lo Tian So, I could not turn it down even with such a full tight schedule I had recently. Well I had been busy preparing my new classes, photo shooting, interviews, baking and also a few new projects.

Sunny Yaw
My Dim Sum!

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Purchase iTalk Credit Online

Page 1

I had been using iTalkWhoa because it offers greater saving for me in making all my calls and sms to international and domestic. It is so convenient. Not forgetting it is easy to use as I am always glued to my computer.
In order to make sure I have a smooth use, I always make sure that I have my credit topped up. I usually purchase iTalk credit through iTalk dealers’ nationwide, at the iTalk kiosk and many iTalk outlets nationwide.
But now iTalk can be purchase through iTalk portal!

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Norman Musa at Taste of London


Ola from Valencia!

It was a busy week for me after returning from Montreal Grand Prix and I only have a week before flying off to Valencia. The week was packed with meetings and trip down to London for the prestigious Taste of London event. I was there on Thursday for the launch of Malaysia Kitchen and Saturday for the cooking demos. My Idol, Chef Rick Stein was there to cut the ribbon with the Malaysian High Commissioner. It was a last minute decision before I went down to London from Manchester as on the same day I had my ‘Malaysian Food’ book signing at Waterstone bookstore in Trafford Shopping Centre in the evening. It was manic Thursday. The book signing went well, many books sold. So I am very pleased with that.

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Xavier and Siao Wearn A MACARON WEDDING

Siaowearn & Hubby

Xavier & Siaowearn

“I want something with a touch of French, he is French. . . can you design something nice”, she requested from Singapore.

Siaowearn wanted something simple and yet with a touch of French for her recent wedding dinner reception at Elegant Inn, Menara Hap Seng located at the heart of the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. She did not want to have a traditional wedding cake and I suggested of using macarons to created a wedding cake. She liked the idea and since then I had been proposing a few . . . .

‘”a macaron tower?” the first thing came into play . . . . . ” looked so christmas” she replied.
“a wedding cake with exterior coated macarons?” I suggested . . . . . . . “sounds huge” she replied

After a few days of discussion, back and forward from my drawing board we got the design of the wedding cake utilising macarons finalised.

Macaron Tier 1

The Macaron Wedding Cake

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SUNNY’S MACARONS featured on Oriental Life

It is really awesome to have read about my macarons recently featured on the Oriental Life section of the Oriental Daily Newspaper. Macarons are an awesome petite dessert, light crisp on the outside, soft as you bite in, gooey as it hits your teeth and ends with a creamy fillings to indulge. They are just an extra-ordinary in taste with a class of it’s own.

Having to able to make them at perfectly, it had taken me ages of trying, experimenting and playing within my small little kitchen. It was defintely a fun thing to do. While embarking into teaching more students into mastering this little jewels was truly my mission and having to see more growing macaron fans can be such a satifying thing to see happening right this moment in Kuala Lumpur.

Macarons Oriental Life

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Honey Mousse with Apricot Jelly and Pistachio Joconde

Honey Mousse with Apricot jelly

I have been work long shift almost everyday to get all the dessert orders ready for weddings, birthdays, father’s day and also had 5-days private baking classes while also conducting my macaron classes over the weekend. It was rather tiring and stressful, I was over worked and we had a mix up with one of our order too, it was Sid’s mistake :(

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Norman Musa Cooks Around The World with The Lotus Racing Team

Montreal 009

Hello Apa Khabar?

I met Sidney Kan at Gordon Ramsay’s filming in KL last month and he proposed to me to write for BBO’s blog and with no hesitant I agreed to do it. This is a wonderful idea. I want to share my experience cooking abroad and at the same time promoting our lovely Malaysian cuisine with my fellow Malaysians. Just in case if anyone is wondering ‘Who the heck is Norman Musa?’, well let me just tell you briefly about myself and the rest you can just Google me. I’m not big like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver or even Chef Wan but I am working hard to promote Malaysian cuisine especially in the UK where my restaurant is located. Currently I am following Lotus Racing to be the Official Malaysian Chef for Formula One Grand Prix.

Tony & me
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Chef Kevin Cape
Chef Kevin Cape

‘The Fine Art of Flavours’ mastered by celebrity chefs and culinary maestros from around the world will entice all food aficionados in a gormet festival that happens only in a year is back agaon held in the heart of Kuala Lumppur at Starhill Gallery. Starhill Gallery Midsummer Night Feast inspired by Group Managing Director of YTL Corporation Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh CBE that brings together the art of food anf wine, paired with music and entertainment to create a convivisl, festive experience that celebrates life by engaging all the sense and the intellect starting from 2nd July till 9th July 2010.

This year it continues to excite the culinary scene with world class dining experiences under the leadership of YTL corporate Executive Chef Kevin Cape together with a host of international chefs flown in specially to Kuala Lumpur for the celebration.

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Great to have come across your path and having you around is so awesome. You are such a joy with your presents at our gathering. I was truly shocked when Sunny said, “She is very nice, surprisingly she is a very good girl, gorgoues too, definitely can her my little kid sister, mei mei”. I was laughing at him. Sunny truly admire you for being a great friend! For me, lol! I truly enjoy having you around too, a cool gal!

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New York Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

New York Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Cake 1

As I am writing this post while thinking silently the whispering of Alicia Key’s latest hit New York! It’s somehow so related to Kuala Lumpur. “.. . big city, big light, big dream all looking pretty . . . . . the streets make you feel brand new and it will inspire you . . . I can make it here and I can make it anywhere”

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Dark Chocolate Parfait and Chocolate Mole Shot

dark chocolate parfait

Recently, I attended the Year 2010 Best Jeunes Chef Rotisseurs Malaysia Competition and I was amazed by the young talents we have here in Malaysia some where just at 21years at age. Since when I started to scout for our young talents till that I realised we do have many young talented chefs but just they were not discovered. At here the Best Jeunus Chef Rotisseur I had discovered some and they are talented bunch of young chefs.

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Macaron Classes June 2010 Kota Damansara


We had a great time last May at our macaron classes and the classes were full. Due to the request, we wll be having two sessions this June.

macaron making

12th June 9.00am – 12.30pm (FULL)
Fee per session : RM220

19th June 9.00am – 12.30pm (FULL)
Fee per session : RM220

20th June 9.00am – 12.30pm (FULL)
Fee per session : RM220

New Schedule Class
26th June 9.00am – 12.30pm (FULL)
Fee per session : RM220

if you miss this classes do email us and we will update you on our new classes.

Macaron drying

There will be other cake baking classes this June and I will post them up once I get them sorted! :) . . . . . . . back to work, Sunny Yaw

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