Ramadan Food Bazaar at Fuzion & The Atrium Sunway Resort

Fusion & The Atrium 18

Over 400 types of dishes, more than 20 types of seafood prepared in various styles, 26 types of Gulai Kawah, 22 ‘Live’ Action Stations, Chocolate Fountains with 50 condiments and so much more!

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Wasabi Bistro at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Wasabi Bistro 12
Wasabi Bistro at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I just can’t relate enough how much the love of Japanese cuisine I have in me here in Kuala Lumpur and Wasabi Bistro is one of them. I was in luck as recently I walked into this Japanese bistro and had a fabulous time.

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Taste Enclave Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

Assam Curry Steamed Fish at Xi Qing Seafood Restaurant, Taste Enclave

I was back at Taste Enclave Avenue K recently to try out two of their restaurants, the Xi Qing Seafood Restaurant and the Grandeur Teppan Yaki. Both had different concapet, one was Chinese and the other was Japanese.

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Mediteca Fraser Place

Mediteca Fraser Place 3

I am back at Mediteca at Fraser Place recently to try out their new menu and I know I am going be excited by their kitchen. I always had been a fan of this Mediterranean Restaurant as it serves rustic, light, fresh and exciting food. Well I am truly into their concept of food and they too serve tapas and a great selection of wine. Here I got to confess that this restaurant is one of best place that serves awesome cold cuts.

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Epicuro Damansara Uptown

Epicuro Chicken Cacciatore 1
Chicken Cacciatore

Just love the food at Epicuro and I had a great time enjoying every dishes served at recent night out. The yellow, black and white backdrop of the cafe totally flushed beautiful well with its furniture and I found it very cosy and relaxing. I was told Epicuro started as a coffee joint and dessert was served but as it went on with time, more and more well calculated dishes were carefully created. Well I am not surprised with its food concept as the crafter himself Lee Yugin holds an engineering degree from Germany. Honestly after spooning, forking and kniving into this bold creations I truly wanting more of his style of cooking. His modernasation and innovative cooking wooed me right away.

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Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant at Palace of The Golden Horses MINES

Kim Ma 9A
Steamed Egg with Shimeji Mushroom

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant had recently been given a gorgeous luxurious renovation and the food creation from its Chinese Executive Chef Roy Wong was beyond my wildest dream of a gourmet thrill. (my last write up on Kim Ma) We were excited on that day itself and being present at the restaurant was definitely a pleasureable dinner as one would be expecting and it was.

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Savour 1001 Kampung Delight at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

Eastin Hotel 11

I was very pleased with my experience recently at a ramadan review at Eastin Hotel. The spred of food was very eye pleasing and filled up the dining room with such a great aroma that can easily charm anyone for a salivating night. A whole roasted lamb surrounded with briyani rice was paraded right at the centre of the showcase table and truly eye catching.

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Eastin Young Chef Competitio​n 2014 -Young Chefs’ Creative Presentati​on for Mum!

A proud mum with her Kinder Cook

To Mum, with Love; Young Chefs’ creative presentation for Mummy!

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, the Young Chef Competition was held for the third year running. This fun and exciting cooking competition enables young talents to prepare and decorate goodies for Mummy with their creative flair. The competition is open to Kinder Cooks who are 3-6 years old and Junior Chefs who are 7-11 years old.

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Recipe Burdock Soup with Spare Ribs and Daikon

Burdock Soup

Have been playing in my kitchen recently and did a simple burdock soup. Using simple ingredients such as spare ribs and daikon to add in the intensity of the flavour.

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One One One One Restaurant Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong

One One One One Restaurant 3

At recent lunch we tried out One One One Restaurant located at Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong and truly enjoyed on what was offered. We ordered about 5 dishes which included 2 fish heads, a rib, a pig intestine and a vegetable.

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Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club Kuala Lumpur

Chyuan's Tiffin Underground Supper Club 14
Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club Kuala Lumpur

Oh! I attended an invitation recently to gourmet the Chyuan’s Tiffin Underground Supper Club and that got me totally excited. Yes the excitement was based on recommendations and I truly heard a lot about this dining place especially through friends, food bloggers and also on-line facebook. The cuisine served at this supper club is a mixture of Thai cuisine with a balance influence of the Nyonya. My discovery and findings of this supper club was darn impressive.

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LAMMEEYA Uptown Damansara

Lammeeya 10

I just love some home cooked food just like my mum and my aunt cookings, some basic and simple Chinese dishes which were truly delicious. Steamed pork with preserved vegetables, stewed potatoes with sliced pork and sweet and sour pork are few of my favourite oldies dishes. In a big city suburb like in Kuala Lumpur I found a place by the name Lammeeya that churn out such delicious delicacies and I had a fabulous dinner.

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