Chicken Wrap Bacon Recipe with Philips Airfryer

Philips Airfryer Chicken wrap Bacon 4
Chicken Wrap Bacon with Sweet Thai Basil Sauce

I know what I wanted to cook but I did not like it. Yesterday I was toying the idea of using the Australia purple skin potato to form my warm chargrilled salad but I was left bewilded. When I foiled steamed my potato, the skin coloured change to light brown and I was speechless. I knew I got the wrong potato. So I left then aside.

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Juadah Kampung at Silka Cheras Kuala Lumpur

Ramadan Silka Cheras 8
Chef Badrul of Silka Cheras

At recent I was at Curz Silka Cheras to indulge their spread of ramadan buffet dinner and it was good. Their ramadan Chef Badrul and his team planned out a “Juadah Kampung” village cuisine theme to capture the taste buds of their customers.

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Beggar Chicken Recipe with Philips AirFryer

Philips Airfryer Beggar Chicken
My Version of Beggar Chicken with Philips AirFryer

This was jolly awesome as I won the latest Philips AirFryer during Philips Blogger Cooking Challenge and got my hands to unwrapped it. My last dish at the challenge was with fish and so at my own comfort pantry I decided to play with chicken. For this session I bought a whole no antibiotic chicken from our local supermarket which weights about 1.2kg. It looked brilliant and amazing just right for the three of us over dinner.

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Top F&B Outlets Battle It Out in US Potato Culinary Challenge

US  Fresh Potato Culinary Challenge

US Potato Board, Culinary Association & Key Bloggers promote spirit of excellence amongst Malaysian Chefs What do US potatoes, five chefs and a competition have in common? They make up the main ingredients of a culinary challenge headlining – of course – US potatoes that storms Kuala Lumpur and I was there as one of the main judges of this exciting challenge.

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Aroma Semenanjung at Cinnamon Coffee House One World Hotel

One World Ramadan

This year the Cinnamon Coffee House at One World Hotel came with a fabulous theme called “Aroma Semenanjung” for their Ramadan spread of buffet which features Malay, Indian, Chinese, Nyonya and Eurasian delicacies as well as some special dishes from Peninsular Malaysia.

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Warna Warni Ramadhan at Dorsett Grand Subang

Ramadhan Dorsett Grand Subang


Breakfast time turns into a fascinating display of the Dorsett’s unforgettable selection, of traditional jams , festive breakfast to break even the most resilient “weight watchers”. This year, Dorsett Grand Subang will be featuring an alluring treat with our Ramadhan International Cuisine at Terazza Brasserie, Warna Warni Ramadhan at Melati and Buka Puasa sets at The Emperor during the holy month. Over 80 varieties of delicacies both local and international Muslim cuisine will be served to patrons with daily menu changes so we suggest that you check our month-long list and buffet.

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Break Fast Gourmet at Concorde Shah Alam

Ramadan Concorde Shah Alam 3

Ramadan month is one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar. Falls on the ninth month, the sighting of the crescent moon marks the beginning of Ramadan. During this month, Muslims wake up early to have their pre-dawn meal (Sahur) before the call for morning prayers (Solat Subuh). They will then fast for the rest of the day until they hear the call for the evening prayers (Solat Maghrib).

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Ramadan Celebration at Concorde Kuala Lumpur

Ramadan Concorde KL 2


Concorde welcomes the holy month where Muslims around the globe fast from dawn to dusk. When it comes to breaking fast, many would look forward to authentic kampung dishes – comfort food we grew up with… From June 29 till July 27, 2014, an array of perennial delicacies will be showcased at Melting Pot Café and at a bigger venue, Concorde Ballroom.

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Ramadan Celebration at The Saujana Hotel

Ramadan at The Saujana Hotel 14


Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. If you are looking for a unique “buka puasa” dining experience this Ramadhan, The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur offers a delightful evening of dining amidst lush tropical gardens facing an exquisite view of the Saujana Hotel’s lake and pool. Charmingly lit for a more twilight ambience, this beautiful “al fresco” setting feast on a sumptuous smorgasbord of over 140 traditional and regional Malaysian specialties as well as 15 perennial hawker stall favourites, showcases a melting pot of both local and international flavours. To add to the evening’s enchantment, traditional Ghazal musicians will serenade guests from a custom-made stage over the pool specially built for this occasion.

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Ramadan Feast at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

Ramadan Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur 10

“NOSTALGIA DO RE MI” InterContinental Kuala Lumpur Celebrated All-day Dining Restaurant,Serena Brasserie Launches P. Ramlee Inspired Berbuka Puasa Buffet

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Its Crunch Time This Football Season with Mission Chips

Mission Chips

Get your game on with Mission Chips this footie season and max your enjoyment of the great tasting tortilla chips with some delicious dips! Mission Chips made its official debut in Malaysia recently right on time for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Season. Perfect for shin-digs or just plain snacking, the authentic tortilla chips made from 100% real corn comes with a promise of 30% less oil than regular potato chips. That’s a score right there!

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Samsung GALAXY Life: Starlight Cinema Outdoor Movie Experience

star light cinema
Starlight Cinema Malaysia’s Largest Outdoor Cinema

Starlight Cinema Malaysia’s Largest Outdoor Cinema is back this year from 13 to 21 June 2014 and truly got me excited. I came to know about it through my Samsung GALAXY Life app and there were redeemable FREE entrance tickets. Here I got to confessed that I had a great time on day 2 where I watched two shows back to back, Despicable Me and Despicable 2. Yes It was just awsome and not only that, I had great time munching my REDEEMED food, dessert and drinks on that night. Just be there early !

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