Pudu Wet Market with Celebrity Chef Sam Leong

Chef Sam Leong Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur
Celebrity Chef Sam Leong at Pudu Wet Market Kuala Lumpur

Celebrity Chef Sam Leong is in town as he is cooking at TAO Chinese Cuisine Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur this 13, 14 & 15 March 2014 and I got to follow him to the morning Pudu wet market to do some marketing. Sam Leong earned his fame for infusing his traditional Chinese cuisine with a great modern touch. I really love his gourmet work and thrust into refining his food creations

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The Sunway PALS Programme Rewards

The Sunway PALS Programme Rewards 1

SUNWAY GIVES BACK – Celebrating its 40th anniversary with the community

It’s Sunway Group’s 40th anniversary and the communities it built are receiving the gift of Sunway Pals loyalty programme that offers savings and rewards to its supportive customers, as a gesture of appreciation. And I was there to witness the launch at Sunway Pyramid.

The auspicious celebrations are made even more meaningful with the presence of special guests who have been with Sunway from the start. The first “baby” born back on 1 December 1999 at Sunway Medical Centre, 15-year-old Ahmad Sharifi Sharidan and his parents are attending the event. Also present are a two-generation Sunway-educated family made up of students from the first batch of Sunway College, Adrian Ooi and Adelaine Teoh and their children. They have grown to a family with four children. Eldest son, Aaron, 18, is doing his second year at Monash University Malaysia while their 15-year-old son, Alvin, is enrolled in Year 11 at Sunway International School (SIS).

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The Dinosaur Cake by Sunny Yaw

The Dinasour Cake by Sunny Yaw

I love having a dinosaur. The robustness and strength never fail to inspire me, therefore I decided to sculpture a dinosaur cake using cake as its base while fondant and royal icing to give it the final sculpture touch. The colour used was kept as natural as possible. This sculpture cake took me almost a day to complete and the outcome was just terrific.. . . . Sunny Yaw

To order your cakes call 0162745796 Sunny Yaw
available Petaling Jaya & Kuala Lumpur

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Dynamic Gourmet Experience at Taste Enclave Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

Spicy Beef and Pork Soup

It was a fabulous relaxing afternoon on a normal weekday where I was tucked well to my chair waited anxiously to be pampered. I was excited that I shared the table with a food entrepreneur and owner of The Taste Enclave Mr Willie Tay, at Avenue K Kuala Lumpur.

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Akachan No Hoppe Pastries at Mid Valley Megamall

Mo.Cheeks the Japanese Delicacy

A week back I was invited to try out an authentic Japanese delicacy pasteries Mochi or MO.Cheeks at Akachan No Hoppe, Mid Valley Megamall. Akachan No Hoppe here means baby cheeks and I was told that these Mo.Cheeks are careful make from hand selected of azuki beans. paste and glutinous rice. I like the tenderness of the mochi texture especially the one’s that came with black sesame flavour, it was robust and had a fabulous earthen aroma. So was their Edamame fillings that had a fabulous grounded chunky texture and had a real nice aroma that referred to “Zunda” in Japanese.

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Burger King Launches NINJA Promotion with Black Charcoal Bun Burgers

Burger King Ninja 1

Last week was awesome as I got to taste the latest Burger King Ninja Burger and Jumbo Frank. I got to confessed that I felt like having a fabulous orgy of burgers and hotdogs. What makes me felt so in love with this burger was of its black charcoal sesame bun and coating of their signature teriyaki sauce. I found it to be brilliant. As for the Jumbo Frank, the chicken sausage came in such a fabulous size that can easily seduce me. Yes it was sure tasty!

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Samsung Galaxy Life App Launch in Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy Life 11
Vincent Chong Director of IT and Mobile Communications of Samsung Malaysia Electronic Sdn Bhd Showcasing The Samsung Galaxy Life App

Remember at the end of January I visited MyBurgerLab with my installed Samsung Galaxy Life App and that is where I discovered their awesome burger and got a fabulous discount. Yet this end February Samsung Galaxy Life App officially launched in Malaysia at Renoma Café Kuala Lumpur and I had a great time. great launch and fabulous canapés.

“Galaxy Life, Your Passport to Amazing Experiences and Special Privilege by Samsung”

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A Private Lunch at The Danna Langkawi Resort

My Perfect Private Lunch at The Danna Langkawi

My travels had gave a pause at Langkawi recently and the property that I visited was The Danna Langkawi Resort situated at Telaga Harbour Park. Upon the near arrival from far tucked at the corner bend of the main road one can easily spots the luxurious structure of this Colonial-Mediterranean inspired 5-star luxury hotel and it was breath taking, At that moment I know I will love my weekend stay. Once we got ourselves checked in, we were pampered for a private arranged lunch. I got to admit it was an honoured to be one of the invited guests.

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The Jewel of The Arctic – A Photo Exhibition by Photographer Bonnie Yap


A dynamic and a very well known photographer in the Kuala Lumpur scene Bonnie Yap will be showcasing her Jewel of the Artic. The exhibition consist of a compilation of Bonnie Yap’s photographs that captured through her lens of the mesmerizing landscapes and wildlife of the northern hemisphere.

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Bankara Ramen Grand Opening at Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

A Welcoming Loin Dance at Bankara Ramen

Recently I attended the grand opening of Bankara Ramen at Avenue K Kuala Lumpur. The Tokyo’s top ramen specialist is finally arrives in Kuala Lumpur.The Bankara and Saibei brands have over 60 outlets across Japan and also in Bangkok and Jakarta.

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Oyster Tasting at Southern Rock Seafood Bangsar

Southern Rock Seafood’s GM Logeswaren & Owner Josh Green

Southern Rock Seafood was founded in 2008, Southern Rock supplies KL’s top restaurants and hotels with fresh fish and seafood from around the world. Since oysters have become an important part of their business Southern Rock Seafood has carry a range of in season oysters. Where possible Southern Rock Seafood sources direct from oyster farmers to ensure freshness and security of provenance.

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French Flavours with Gunther Hubrechsen at Berjaya University College of Hospitality


Chef Gunther Hubrechsen had recently showcased his culinary talents and a menu of signature dishes for the first time in Malaysia.The Asian Food Channel (AFC), which is part of the Scripps Networks family of lifestyle networks and BERJAYA University College of Hospitality (BERJAYA UCH) are proud to bring Singapore-based Belgian chef, Gunther Hubrechsen to Malaysia for ‘French Flavours with Gunther Hubrechsen’. On Thursday, 23 January 2014 to Friday, 24 January 2014, Chef Gunther had enticed food lovers with an array of delicious French fare at a series of intimate dinners with demonstrations.

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