Opium Changkat Bukit Bintang

Opium KL 4
Spread of Starters at Opium Changkat Bukit Bintang

Regroup about seven of us we embark for a great dinner at Changkat Bukit Bintang and landed ourself at the Opium. The setting of the deco of this eatery is very impressed and captivating, flushed with oriental influenced interior and furnishing. The whole place was transformed into the such a Chinese concubine house waiting to pamper us with great food and drinks. I was very impressed.

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Recipe Pressure Cooked Pepper Bak Kut Teh

Pepper Bak Kut Teh Sidney Kan
Pressure Cooked Pepper Bak Kut Teh

Today a Monday public holiday while resting at home with nothing much to do and plenty of free time to myself I decided to cook this, Pressure Cooked Pepper Bak Kut The. It was not difficult and only need a few main ingredients and less than an hour to accomplish without any hassle. I think you will love it, I do ! It was definitely a pleasant surprise. It was a stunner ! I got my appetite working from head to toe. “”””wink”””


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Malaysia International Gourmet Festival MIGF Gala Launch 2014

Malaysia International Gourmet Festival MIGF Gala Launch 2014 2
A Sizzling Start to MIGF!

The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival and its spectacular preview – Taste MIGF – kicked off with a scorching Gala Launch as this year’s Red Hot Chefs!
“Welcome fellow banqueters, gourmets, gourmands, epicureans, bon vivants, foodies, carnivores, herbivores and all lovers of fine food…welcome to the Gala Launch of Taste MIGF,” announced MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day as he stood on stage, welcoming the masses to the launch of the 14th Malaysia International Gourmet Festival.

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Ri-Yakitori at The Gardens Hotel & Residences

Ri-Yakitori The Gardens Hotel KL 13

We were lifted up to the 7th floor at The Gardens Hotel & Residences where Ri-Yakitori is located. The place was very laid back with comfort, nothing that fancy . . . a very Japanese restaurant, simplicity. As we seated, came this dish called Tsukune a homemade chicken sausage which was brilliant, ate with fresh egg yolk. It was excellent and way passed my expectation.

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Recipe Philips Pressure Cooked Sliced Taro and Pork Belly

Taro and Pork Belly 1
Pressure Cooked Sliced Taro and Pork Belly

I just adore this dish sliced taro and pork belly even when I was a little boy, cooked at home kitchen comfort. Here I got to confess that this dish is not an affair dish that served daily, only for special occasion or festive over dinner. Here I like the creaminess, soft and the tenderness of the taro when cooked to perfection while the pork belly fats just melt away by itself and the leaner part will just be moist and tender laced with bursting sauce.


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Indulging Tony Roma’s Fisherman’s Wharf

TR_NewBeginnings 2nd Edition_A5 Flyer_OL
Tony Roma’s Fisherman’s Wharf

I was here to try them out and I did, I swear and I had all the four dishes all to myself . . .. . . . so hilarious. Thanks to Tony Roma’s for making it accessible for my pure tasting. The spread was really stunning and delicious.

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Dim Sum at Golden Dragonboat Restaurant Jalan Kampung Pandan

Golden Dragonboat Restaurant Dim Sum 16
Crystalize Prawn Dumpling

I just love having a morning dim sum over a few sipping of warm Chinese Pu’er tea. Such eating ritual is classic and this drive me over to Golden Dragonboat for a dim sum spread of fixation. We had tried out almost what on over and found it was good and tasty.

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Morganfield’s Home of Sticky Bones

Morganfield’s Ribs Sampler

Just near by my place within my neighbourhood I dropped by Morganfiled’s Home of Sticky Ribs. for some wholesome ribs and I was truly pleasured. I am a meat eater myself and having a good cooked ribs is a must and I think I found it here. We showered ourselves with a lot of variety of ribs, from lamb, beef, pork to iberica.
I was truly satisfied.

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Recipe Philips Pressure Cooked Red Thai Curry with Pineapple

pressure cooked Thai red curry with pineapple
Pressure Cooked Red Thai Curry with Pineapple

My recently sponsored trip by Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) to cruise around Bangkok was just terrific experience. We too got to discover food like the Ko Dang Talay and many more great eating places(will be posting soon). But this trip I was eyeing on getting myself to shop for cooking ingredients at any supermarkets that I can get into. Then I managed to step into TESSCO, brilliant and I got this small pack of Thai red curry paste.


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Recipe Philips Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce and Ginger

Philips Airfryer Chicken Wings 3
Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce, Ginger and Chilli Flakes

Good Morning folks, last night we were busy at our cake studio building up a birthday cake for a pretty sweet lady celebrating her 88 birthday. As we were at our studio, I decided to airfried some chicken wings to kill our hunger, yes we we starving. :) Early in the morning I had some chicken wings marinated and the outcome was stunning. All the airfried wings just went missing within seconds. Hilarious indeed. Well I Airfried 7 pieces and I just realised how expensive chicken wings can be!

MASAK-MASAK WITH PHILIPS AIRFRYER on FACEBOOK be a member of this group now!

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Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Kuala Lumpur

Sushi Tei Cheras Sentral Mall 1

It was just fabulous that the six of us managed to burst the bill nearly over RM1,500 include service charge and government tax but it was a fabulous night over wholesome Japanese gourmet at recent opened Sushi Tei located at Cheras Sentral Mall. The first dish that found its way to the dining table was this stunning Shiretoko that showcased a delicious combination of six type of fresh sashimi, Tuna Belly, Yellow Tail, Sea Bream, Salmon, Butterfish and Scallop. Our dinner starter well and the Shiretoko sashimi was so pleasing and we ordered two wholesome bowls. The scallop was brillant, juicy sweet and had a fabulous tender bites. The yellow tail came very fresh and it was hard to resist of not chopsticking it away right away and landed well inside my tummy. The salmon was smooth indeed while the tuna belly just tickled my taste buds on the spot. Every slices and every picked was so irresistible when it was laced with soy sauce and wasabi.

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Winning Gourmets by Master & Mizzy Chefs of Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur


In conjunction with the Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day, Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur will be showcasing a collection of prized gourmets by their ‘Master & Mizzy Chef’. During this period, as Malaysians celebrate its 57th Merdeka Day, it also marks the celebration of good food by young and aspiring Chefs who are of varied race, culture and backgrounds. Love for eats, passion for culinary art and desire for excellent achievements are one of the few attributes that these chefs instil within them. Nevertheless, they shine beyond medals and international recognitions; together as Malaysians they have grown and mature in the love for food and their striving spirit to be remarkable chefs in their own specialties.

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