The Ronnefeldt Cocktail Afternoon at The Smoke House Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The Ronnefeldt Cocktail Afternoon Majestic Hotel 3
The Ronnefeldt Cocktail Afternoon

Having the pleasure of having a good cup of tea is truly classic yet having a teatail is just stunning. My weekend experience on this was truly unpretentious what’s more it had my best tasted Earl Grey tea, yes from Ronnefeldt. That afternoon tea ritual gathering was at The Smoke House Majestic Hotel and there were free flow of tea-infused cocktails and canapes.

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Recipe Pressure Cooked Zha Cai Szechuan Preserved Vegetable Soup

Recipe Zha Cai Soup at Sidney's Pantry 2
The Ingredients to make ‘Zha Cai’ Szechuan Preserved Vegetable Soup

I had been wanting to make this soup using a very basic and very affordable ‘Zha Cai’ Szechuan Preserved Vegetable. A vacuumed pack of ‘Zha Cai’ Szechuan Preserved Vegetable just cost me only RM1.90 and you get two of them which is plentiful. ‘Zha Cai’can be very salty and slight spicy, therefore I had it soaked over an hour in hot water to reduce its saltiness.


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Proud Janny at The Weld

Proud Janny The Weld 4
Fruit Curry with Crispy Chicken

My weekend Saturday morning was a great excursion into the centre of Kuala Lumpur with less traffic and had a fabulous lunch at Proud Janny, The Weld. I like the deco of this cosy place that kept to the basic and I even caught up with the comfort of a guni bag stool. The food here was definite a pleaser and to be praise, bring back those 70’s days taste of local delicacies. Their Fruit Curry with Crispy Chicken definitely won my applaud for having the perfect taste with wholesome selected fine ingredients, like the kampong bread chicken that was put into a fine play.

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Udon-Ya San Noodle House at Pandan Indah

Udonya San Noodle House Pandan Indah Kake Udon
Kake Udon (RM6)

I stumbled onto this udon noodle house by chance after a maze chase at Pandan Indah. The eating experience here was a surprise, good food and very affordable, it had a brilliant texture and freshly homemade, knead by hand and knife cut to perfection. I myself just love the caring touch and time being invested onto each of this udon bowl. Here, a RM6 can get you a wholesome udon bowl to enjoy without any frills, topped with chopped spring onion, seaweed, tempura flakes and drenched with a tasty bonito flake soup. I just love their Kake Udon, done to perfection and packed with simplicity.

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Recipe Airfry Dried Scallop Carrot Cake at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

Airfry Dried Scallop Carrot Cake

I love my dim sum a lot and having to make my own can be a real task. Last week Master Dim Sum Chef Peng Yi was in Kuala Lumpur and had assured me it will be a simple task. He perfected his dried scallop carrot cake and we had them finished on the Philips Airfryer.

MASAK-MASAK WITH PHILIPS AIRFRYER on FACEBOOK be a member of this group now!

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A Taste of Padang at Essence Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Chef Bayu and Chef Yulie

Delicious aromas of Padang cuisine filled the air of Essence, the all day dining venue at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel as the restaurant prepared to welcome its guests to the launch of ‘A Taste of Padang’ promotion this evening.

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Recipe Pressure Cooked Fresh and Dried Pak Choy Soup

Pressure Cooked Fresh and Dried Pak Choy Soup

I always longing for this homemade soup using fresh and dried Pak Choy. It had been with my family kitchen for years and as I moved out and stayed abroad and also now in Kuala Lumpur I seldom faced with it. I would say it had become such a luxurious bowl of goodness. I am sure you might come across this Cantonese style soup at some eatery but it was always done thin. But I am glad I had the time yesterday to prep this soup.

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Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Flavors

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors
Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Flavors Presented by Asian Food Channel & Berjaya University College of Hospitality at Sampling on Fourteen Berjaya Hotel

Last night dinner showcased by renowned Chef Tareq Taylor was amazing and I was tucked comfortable over the dishes that was paraded over me one after another plus those glasses of delicious wine pouring from Jacob’s Creek too was truly mesmerizing. The dinner was just stunningly brilliant.

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Taiko Japanese Cuisine Mont Kiara Shoplex

Taiko Mont Kiara Shoplets 8
Rainbow Sushi

I had been here before and I love their cooking. At recent Taiko had a mew team and the food is even better. I love their fresh flown on thick cuts of Sashimi. Every slices truly worked well with me, smooth, silky and tasty. Taiko’s Rainbow Sushi came brilliantly beautiful and I had a few satisfaction bits.

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Pressure Cooked White and Green Radish Soup

Philips Pressure Cooked White and Green Radish Soup
A Bowl of Goodness – Philips Pressure Cooked White and Green Radish Soup

I had been always wanted to play masak-masak all this while using the pressure cooking technique and I was truly scared. Why? Cause I have this freaking phobia of using the gas type pressure cooker as I worry it might blow up if I forgotten about it while using it. But when I was confronted with the electrical pressure cooker I find it is easier to user and feel much safer that is when I found Philips Pressure Cooker and the cost of owning one is much cheaper than the conventional ones. Here is another soup recipe I had just tried out today, a white and green radish soup.


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Souled Out Bangsar South

Souled Out Bangsar South 17
Souled Out Bangsar South

Had a great blast night out with foodies and this time we landed ourselves at Souled Out Bangsar South. It was huge place located on the ground floor of Nexus Bangsar South. The food was brilliant and I was mesmerized into the ambience and feel. I had a great time!

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Ante at Solaris Dutamas

Ante Publika 2
Ice Latte at Ante Solaris Dutamas

Had a great brunch recently at Ante Solaris Dutamas which truly charmed with great goodness. Nice cosy place to visit over a lazy weekend, free from work and hassle free. Just eat and coffee-ing plus a good company over chat and laughter. The food at Ante is brilliant, some can be very homey sweet just like mother’s cooking while some truly salivating fusion dishes. I love my latte served and looked charmingly. Delicious, definitely me a caffeine freak!

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