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Vietnamese Food Fair at Link Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

Vietnamese Promotion Pullman Bangsar
Vietnamese Food Fair at Link Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

From the 19th till the 28th September 2014 (except for Fridays and Saturdays) for both lunch and dinner buffet The Link – All Day Dining Pullman Kuala Lumpur is showcasing Vietnamese gourmet along with their daily buffet. This 10-day of food dining consists of delicious Vietnamese cuisine that consist of wholesome fresh herbs, briefly-cooked meat to preserve it’s original flavours, dedicatedly-brew broth and lastly thoughtful presentation to please a diner’s eyes and appetite at only RM90.00nett per person. That night I was there to run myself over such delicious crafted dishes here at Link Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

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Recipe Pressure Cooked Ayam Masak Belanda A Portuguese Influence Chicken

Ayam Masak Belanda A Portuguese Influence Chicken

This round I would like to share a recipe that my mum had been cooking when I was young and somehow I inherited the recipe. I had been frequently cooking it and now it had true become a timeless dish at my home comfort. It is simple to follow and taste brilliantly, paired well with any type of cooked rice. The gravy itself is stunning.


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Sunday Curry Tiffin Lunch at Colonial Cafe The Majestic Hotel

The Hainanese Chicken Curry

I just love my recent Sunday at the Colonial Café, The Majestic Hotel over a lazy pampering Sunday curry tiffin lunch. The Colonial Café is located in the Majestic Wing and it seats 120 both indoors as well as in outdoor covered courtyards. Elegant it was, flushed over with colonial deco and came with great ambience.

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Peranakan Tiffin Lunch at The River Cafe Casa del Rio Melaka

Peranakan Tiffin Lunch at The River Cafe Casa del Rio Melaka

For now it looks like I had make it into being a Melaka-ian due to my quiet frequent stay over. This time I managed to graced myself to a fabulous peranakan tiffin lunch at The River Café, Casa del Rio Melaka. Peranakan food in Melaka is no stranger to many people due to aroma of spices and fresh Asian herbs are being infused into the local cooking that blended into a stunning gourmet of taste that can lure you for more. With luck, I am honour that I get to have a seat and tingled of the peranakan food here, it was classically stunning.

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Tony Roma’s The Signature Combo

Tony Roma's 1
Tony’s Signature Combo

I went over to Tony Roma’s to try out their latest introduction to the “Legendary for Ribs Famous for so much more”. There were a few great dishes on that menu that was very noticeable. I like their beef ribs and so was their salmon over a cooked pasta. Not only that their sirloin steak was mouth watering too.

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Private Kitchen Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat

Private Kitchen Ding Ding Drilled Fish Steamboat

My recent indulgence was at the Private Kitchen located at Chow Yang SS2. The gourmet that awaits me that evening was their Ding Ding Grilled Fish Steamboat, a type of steamboat that came with a deep rectangular pan. I was amazed with the style of eating. it looked luxurious and very inviting. Yes, very appealing to me although it is not a new concept in China and Hong Kong but surely new here in Kuala Lumpur. Every soup based served here comes with a grilled fish and I had mine with Red Pearl (Talapia) fish, it was brilliant. As for soup there is a choice of Fragrant Spicy Soup (very spicy), Typhoon Shelter Spicy Garlic Soup (moderately spicy) and Fresh Tomatoes & Sweet Corn Soup (not spicy) to pick from. For me I was very drawn in with their fresh tomatoes and sweet corn soup, it was intense and came with a hint of refreshing sweetness.

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Recipe Pressure Cooked English Gourd Soup

The Ingredients

When I saw this English Gourd paraded at the Grocer truly got me excited wanting it to be the highlight on my soup. So dashing away with the pork ribs, red dates and wolfberries together with the chunks of English gourd, I had them pressure cooked. The cooking process as usual was swift within less than a hour and ends with a jolly good bowl of soup.


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Red Sea Grouper Galore at Mei Six Hin Restaurant Prima Sri Gombak

Mei Six Hin Restaurant Prima Sri Gombak
A 6kg Red Sea Grouper

Last night I was back at my favourite Chinese restaurant Mei Six Hin for another round of fabulous gourmet, a huge red sea grouper cooked four ways. The red sea grouper weighted about 6kg and I got to admit it was pretty huge. The four dishes created by Chef Steven was just stunning and delicious that suited well for us, nine adults and two kids.

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A Li Yaa Bukit Damansara

A Li Yaa 10
A Li Yaa’s Sri Lanka Crab Colombo Style

Honestly did I know anything about Sri Lanka food, I didn’t. I have heard about when I was young but some how it vanishes right from my mind but I found it at A Li Yaa Sir Lanka Restaurant located at Bukit Damansara. I got to confess that their Sri Lanka Crab done in Colombo style was just brilliant, smokey oak burn taste with awesome secret spices. Definitely had me sparkled.

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Recipe Philips Pressure Cooked Watercress Soup with Pork Ribs Dried Longan and Red Dates

Pressure Cooked Watreress Soup with Red Dates and Dried Longan
Watercress, Red Dates & Dried Longan

I love making simple Chinese soup such as like this one, watercress soup with chunk of pork ribs. a small handful of dried longan and red dates. Watercress in cool, sweet and pungent. I love having watercress as it is found at any morning wet market and its easy to get hold and not very expensive. A big handful bunch just cost me about RM4.00, and its plenty to make a bowls of soup for three to four people like my own household. This soup has fabulous remedies as such, it promotes vital fluids to lubricate the lungs and relieve cough. Watercress also had been found to be the new miracle food with anti-cancer properties.


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Master of Taste A Gastronomic Experience with Nikka Whisky

The Wide Range of NIKKA Whisky

It was brilliant night at Bricks & Barrel Sri Hartamas recently as I get indulged fabulous Nikka cocktails and delicious food that came with it. That night Nikka Whisky was holding the “Master of Taste” and it was a unforgettable gustatory experience, I was left wanting more of those cocktails and nearly took a full bottle home if they did not stop me that night. Lots of laugh!. . . . How I wish, and Nikka knew which bottle I was raving that night.

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A Steak Experience at The Restaurant The Club Saujana Resort

Chef Alexander Waschl  The Restaurant The Club Saujana Resort
Chef Alexander Waschl

He is dashing young and yet a very seasoned chef that I had been following, he is Chef Alexander Waschl at The Restaurant, The Club Saujana Resort. His food creation is marvellous and exciting yet irresistible. Chef Alexander Waschl is like those kind of chef who truly a dedicated chef and puts a lot of effort into perfecting his dishes. This round he came up with a few awesome dedicated on Black Angus and Wagyu beef, a total of 11 brilliant electrifying dishes!

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