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Freestyle Curry Noodle

Well, I am not sure what got into me yesterday evening after a long day work, I drove myself straight to the Giant supermarket at One-Utama, PJ before reaching my apartment. The only thing that was permanently stucked or plastered in my mind was curry noodle. I guess lately a lot of my fellow food bloggers had been doing write up on this topic.

Churning up a bowl of curry noodle in my kitchen can be a tricky issue as it very time consuming. But due to my starvation for curry noodle, I was willing to take the challenge and make it a reality. I am sure you know that I did if you scroll down to see those pictures that I had captured yesterday.

I could not believe myself that it only took me about less than half an hour to get this dish ready and not only for one person but it was enough to feed more two person, of course myself and Sunny Yaw. He was busy preparing an cake order for a client. To tell you the truth, he is really dead tired because last weekend he had to prepare one hundred gifts, mini wedding cakes for M.E. & R.T.’s wedding.

Anyway theres a secret of achieving this dish in less than half an hour, I bought a packed of chicken curry paste and a curry laksa paste manufacturedby Tean’s Gourmet.

Chicken curry and curry laksa paste

Since I had this two pack of paste inhand, it still does not complete the dish. I got to have the topping and the noodle. So I decided to have chicken, tofu “pok”, fish paste “yee wat”, fresh egg noodle “wan ton noodle” and some greens. Whala…! That would be my creation and I would call it curry noodle freestyle.

Tofu “pok” and fresh egg noodles

fish paste “Yee Wat”

Firstly I create the soup by using the pack of curry laksa paste and milk as to replace coconut milk. This not only really a health issue but just that my kitchen had run out coconut cream. Once the milk is boiled, I put in the tofu “pok” and leave it to boil for 5 mins.

A cooked curry soup with tofu “pok”

Next was to churn up the chicken curry by using cut chicken breast and chicken curry paste. Once ready, I boiled the fish paste “yee wat”, the veg and the egg noodle.

Cooked fish paste “yee wat”

Once everything is completed, I put the cooked egg noodles on the the serving bowl, poured in the curry laksa soup, placed the curry chicken on top the egg noodle, placed the tofu “pok” , cooked fish paste and the veg.

Curry noodle for two


1 packet Curry laksa paste

1 packet Chicken curry paste

1 packet Tofu “pok”

2 Fresh Egg Noodles

200gm Diced chicken breast

100gm Fish paste “yee wat”

50gm Fresh greens

1 litre Fresh milk

I am very sure that you will not go wrong with this recipe as it is fast and easy to make. I am for sure you will impress your guest or your love ones. I am defintely sure that you will send them thinking of your cooking twice from now on. For sure you will able to cook and to impress.

Sid xxx

The Fifth Day of the Lunar Month – ‘Choong Chi’

On the fifth day the lunar month, the chinese celebrates the Rice Dumpling Festival, or Dragon Boat Festival in honour of a patriotic poet, Qu Yuan who drowned himself in Miluo River as a protest against the Emperor. For this, rice dumpling is a must-have specialty every year.
This year 19th June 2007 will be a season fills with the fragrance of appetizing rice dumpling. Rice dumpling come with an assortment of fillings layered in glutinous rice, wrapped with bamboo leaves and are boiled for hours. Many of us especially all the mums and grandmums have from early days been busy scouting for all basic ingredients necessary for the preparation of rice dumpling such as selection of glutinous rice, dumpling leaves and any other ingredients of our choice to welcome the arrival of this traditional chinese festival.
The rice dumpling not only comes in various shapes but in different variety of taste too. It can be categorized into sweet and savory two groups. The creation of nyonya and malay rice dumpling with a blend of local culture, add on further to the diversity of this chinese cuisine.

As for me this year due to heavy, hectic and busy working hours and not able to ‘balik kampong’ to celebrate “Tai Yat Chee” over the weekend with my two wonderful ladies(my mum and my aunt), I decided to celebrate this tradition by buying some rice dumplings

Where would be the best place to get this authentic rice dumpling? I guessed it must be The Tasty Rice Dumpling at Bandar Sungai Long, KL. The owner Elaine started this shop 5 years ago and now her son also helps her to run the business. There are many varieties of rice dumpling available from this shop such as five spice, egg yolk, green bean, chilli shrimp, vegeterian, eye bean, red bean, nyonya and kee chang.

I had tasted the five spice fried rice dumpling which was great, lovely, fragrant and mystified really. I love it. You can smell the fragrnt of the five spice, lovely salted egg yolk, the meat and not to overpowering of glutinous rice.

I also had a bit of rice dumpling which is white in colour. But as from young I alway prefer the one, fried rice dumpling.

I also tried their nyonya rice dumpling which consist of sweeten minced meat and a mild of spice. For this one I find that it a bit huge compare to those I usual had before. The taste was average to my liking.

I love the red bean rice dumpling which is a sweet rice dumpling. I really like this, the size is great, not too huge and easy to handle. The glutinous rice was soft and tender, as you bite into it, you can taste the sweetness of the red bean, it was so gorgeous and I was totally speechess.

By the end of the day, my tummy was really full and just can’t handle them anymore and also had to skip my dinner too. Tasty Rice Dumplings has a great variety of rice dumpling selection and also not too pricy and very affordable. I would give them an 8 out 10 for quality, tasty and affordablity.

Tasty Rice Dumpling
28, Jalan SL 1/2
Bandar Sungai Long

Gateau Marquise Au Chocolat

I am sure some of us would wonder what is Gateau Marquise Au Chocolat. Well it is basically mean Decadent Chocolate Cake and that is what I had stumbled upon when I was reading Robert Linxe’s book “La Maison Du Chocolat“. I would really recommend this book to be in your mini library as it did somehow sneak into mine. It is a lovely book showing the work of Robert Linxe on chocolate and full of gorgeous pictures.

For this time I had modified Robert Linxe’s Decadent Chocolate Dessert into a cake version. This cake I would like to dedicated this especially to Lee Ping, ……..a healty dessert…….. You will be very surprise that I did not baked this cake in Big Boys Oven as it doesn’t need baking!

Basically and firstly you need to make the crust, mix a variety of roasted crushed nuts with melted butter and place it into the mould and refrigerate it until hard. Next you need to have your lovely melted chocolate, place in soft butter and egg yolk. Fold in beaten sugared egg white, and tranfer it to the mold and refrigerate for 12 hours. Once done, pipe in whipping cream and top it with nuts and chocolate powder.

Do give it a try and I am sure your guest will be for a surprise.
Sid xxx

Hello Food Lovers!!!

We will be up soon!!!

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Watch Out, We Are Coming Soon!!!

Cerise (Pistachio Tartlet with Rasberry Mousse)

Over the long weekend I was going through a japanese cake book published by Super Chef Book entitled Patissiers. It was a collection of work by seven most famous cake chefs in Japan such as, Takagi Yasumasa, Yamamoto Koji, Horie Shin, Sato Hitoshi, Nakagawa Jiro, Sakurai Syuichi and Terai Norihiko.

Somehow the work of Takagi Yasumasa had caught my eye, a very famous chef who did an Iron Chef challenge with Iron Chef Kobe on strawberry. Takagi Yasumasa also runs de Le Patissier Takagi. You can find many well designed mini cakes by Takagi Yasumasa.

So without losing anytime, I embarked on trying out Takagi Yasumasa’s Cerise. Cerise is a pistachio cherries tartlet top with rasberry mousse. As for my Cerise, I replaced the cherries with strawberry. It was a real masterpiece, the pistachio tarltet tasted crunchy and you can smell the aroma of the toasted green pistachio. As you spoon the mousse, you will be able to taste the refreshness and juicyness of the rasberry. The rasberry mousse infused into the pistachio tartlet gorgeously and both compliment each other very well. Takagi Yasumasa is a real true art of patissier himself.

Since from this discovering of such master patissiers, I promise you that I will explore more of their creation and will share the experience with you.

With luv, Sunny Yaw

Hello Food Lovers!!!

We will be up soon!!!

The White Mountain of French Alp Mountain(Mont Blanc)

What rings in my head with the word Mont Blanc , that would be the well craftsmanship of writing instruments, well designed and hand crafted just as what I do with my cakes. But in Japan, you can find almost virtually some sort of stuff called Mont Blanc in most of the cake shop. Getting a well crafted pen in a japanese cake shop?

Well, it is not a writing instrument but it is rather a well designed and crafted dessert. Mont blanc is a dessert made of meringue, whipped cream, and chestnut cream whose name seems to come from its resemblance in appearance, apparently, to the French Alp moutain Mont Blanc. This chestnut dessert has a huge popularity in Japan. You will come across varieties of Mont Blanc being presented by different patissiers such a few names, chef Jun Honma(Chez Cima), chef Yoshiwa Takasugi(Mikage Takasugi), chef Shinji Ebisawa(Les Entremets de Kunitachi), chef Yasuhiro Suzukia(Noel) and many more. I also came across such lovely dessert at Le Cordon Bleu and also with chefs Anita & Sanny(Jam Bakery).

So I decided to explore a simple version of Mont Blanc. My version of Mont Blanc would consists of tart shell, instant custard, chestnut mousse and cooked whole chestnut. It is simple to make as you can prepare the tart shell a day advance and the rest will only take a while. The only problem with this recipe, you need to pre-order the chestnut puree in advance from the ingredient shop as there are not stockable. You will only see them stock up in supermarket such like cold storage during pre-christmas.

I have seen chestnut cake at a cake shop at Sri Hartamas Shopping Complex and a different version of Mont Blanc at at small cake shop in the old wing of Bangsar Village.

This Mont Blanc may look cute, petti and light but it can be heavy after consuming. My salute to Mont Blanc. Hope you will explore this lovely Mont Blanc soon.

Luv Sunny Yaw

A Damn Good Cheesecake

It looks like it is going to be another relaxing weekend and time to catch up with reading and doing some blogging. But I was wrong, one local call and another from Singapore requesting a cheesecake (9″x9″) each for birthday dinner party on saturday night. Sounds great but hmmm… means no rest and no relaxation or no do spa. Jak requested the same cake that he requested a month ago. Therefore without any choice I have to bake this marble cheesecake for Jak and Jeremy. I stumble upon this design when I visited the Jam Bakery. Jam Bakery is located in Hong Kong and run by two young lovely ladies Anita Chow and Sanny Kee. Both of them even had written a dual language cake book named “Everyday Treats”. I really like their marble cake design as it looks so LV.
For this cheesecake I used oreo biscuit, butter and toasted almond bits for the crust. As for the cheese, I used cream cheese, sugar, eggs, hazelnut syrup, corn flour and sour cream. Keep a bit of the creamcheese and mix it with chocolate syrup to make the star design on the surface of the cake. Once done, it is ready for baking.

I went through the fridge and took out all the fruits and start doing the cake decoration. Once complete, next be the glacing. Glacing the surface is to give the cake itself a fresher look. Lastly will be piping the greetings. This cake looks lovely and weights about 2.5kg.

Later that Saturday night, I got a SMS from Jeremy, “A damn good cheesecake which worth waiting for”.

Thanks Jak and Jeremy !!!

Sid xxx

Boxes of Gifts

It had been ages that I had decorated a cake. I would say the last one was around 12years ago when I took up my first job at Sunflower as an apprentice. It was fun as everything was new to me. I was the young and innocent. I do say what I learned is something that money can’t buy. Anyway, I came across this book written by Jane Price, the home guide to cake decorating had really caught my eye. The fondest picture of boxes of gifts on the book cover had flashed down my fondest memory lane.

So without wasting any energy and time, I whisked up some sugarpaste, baked some buttercake and start creating. This centrepiece is surprisingly easy to make. Below is my version of Jane Price’s “Boxes of Gifts”.

I guess I did well after such an absent from cake decorating. I hope you will like it.

With Luv, Sunny Yaw

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