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sunny yaw

My name is Sunny Yaw, baking is my passion and profession. I had been baking since I was at the age of 18 where I stepped into the world of sweet desserts. In 2007, I decided to follow my passion and started the venture of sweet desserts through online. As I love seeing others enjoying their dessert, this had make me wanting to create more delicious and beautiful desserts. My passion had leads me into finding the real delicious gateaux and the current trendy gateaux and petite desserts. French, Japanese and Taiwanese techniques are the main influence of my creations.

Creating A Wedding Cakes for a newly wed couple is also one of my passion, how can I resist of not commisioning such an art for such a beautiful occasion of a life time. I got to admit that I did not inherit this skills but obtained them when I first step into the world of dessert making ,that was 20 year ago.

My love in sharing had lead me into having my own baking classes.  My classes are usually small and this able me to concerntrate on my student’s learning capabilities in creating their desserts. I started teaching at our BBO residence in PJ and then we extended to Penang, next and soon I will be having my matches in Ipoh, Johor Bahru and Singapore.



My passion and self interest in food had lead me into meeting up with a terrific chef, Chef Sunny Yaw. My interesting and passion are in cooking and creative art. I started cooking when I was very young through the dedication of my mum and aunt with the gift of remembering and learning through vision that I inherited, gifted in culinary is something I would associated with. While in Scotland I was working my way through a doctorate degree, I was exposed to the art of culinary and managing restaurants .

While back in Malaysia, food blogging had caught my attention and with the strength of Chef Sunny Yaw and myself, we drive Big Boys Oven forward to a new and interesting horizon related to our passion which is baking and food.
WE WILL BE MEETING YOU SOON! . . . yours Sunny Yaw


  • kathryn
    April 2, 2015 - 4:38 pm | Permalink

    Hi, is your baking class still on? I’m interested in learning how to bake cakes and deco.
    Please let me know how much and when is the next class.
    Thank you

  • steven seah
    April 27, 2015 - 4:20 pm | Permalink

    Hi there. I would like to know the venue of the classes conducted. GPS coor would be great. Am a total beginner with zero knowledge. Would be great if you could advice where I can start off.

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