Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Is Definitely My Preference

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Sharing The Joy Of Wellness & Healthy Aging with Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest

A month ago in early April I was introduced to Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest and right away I got myself a box of six pieces of the white in colour dried nest. It sure looked fabulous, translucent and truly well clean. Love that I don’t need to put any additional effort to clean it which is not an easy job. I also found out through reading their information on their website Grand Imperial is 100% natural & free of preservatives, artificial flavourings & colourings. I just love having it as it is rich in protein & nutrients. Bird’s nest is also known to promote a radiant complexion & good inner health which suits well for my mum as she is staying with me and for myself.

Grand Imperial Bird's Nest 2
Soaked the Bird Nest before Double Boiled

This is my first time preparing a bird’s nest dish and I found out that I need to soak it in warm water to soften and loosen it. I had it soaked for a 2-3 hours. Once this procedure executed, I had it double boiled using my ceramic double boiler with a small amount of water cook using my electric pressure cooker for just about 20 minutes. I did not want to cook it too long as I worry it might just melt away into the liquid. The outcome after pressure cooking was absolutely fabulous, I had a soft jelly type of texture. It was lovely.

Grand Imperial Bird's Nest 5
Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Mango Yoghurt

The first dish I wanted to replica is this delicious Mango Yoghurt that served at most Chinese restaurant. Most of them topped it with pomelo and ice ream but I had mine top with cooked bird’s nest. I got to confess it was just marvellous. I got to say it was a par as those served at high end restaurant.

(4 servings)

1 tub Nestle Yoghurt (270gm)
2-3 ripe Mango (peel and chopped to pieces)
2pcs Cooked Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest
a handful of chia seeds

1. Place the yoghurt and mango into the blended.
2. Blend it for a few second till the all the mixture been liquefied.
3. Pour the mixture into the serving bowls and add a few chis seeds on it.
4. Scoop the cooked Grand Imperial bird’s nest on top of the yoghurt mixture and serve.

There are many ways to infuse bird’s nest into our dessert and I will show you a few recipes on my up coming blogpost. I was thinking of some nice delicious jellies. Not only you can have it with desserts, you can also have it in savoury dishes. It will be a great dish to have as you can impress your guests who might dine in at your place. Next I decided to dish out two swarm soups with infused cooked Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest.

Grand Imperial Bird's Nest 4
Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Baby Spinach Soup

I tried out a simple soup using baby spinach and chicken broth. I cooked the spinach till soften with chicken broth and then blend it. Serve it warm with topped cooked Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest. So simple and easy to make.

(4 serving)
2pcs Cooked Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest
4 bowl of Chicken Broth
300gm Baby Spinach Leafs (washed and cleaned)
Salt and Pepper to taste.

1. Boil the spinach with the chicken broth till soften.
2. Blend the mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste.
3. Top the soup with cooked Grand Imperial bird’s nest and serve warm.

Grand Imperial Bird's Nest 3
Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest Cauliflower Soup

(4 serving)
2pcs Cooked Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest
3 bowl of Chicken Broth
1 bowl of Milk
a bit of Wolfberries
80gm cauliflower(washed and cleaned)
Salt and Pepper to taste.

1. Boil the cauliflower with the chicken broth till soften then add in milk.
2. Blend the mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste.
3. Top the soup with cooked Grand Imperial bird’s nest and wolfberries, serve warm.

I like having Grand Imperial Bird Nest as it uses only the bird’s nest that have been carefully harvested. I also found out that this bird’s nest is manufactured using advanced technology in a GMP & HACCP certified facility which is brilliant.

By the way currently, Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest running a Mother’s Day and Parents Day Promotions as follows from now till 20th June 2016. Besides, the attractive packaging is also suitable to be given as a corporate gift.

•Dried bird nest buy 1 box original price & 2nd box get 20% discount
•Instant bird nest buys 1 original price & 2nd get 30% discount.

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