Smoked Pigeon Soup with Preserved Salted Lemon using Philips Pressure Cooker

Smoked Pigeon Soup with Preserved Salted Lemon1
Smoked Pigeon Soup with Preserved Salted Lemon

Now you may ask me where to get that smoked pigeon. Well it was a short story. I got it at the Sunday morning farmer market at Shah Alam Stadium at 3pigeon for RM12. It wasn’t expensive. I got excited already at the moment. I want to have it in my soup together with the lemon I had preserved. READ HERE. Thank God I managed to get it done last night and shared the soup with my mum. It was brilliant. The soup was filled with intensify flavour indeed. Lovely and I never regreted it for trying it out.

Smoked Pigeon Soup with Preserved Salted Lemon
The Ingredients

(2pax serving)

1 smoked pigeon
1/4 preserved salted lemon (homemade)
4pcs sliced ginger
2 dried oyster (washed and cleaned)
1pcs dried mandarin peel
1tsp Chinese cooking wine (optional)
700ml chicken stock (pre-made with PPC)
1 Tbsp Cooking oil
1/2 tsp sesame oil

1. Set PPC to Bake Mode for frying. Add in oil and stir fry the gibger till fragrant. Add in sesame oil and Chinese cooking wine.
2. Add in the chicken stock, smoked pigeon, dried oyster, dried mandarin peel and preserved salted lemon.
3. Closed the top cover, close the valve and set the PPC to Steam Mode at 20KPT.
4. Once ready serve warm.

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