Preserved Salted Lemon

preserved salted lemon
Preserved Salted Lemon

When the idea of having a soup with infused preserved salted lemon had caught me in a wild goose chase. Even the soup recipe was in front of me. My eyes was at gaze and my imagination went berserk. I cannot imagine the taste would be so tempted wanting to have a try. I was in dilemma and I was not at ease. The only way is not make some my own, those had become a very envious preserved salted lemon.

Hello I told myself, I am going to make some and I manage to make. The only down side is that it need to mature for a least 3 to 5 days before it can be used. So cannot have it right away. A waiting is needed. Here is what I did.

4 lemons
lemon juice

1. Cut the lemon into quarter horizontally with one end in tag.
2. Stuff salt into the centre of the lemon and place it into the casing like what I did about.
3. Add in salt.
4. Repeat the same with the rest. And add in lemon juice.
5. Keep the casing outside for 4-7days before ready to use.
6. Keep it in the fridge can last for few months.

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