Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 Puchong Bandar Puteri

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong
Fresh Mud Crab with Awesome Roe

Address: 21, Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Business Hour: 11.30am-3pm; 5.30pm-10.30pm (7 days a week)
Contact: +6010-221 0188 / +6012-220 8898 / +6012-381 5703 / +6016-245 1369
Facebook : Ocean-Seafood-Restaurant-Puchong

I was attended a weekday dinner which started at about 7pm when all of us finally got to this restaurant and it was getting busy. We were here to try out their talk about mud crab and we had a terrific time indulging them. We were a bunch of great seven eaters and this was our journey on that hilarious night. I was totally hypnotised over what I was having. I was totally out of control on my diet.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 19

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 1
Amazing Mud Crab Roe

Currently Mud Crab Pricing is as follow.

1) 200-300gram (M) = RM58 first plate with 3 medium sized crab, 2nd plate order for RM38 only (after discount)
2) 400-500gram (XL)= RM68 first plate with 3 extra large sized crab, 2nd plate for RM48 only (after discount)
3) 500-600gram (XXL)= RM88 with 2 extra extra sized crab
4) 700grams crab =RM98 each

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 2
Eye Pleasing Mud Crab

Their mud crabs were a show off like a line of paraded models walking down the runway. The deep orangy red roe can just caught you within seconds. I could not help staring at them with a hungry smile. I knew I was hooked for them. They we my secret lovers, hungry over them like a pack wolves. Eye bulging can be observed with those sitting in front, sides and back of me.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 7
Foodies dinner at Ocean Seafood Restaurant 海洋海鲜餐厅 Puchong Bandar Puteri

The spread of dishes was amazing yet very eye pleasing and tasted good. The dishes came fast almost at the same time without any interval and the spread was lovely. We had mud crab, fish, scallop, shrimp. chicken, bean curd and broccoli. So let me be the story teller of this ‘makan’ experience.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 12
Buttermilk Mud Crab with Roe (RM88 come with 2 pieces with XXL size)

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 16

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 3

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 6
My mud crab shell was filled with awesome amount of roe

The buttermilk mud crab was really tickled my appetite. I like the gravy which jived so well with the crab. It was dense in taste and well flavoured. My first picked was the crab shell as I was eyeing for the roe. It was irresistible and a must have on my ‘makan’ list and my diet went berserk for a night. The roe was amazing, it had a fabulous texture and the gravy jived so well. I was scrapping them out bits by bits, enjoying myself and I was so into it. Champagne please! :)

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 14
Mud Crab in Superior Soup (RM88 come with 2 pieces with XXL size)

The mud crab came in a claypot soup got me speechless, The broth was so intense and flavoured, You can taste the freshness of crab present and the mud crab as it was tasted amazing. We had the XXL size and we were so pampered, In front of me was packed with bot and picecs of crab shells. Yeah I love indulging crab. It was such a sinful session!

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 5
Claypot Red Snapper weights at 600gm (RM36)

Their claypot red snapper was amazingly good. the size of the fish was good and the texture was firm and fresh. I like supreme soy gravy was put into play to lift up the taste and aroma of this dish. It was worth having as we were charge RM36 for that pot. I like it.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 15
Grilled Sanma Fish

Sanma fish was done nicely, I enjoyed such a snack with some nice chilly sauce. It was only at RM15 and it was plenty full, three piece of Sanma. Not a bad choice.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 13
Indonesian Curry Prawn

The Indonesian curry prawn came fresh and taste good. It had a sweet sambal taste with an infuse of spice. It was likeable and the prawn was medium-small in size and with hard shell. Nice, only RM15 a plate.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 11
Scallop with Glass Noodles

The plate came next was steamed scallops with glass noodle. It was tasty, the glass noddle gave the dish some nice biting texture and the scallops was well seasoned. Not a bad dish to have.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 8
Curry Squids with Okra

Hot iron cast plate filled with curry squid and dkra was good. I like their curry sauce and the squid was tender but slightly hard. Okra played well to give the dish so nice tenderness. I love it. Rice is a must.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 9
Steam Salted Chicken

Steam Salted Chicken was good at the right taste and texture as what I will do in my own kitchen. But it is nice to have someone cooked it while I get to seat and enjoy it. A brilliant one.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 10
Signature Deep Fried Bean Curd

The bean curd was done just the way I would preferred. Crisp one the outside, soft and tender outside. I had a liking for their bean curd as it has a nice firm biting texture and I suspect fish paste might be the reason it tasted so lovely. It went well with me, sweet chilli jam please.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 17
Stir Fried Broccoli with Shrimp

For something veggie, we ordered broccoli with a light stir fry with shrimps. It was cooked well with some crunch and not overly soft. It was good, went cleaned by the end of the night.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong 18
A Seafood Gourmet Restaurant Specialised with Mud Crab

My experience running through this restaurant was a good one but be early to avoid the que as the crowd will soon sip in at no time. Definitely a fabulous place for mud crab with roe. I enjoyed the experience. Definitely be back real soon.

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