Chickpea on Philips Pressure Cooker

Dried Chickpea

I love fondling with those chickpeas that I bought from the Indian grocers but at NSK I found the big ones and did not hesitate to bring them home. Cooked chickpeas is a good snack by itself and the taste can be intensify by adding salt and spices. People like myself with diabetic, chickpea is definitely a great good to sort for, as it makes food taste much better. So I have some make and stashed in the refrigerator, when I am hungry I get to indulge them in my comfort.

Pressure Cooked Chickpea
Pressure Cooked Chickpea

Cooking chickpeas is not difficult, just need to soak the dried chickpeas with water for about half a day or overnight. Make sure the water is change regularly. I had mine soaked for a day. Once the chickpeas expand their sizes, you can cook them. I use my Philips pressure cooker, simple and easy to handle, just a touch of a button.

150gm Chickpea (you can cook the amount you want)
Salt to taste

1. Soak the chickpea with water for half a day (I soaked my for a day)
2. Pour in the chickpea into the PPC Pot.
3. Add in salt to taste. Close the PPC. Set the knob to close.
4. Pressure cook at bean mode for 35KKPT (as the fix bean 30KPT may not be enough to tender the bean)

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