Recipe Deep-Fried Crispy BBQ Pork and Apple Puff by Dim Sum Chef Yoon Kong Thye

Deep-Fried Crispy BBQ Pork and Apple Puff by Dim Sum Chef Yoon Kong Thye at Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur

It was a fabulous night that I managed to grab hold off Dim Sum Chef Yoon Kong Thye and managed to convince him to share this Deep-Fried Crispy BBQ Pork and Apple Puff recipe with my readers. He agreed and gave me a smile. Well I go to admit that I managed to taste them first hand and even get to take some home. The puff skin was amazingly delicious, fluffy and crisp. While the filling was just brilliant, it seduced not only but those who dined with me that night. His dim sum as always played so well and great to look at, nice to hold and taste just amazing delicious. One of the Best dim sum in town. Here I share what he shared with me, his luxurious recipe.

Together with Chef Laurent Lherisson, myself and Chef Yoon Kong Thye (from the left)

10 servings (30 puffs)

BBQ Sauce
1pc onion finely diced
3pcs spring onion finely diced

450g of water
150g of sugar
75g of oyster sauce
75g of light soya sauce
20g of black soya sauce
5g of salt

40g of corn starch
45g of potato starch
150g of water

150g + 150g of Hong Kong flour
100g of strong white flour
100g + 100g of shortening

600g of pork collar
100g of sweet seafood sauce
250g of oyster sauce
100g of light soya sauce
50g of black soya sauce
50g of chicken stock powder
500g of caster sugar
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
½ teaspoon of white pepper powder
1 teaspoon of Chinese wine
3pcs Washington apples (peeled, cored and diced)

Deep-Fried Crispy BBQ Pork and Apple Puff

For the BBQ Sauce (make 1 day before the puff)
1- With a little oil, wok-fry the onion and the spring onion together.
2- Add-in the first batch of ingredients then cook slowly to the boil
3- Add-in the second batch of ingredients (already mix together)
4- Bring to boil then reserve aside (fridge)

For the Filling
5- Slice the pork collar in thick strips
6- Marinate the pork with the sweet seafood sauce, the oyster sauce, the light and black soya sauce, the chicken powder, the sugar, the sesame oil, the white pepper and the Chinese wine, for 1.30 hour.
7- Bake in oven at around 150 C. for about 30 minutes
8- When cold, cut into small pieces, mix together with the apples (already wok-fried with seafood sauce), and the BBQ sauce.

For the Dough
9- Oil Skin: Mix the strong flour with 1 part of HK flour and 1 part of shortening and around 120g of water, until the dough become elastic, then leave to rest for 30 minutes, wrapped in cling film.
10- Oil Dough: Mix the remaining shortening with the remaining HK flour, then rest in fridge with cover for 30 minutes.
11- Cut a small piece of each dough (100g each), put the oil dough inside the oil skin, then roll with a rolling pin into a flat thin long dough; roll back the dough like a pinwheel.
12- Cut the dough into 5 to 6 pinwheel slices.
13- Flatten each slice, top with a spoon of filling, then close as like a curry puff.
14- Leave to rest in fridge about 30 minutes then deep-fry to order.

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