Poached Brinjal with Pickle Onions and Chilli with Philips Pressure Cooker

Poached Brinjal with Pickle Onions and Chilli

I just love cooking something simple, easy and does not take too long to prepare. Brinjal is my favourite and like it being poached done and topped over a feel drops of soy sauce, oyster sauce and a few of chopped bird eye chilli. This time I try out my mum’s recipe. top the poached with pickled onion, garlic and bird eye chilli. I quiet like the taste, something sour and sweet, not a bad and goes pretty well with rice.


6 Brinjal (small size that fits into the pressure cooker, wash and clean)
1 onion (sliced)
2 clove garlic (chopped)
2 Tbsp Vinegar
1 tsp Sugar
1 bowl water
salt and pepper to taste


1. Place the water in the pressure pot and add in the brinjals.
2. Close the cover and closed the vent knod, at pressure cooked at steam mode at 20KPT
3. While waiting mix the onion with sugar and vinegar. Set aside.
4. Once the brinjal is cooked, take them out and drip of the water. Place the brinjal on the serving plate, topped it with a dash of salt, pepper, pickled onion, chopped garlic and chilli.


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