ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System

With the increase of house break in is alarming especially the units around my apartment. As ours are medium size apartment, most of the units do not come with installed auto alarm. Therefore we decided to look for a good, easy to install, effective and in expensive home alarm system. Having to hunt, we found ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System that fit into our budget and suits our requirement

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System1

I love having this Onvia Vedo S2 as it is wireless and not too difficult to install and it has a full-featured home security platform where installation takes a few minutes. Harness with the advanced wireless technology, it eliminates the hassle of running wires within the apartment and hassle free. This allows for quick and easy installation as well as flexible placement around the house. That’s the beauty of this model Onvia Vedo S2.

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 2

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System, the basic package itself is priced at RM799 retail, and comes with a sleek looking control console, two remote control, one door magnetic sensor, one motion detector and one power adaptor. Extra optional accessories can be further purchased at affordable prices.

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 3
Sim card can be inserted behind the main console for GSM capabilities.

ONVIA VEDO S2 control console looks gorgeous, modern, slim and light. With such the installation is easy and can be place at anywhere in the house. The control console just need a sim card to slot into to activate the communication. This control console can also accomodate upto 50 pieces of sensor which is more than what I need and 10 remote controls can be expanded by auto learning. Just brilliant. It will also alert through SMS when the control console battery runs low, power outage and power recovery. It also has a 16hours battery back-up to ensure system works properly after power outage. It also provides 2 wired zone specially for smoke/gas/vibration/detector, IR beams etc. It also provide the Auto-dial preset 3 groups of SMS Number & 5 groups of Phone Number. The alarm output enable to trigger the equipment as light, TV etc. to deter the intruder immediately. The solid state memory itself is able to keep data even after power outage.

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 4
Full access and control via the wireless remote control provided.

Just insert a regular SIM card with credit into the Vedo S2, download the app from App Store or Google Play and you can have a remote control of the system at your fingertips via text messages or app commands. Intuitive in interface design, the app is also easy to operate and could monitor multiple systems.

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 5
Motion detector

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 6
Door or Window Magnetic Sensor

The Vedo S2 can stores up to five phone numbers. When the alarm system is triggered, a call and a message will be transllate to the owner’s handphone. A system status messages will also be trigger when power outage, power back up and low batteries. The zones name can be customized by user accordingly. The location can be easily recognized.

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 7
Fix the sensors on the door.

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 8
Fix the sensors on the window frame.

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System goes wireless that caught my attention and an easy DIY installation makes it more attractive to own one. All the sensors come with the original kit are pre-programmed and easy to handle, just place them at the correct places. Installation can be done within minutes, simple and easy to understand intsallation.

The ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System provides for 24 hours, day and night protection for our beloved family, ensuring the property is safer than without any alarm installed. The attractive and sleek white design of all its components makes it suitable to fit and blend in to most modern home decor. The best part is the system offers free mobile application that enables me to control and configure the system easily via smart phones. 

The Onvia Viewer app support remotely SMS control. easy to install within 30 minutes. Offering free Android app, control and figure the system in anywhere with your smart phone. The system found to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. As long as it is connected be it via wifi or 3G/LTE, easily control your home system. 

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 9

ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm System 10

Do check them out if you are on a look out for a beautiful, reliable no-frills wireless alarm system. More information can be obtained from their official website at www.onvia.co.kr . I just love the simplicity and easy to handle alarm system like this one ONVIA VEDO S2 DIY Wireless Alarm.

The ONVIA VEDO S2 Wireless Alarm System can be purchase from SECUREMART, Bandar Puteri, Puchong. To locate Securemart Puchong, just key in Securemart CCTV in google map or waze and you’ll be able to locate it easily.

62, Jalan Puteri 5/12,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: +603-8066 9265

For more information please visit SecureMart-Puchong Facebook Page & Website.

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