Jason Chan Selayang Big Bowl Curry Noodle

selayang big bowl curry noodle
Selayang Big Bowl Curry Noodle

Cocoa Sea Food Restaurant
Jalan Bidara 1, Selayang

Awake early in the morning had got me here at Jason Chan’s Big Bowl Curry Noodle. I was told his bowl of curry noodle looks very devilish and surely easily seduce. And I believe so until I saw it myself. Having to be there at 7am, being taken my name, the waiting starts.

selayang big bowl curry noodle 2

This extra ordinary bowl of curry noodle came to my table and caught me with such a wooing factor. It was exactly the same as it was being told, It was so eye catching, so divine and so eye alluring. It was a mini mountain high. Lovely.

selayang big bowl curry noodle 1

The topping was the attracting to this bowl at only RM9.00. Noodle came as the base of my bowl, then came the avalanche of curry chicken, roasted pork, beancurd puff, long bean, fishball, meatball, beansprout, cockles, deep fried wonton and flooded with a coconut milk thicken curry soup.

selayang big bowl curry noodle 3

Jason’s big bowl curry noodle is one of the kind in town, topped with lots of topping and truly eye pleasing. The curry is good and making the punters wanting to own a bowl. One thing for sure if you are desire a bowl, you need to be early there. Get your order secure, be slightly patient for the waiting as usual this place can be slightly crowded. I love having it.

selayang big bowl curry noodle 4

selayang big bowl curry noodle 5

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