Guest Chef Executive Chef Laurent Lherisson – Apple Stuffed Chicken with Philips Air Fryer

Laurent Lherisson pic 07
Executive Chef Laurent Lherisson of Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Meeting up with Executive Chef Laurent Lherisson at Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur a couple days ago was rather exciting. Sitting chatting about food was such an honour. That night he fulfilled my request and he prepared a fabulous recipe for me to share with my readers, an Apple Stuffed Chicken with Apple Bacon Risotto. For this post I will star of with his Apple Stuffed Chicken recipe and follow up with his risotto on the next coming post. His Apple Stuffed Chicken was a sure winner, simple and easy to execute on an airfryer that suits any homes. I was lucky that I got to taste a sampling, lovely it was.

Apple Stuffed Chicken with Apple Bacon Risotto
Airfried Apple Stuffed Chicken

1pc chicken breast (skinless)
2pcs Washington apples (washed, peeled, sliced) 
50g of butter
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of breadcrumb
1 teaspoon of soaked raisins

1- Peel, core and thinly slice the 2 Washington apples
2- Sautéed the apples on the airfryer in a big knob of butter with 1 tablespoon of sugar, until soft. (use the airfryer bucket, at 185C for about 10mins)
3- Add 1 tablespoon of Breadcrumb (panko), 1 teaspoon of soaked raisins and a pinch of ground black pepper.
5- Between 2 sheets of cling film, hammer the chicken breast with any heavy flat bottomed utensils(Saucepan, meat flattener, wood board…) until 1/2cm flat.
6- Remove the chicken from cling film and place it on an aluminium foil, spread the apple filling, then roll into a sausage (around the bottom layer of the aluminium foil), pressuring very well, to form a tight sausage.
7- Airfry the wrapped chicken 180C 12mins
8- Remove from the aluminium foil.
9- Airfry the chicken sausage again all around (185C 7mins) turn the chicken roll to give it a nice coloration, slice and serve.

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