Epicuro USJ

Epicuro USJ

Epicuro USJ
Taipan Business Centre,
2, Jalan USJ 10/1, Subang Jaya,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Phone:03-8081 1182

Got myself invited for a lazy lunch at their second outlet, Epicuro located at Taipan Business Centre. Rounded up the five of us we went in for a date of good food and great time.

Caesar Salad

I had a glass of chilled water as I can’t really expose myself to too overly sweeten drinks. . . . Well have to take care of my diet. The first dish that walks in and greeted us with a smile was this gorgeous Caesar Salad. It was greens was fresh and crisp lettuce leafs, little whole cherry tomatoes, generous small bits of crispy bacon and dressed with homemade mayonnaise. It was a great start for the day.

Spicy Stick Fries

While waiting for the mains to arrive, we treated ourselves with some addictive spicy stick fries. It had great biting texture, crisp to my liking and the coating was tasty spicy. It was a good company while we were chatting away. It went into a disappearing, finish within minutes.

Wasabi Wings

Epicuro’s Wasabi Wings was such a seductress, whipping it’s “rotan” at me making me craving for more. Yes it had an outer crisp coated with a orgasmic wasabi sauce that was so nice. Yes I had a few of them and I even requested for another new one. Yes I was caught in the Sadism and Masochism of food and taste. I was down to my knees begging for more.

Pork Chop

Being a great self taught chef himself, Chef Yugin’s Pork Chop is so appealing and kept vowing me to have more. I was definitely being put into a trance of lust with delicious piece of pork. It had a fabulous biting texture and every biting always leaves behind a fabulous fragrant taste of pork making me wanting to cuddle it. It was really good as always. I went nuts of a pork chop, Yugin’s pork chop.

Prawn Aglio Olio with Sauteed Spinach

I looked across me and I saw she was forking the prawn aglio olio pasta against her lips and she gave me a smile. I know she gave me an indication that the pasta was good. I return a smile too. The prawns looked sexy and classy but when it I got my turn to have some it was all gone. The pasta tasted good and definitely a fulfilling dish by itself.

Fish and Chips

I am not fuss with my fish and chips as I find it difficult to find a good one in KL as fish here can be expensive and the texture may not be as good as the ones in Scotland. Here a Epicuro, it s not too bad but I am sure there are more other mains that surely can keep me busy.

Conchiglie with Spinach Cream

Love the colour, it came in lusty apple green. This conchiglie pasta was about the size of a 50cent, looks divine. The dish itself wasn’t to heavy to indulge, the spinach cream itself played well to captivate the taste. I got to confessed, any pasta dish should be consumed when it is still warm.

Chicken Cacciatore with Aglio Olio Pasta

Love the pasta, pan fried the aglio olio style, pasta itself was still al dente, nice. The chicken cacciatore was lovely and eaten fairly a large portion as we were sharing.

Lamb Shank

Coming back to Epicuro for a lamb shank seems to be a must. Braised to tender and melts in the mouth was something I was looking for. Here Epicuro never fails to impress me. The intensified tomato based sauce too captivate the shank so perfectly making it such an enjoyable dish. It was good.


I always appreciate a good homemade tiramisu with lots of strong coffee, a dash of rum and lots mascarpone cream. The tiramisu here was excellent, rough, strong and it was set the way I want it to be. It was good and filled me with such delight. It was hard to resist.

Waffle and Icecream

Waffle and Icecream

Epicuro’s waffle was excellent, I like hoe it was make, light and crisp. The accompanied ice cream just blow me away. Those ice creams surely taste good and intense in flavour. It was hard to say no. Epicuro USJ do retain the similarity with Epicuro Damansara. The standard of both were equally good and definitely a place to enjoy good food and good company of friends and with the love ones.

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