A Night Made Right with Connor’s Stout Porter

Connor's Stout Porter  2

After a hard day at work how about unwinding down the day with a great time at La Bodega or at O’Galito at Pavilion this Thurday (31st March). Starting from 5.30pm onwards Connor’s Stout Porter a premuim draught by Carlsberg Malaysia will be having “A Night Made Right” where it promises a night of no fluff, no drama, no pretence – just made right.

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The night will be filled with tons of activites where you may stand a chance to win Connor’s Stout Porter and other terrific gifts too. How about participating ‘Pay What’s Right” and you may walk away with a terrific Connor’s Stout Porter worth RM500. Not only that “Slight A Pint” Game and “Share A Pint” awaits you too on that night.

So let’s meet up at La Bodega or at O’Galito at Pavilion this Thurday (31st March) for “A Night Made Right” for a great night after a hard day at work. I will be there too !

For more information do visit Connor’s Stout Porter FACEBOOK

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