Recipe Pumpkin Leafs Fish Salad – Kerabu Pucuk Labu Ikan Kembong


Airfried Ikan kembong salad with poached pumpkin leafs “Kerabu Ikan Kembong Pucuk Labu” . . . . . its so fun to eat with white rice. Just amazingly delicious The pumpkin leafs texture has a fabulous crisp texture while the coconut milk, fish sauce and shrimp paste give the dish the taste.


Recipe as follows:

1 bunch of pumpkin “labu” leafs – take the leafs and shots. Blench over hot water till tender.
3 Airfied “Ikan Kembong” (Clean the fish, wipe dry and airfry for 15-17mins 185C)
5 shallot (sliced)
5 garlic (sliced)
100gm Shredded Coconut (toast till dry)
5 red bird eye chillies (sliced)
2 green chilies (sliced)
100ml coconut milk
1 tablesppon of Thai/Vietnamese “Belacan” Shrimp Paste (I suspect the one I use is Budu)
1 tablesppoon fish sauce
1 lime juice
Salt to taste

Method: Mixed all together and serve



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