Sakae Sushi Celebrates 18th Anniversary with Brand New Menu Launch


This year Sakae celebrates its 18th Anniversary with the launch of a brand new menu featuring more than 100 new additions designed to give their customers more choice, exciting new flavours and better value for money. The new menu is truly a labour of love by their team of experienced chefs as they meticulously come up with 100 new mouth-watering items bringing the total number of irresistible delights to over 200 items.

From the numerous types of sushi, sashimi to rice, noodles, bento and grilled or pan-fried specialty dishes, the latest gourmet offerings can be truly exciting.

“Our Sakae Sushi new menu is certain to satisfy all palates and cravings as each mouth-watering selection is thoughtfully and skilfully prepared by our master chefs to delight and entice your taste buds, ” says Yew June, General Manager of Marketing for Sakae Sushi Malaysia.

In the new menu, the Salmon Signature features an array of Sakae Sushi’s all time favourite salmon dishes such as Salmon Sashimi, Hana Maki and Salmon Mentaiyaki as well as our new creations such as Salmon Cheese Roll, Salmon Zukushi, Salmon Treasures and more. In line with Sakae Sushi’s “farm to table” philosophy, only delectable air-flown fresh Atlantic salmon for a luscious melt-in-the-mouth quality.


Those with a craving for sushi will surely love Sakae Sushi’s enticing new rolls such as Kani Edamame Maki, Spider Roll, Sunshine Maki, Sakae Blossom, Sumo Roll, Fuku and Sachi Sets which are such a sumptuous variety of mouth-watering sushi selections.

Another exciting new innovation in this year’s Sakae Sushi new menu is the use of Nanban sauce in preparing the selected dishes to accentuate sumptuous of new flavours. Sweet and sour in nature, this sauce makes a flavoursome that local taste buds will surely love which can be found on the Tori Karaage Nanban, Itoyoridai Katsu Nanban, Salmon Kama-age Nanban and Hotate Nanban Yaki.

For light eaters the Mini Donburi selections found its way onto the new menu. These mini rice bowls comprise of rice with assorted seafood and meat served with various savoury toppings. There are a total of seven choices of Mini Donburi including Unatama, Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Kinoko, Curry Katsu, Salmon Ikura, Chrirashi and Kani Fumi.

The brand new succulent smoke duck certainly adds a touch of tantalising enjoyment in the form of traditional rolls, noodles, hot pot (Smoked Kamo Maki, Smoked Kamo Ramen, Smoked Kamo Nabe) and more.

Lovers of Japanese cuisine who want to foray into meat-free options can also opt for the Veggie Delights section which features a myriad of fresh alternatives such as Trio Soy Salad – a refreshing combination of soy-based veggie comprising soybean, pumpkin & tomato mixed with vegetables.

Sakae Salad 荣沙拉 Price: RM13.99
A special Sakae creation – a refreshing and enticing interpretation combining fresh air-flown salmon, seasoned jellyfish, crabstick, Japanese omelette and assorted vegetables served in a choice of either wafu or goma dressings.

Just love this salad, very refreshing fresh and the vegetable used was delightful crisp. The wafu and goma dressings both worked perfectly during my tasting.

Sashimi Mori Zen (5 kinds) 御膳盛合刺身(5 种) Price: RM30.99
Set sail on a journey of sashimi perfection with an assortment of mouth-watering fresh air-flown Norwegian salmon, yellowtail, tuna, butterfish and octopus.

The variety was good and yet salmon is still one of favourite. The yellowtail, tuna, butterfish and octopus played well too.

Fuku Set 福盛合寿司 Price: RM28.99
A platter of your favourite sushi combination – salmon sushi, cheesy tamago sushi, kani fumi sushi, soft shell crab maki, futo maki, kani edamame inari and chuka mekabu gunkan.

Salmon Cheese Roll 鲑鱼芝士卷
Price: RM16.99
Delectable rolls with salmon, crabstick, Japanese omelette & Japanese cucumber topped off with cheese and spicy mayo.

Salmon Cheese Roll was well hand crafted and taste absolutely delightful as l like the present of salmon on my roll. The cheese and spicy mayo bright up the whole tasting of the roll.

Sumo Roll 相扑卷 Price: RM15.99
Mouth-watering sushi rolls layered with sea eel and mango, as well as a luscious topping of avocado and salmon roe.

Sumo Roll is truly another genius creation. It may not be the best looking ones but soft in texture and yet came with awesome taste to my heart away. Definitely a piece will not satisfy one’s craving.

Spider Roll 蜘蛛卷 Price: RM11.99
A delectable take on the traditional maki – cucumber-wrapped crispy soft shell crab and flying fish roe drizzled with mayonnaise

This must be eaten on the spot for a good tasting experience, the soft shell crab must be crispy.

Smoked Kamo Maki 熏鸭卷 Price: RM11.99
Irresistible fried sushi rolls with Japanese cucumber and seaweed topped with succulent smoked duck.

This Smoked Kamo Maki is my favourite and so adorable. I love that the rice is being given a light fried and then covered with over with a slice of smoked duck. It was remarkable delicious.

Itoyoridai Katsu Nanban 南蛮酥炸金线鱼 Price: RM13.99
Breaded threadfin bream deep fried to a golden brown crisp and complemented with the flavourful Nanban sauce.

This Itoyoridai Katsu Nanban must be eaten while it is still crisp. Nice flavour and crisp when I had mine.

Hotate Mentaiyaki (2 pcs) 香烤明太子扇贝(2 件)
Price: RM10.99
Succulent half shell scallops grilled with cod fish roe.

The Hotate Mentaiyaki was lovely, the sauce was likeable and has a nice texture.

Hotate Nanban Yaki (2pcs) 南蛮香烤带子(2 件) Price: RM10.99
Succulent half shell scallops grilled with Nanban sauce.

The Hotate Namban Yaki taste good over the nanban sauce and played well suiting nicely to my taste.

Unatama Mini Donburi 鳗鱼玉子迷你丼 Price: RM19.99
Melt in your mouth premium river eel topped with Japanese omelette served on a bed of soft, warm rice.

I love unagi and this Unatama Mini Donburi worked brilliantly. Just love the unagi layered over the Japanese omelette that gave a great and very likeable refreshing sweet thick soya taste.

Gyoza Ramen 锅贴拉面 Price: RM17.99
Dumplings, spinach, Japanese fish cake and egg served with ramen in piping hot chicken soup based.

The ramen came with gyoza was nice, love the texture of the ramen and the gyoza was likeable too. Something warms the night.

Sakae Kid’s Meal – Fire Engine 儿童套餐 –消防车 Price: RM14.99
Chicken Teriyaki served with rice, mini ebi tempura, smiley potato fries, takoyaki & assorted vegetables. Served with complimentary juice.

As always, kids who dine at Sakae Sushi will also be delighted with the fun and tasty Kiddy Sets. Whether it is the Fire Engine or Train set, the little ones will undeniably have a fun and imaginative time savouring healthy food being served on cute and adorable platters.

Mr. Babycino (Citrus) Price: RM8.99
A sweet and cute looking “Froggie” concoction of citrus flavoured frothed milk topped with marshmallow.

Set to delight any Sakae fans, the new additions to the menu will also see the introduction of new mocktail, floats, coffee (Genmaicha Latte, Matcha Coffee) and Babycino series – Mr. Babycino (Citrus) & Ms. Babycino (Strawberry). Sakae’s dessert also boast new additions with its latest rollout including Sakae Sundae, Karinto Manjyu & Ice Cream, Warabi Mochi and more.

Karinto Manjyu & Ice Cream Price: RM11.99

Irresistible combination of sweet golden brown sugar bun filled with red bean paste, perfectly paired with a scoop of matcha ice-cream.
Warabi Mochi
Price: RM6.99
A unique translucent mochi textured dessert that is soft and chewy to the palate with a tinge of sweetness


Besides our delicious food selections, Sakae has a number of awesome deals to reward patrons in conjunction with our 18th Anniversary Celebration. One of the activies include the Snap, Post & Win contest taking place from 28 Aug – 31 Oct 2015. Participants just have to take a creative photo with the Sakae Sushi New Menu Photo Standee, upload it to their Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #SakaeAwesome18 #SakaeNewMenu #SakaeSushiMY to stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth over RM10,000. Winners will be announced through Sakae Sushi Malaysia’s Facebook page on 30 Nov 2015.


Also, from 1 Sep till 31 Oct 2015, there will be Awesome RM8 Deals to look forward to. Patrons can enjoy new menu items at a special introductory price, as 18 selected dishes from the new menu will be offered at RM8 each. The excitement doesn’t stop there! Throughout the entire campaign period, surprise Awesome Flash Deals awaits as we will unveil awesome deals on our Facebook. It’s definitely an exciting time to be a Sakae fan – stay tuned to Sakae Sushi Malaysia’s Facebook page for the awesome celebration!

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