Note Legacy – The Evolution of Galaxy Note


The Note Legacy is a reflection of five outstanding years since Samsung created its Galaxy Note series. The sought after revolutionary Galaxy Note Series took the mobile nation by storm when the first Galaxy Note was unveiled at IFA in 2011. In 2012, came a more versatile Galaxy Note II followed by integrated Galaxy Note3 in 2013 and a smart Galaxy Note4 in 2014. Known for its larger display size, its incomparable S Pen and its multitasking capabilities, each Galaxy Note in the series provided users with an all-round immerse experience.


Since then, Samsung has come long way and made improvements year-on-year to create the most advance Note in its series today. Marking the 5th anniversary of the series, Samsung Malaysia Electronics commemorated the Galaxy Note5 with a celebration of the Note Legacy.
Besides its phablet size, The Galaxy Note 5’s best feature is its hide-away stylus, the S Pen. It’s actually one of the best features of Samsung’s new smartphone. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best features of the new S Pen.

Fullscreen capture 1092015 101713 AM

The all new S Pen looked gorgeous, love the colour too. It feels like a real pen as it is more solid and balanced well in the user’s hand therefore it offers a smooth writing experience just like a regular pen. With spring-loaded on the clicky top, the S Pen is easily excess.

Off Screen Memo
Fullscreen capture 1092015 101651 AM


Able to write on the screen without unlocking the phone is my favourite feature of the Note5. Taking my notes can be so simple as I don’t need to look for a pen and paper. Just pop out the S Pen and can just quickly jot down my notes.

Customizable Air Command

note 5 Air Command

Now Air Command feature gets more intuitive and practical as well, now the icon hovers for instant access to all of S Pen tools from any screen at any time. You can also add a few of your own app shortcuts to it. This will be particularly helpful when you download third-party apps that take advantage of the S Pen tool.

Scroll Capture and Combine Multiple PagesFullscreen capture 1092015 101700 AM


Just love the Scroll Capture as users can annotate on PDF files and capture lengthy web articles or long images at once. The screenshot is saved as an extra-long image files in the Gallery app, which can pinch and zoom for more details. I use this when I am looking for direction and location, makes it easy to view and find.

trade up

Now can Trade Up your Galaxy Note ( Note, Note II, Note3, & Note4 ) when you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy Note5. (For More Details :

BitLord 992015 33018 PM

BitLord 992015 33313 PM

Fullscreen capture 992015 42358 PM

For More Details :

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