Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur


This year’s Mid Autumn Festival took me to Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant at The Saujana Hotel for a taste of their mooncakes and over a dim sum lunch. As to celebrate this Mid Autumn Festival in style as Ti Chen Moon will be crafting 12 flavourful varieties packaged in beautifully designed boxes.


When it comes to classic baked moon cakes such, if you are a purist, and believe that mid-autumn festival should be all about the traditional home baked moon cake, indulge in the right balance between sweet and creamy with Chef Yau’s crumptious selections such as:

Pure Lotus Paste Mooncake
Low Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake
Diced Chicken Ham and Mixed Nut Mooncake
Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake
Sweet Corn Lotus with Single Yolk Mooncake
Red Bean Mooncake
Creamy Milk Tea Mooncake
Black sesame Lotus with Single Egg Yolk Mooncake

Ti Chen’s Traditional Home Baked Mooncakes: ‘Creamy Milk Tea’, ‘Red Bean’, ‘Sweet Corn Lotus with Single Yolk’, ‘Black Sesame Lotus with Single Yolk’, ‘Pure Lotus Paste’, ‘Low Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk’, ‘Diced Chicken Ham with Mixed Nut’, ‘Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Yolk’

Lavish, delicate and tantalizing are all the words used to describe Chef Yau’s Snow Skin Moon Cakes. With four flavours to choose from, experience a delicious improvised contrast of trending flavours inspired by memorable ever-popular recipes such as:

Durian Custard (Musang King) Snow Skin Mooncake
Banana Chocolate Snow Skin Mooncake
Red Velvet with Mocha and Cheese Snow Skin Mooncake
Green Tea with Red Bean Paste Snow Skin Mooncake

Ti Chen’s Snowskin Mooncakes: ‘Durian Custard (Musang King)’, ‘Banana Chocolate’, ‘Red Velvet with Mocha & Cheese’, ‘Green Tea with Red Bean Paste’

Making an elegant everlasting impression on your family, friends, and business associates, the luxurious Ti Chen Moon Cake box, a standup box covered in faux leather embossed with Saujana’s company logo, is available in two different colours: red (4-mooncakes) and brown (8-mooncakes). Practical in transporting, carrying or unfastening, the boxes are also specially designed to carry a bottle of wine.

Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Rolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Before we set ourself with mooncakes,we started offwith our dim sum lunch created by Chef Yau himself. His Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Rolls with Sweet and Sour Sauce was a blast to start the day. Being known for his dim sum creations, Chef Yau’s dim sum as always will be impressive. The beancurd skin was still at crisp even with a coat of sweet and sour sauce which was very mouth suiting in taste and texture. Chunk of diced prawns filling was put into the act and make this beancurd roll taste brilliantly.

Pan-fried Yam Cake

I was too in a great dismay with his Pan-fried Yam Cake. It was so likeable. Each cake was given a crisp pan fried at one surface that gave the yam cake an exciting fragrant in smell and a exciting crisp texture. I got to confess that it was a very thoughtful way to prepared the yam cake and the outcome was so delicious. I was smiling away.

Steamed Fish Balls

The Steamed Fish Balls that were served had a good refreshing firm texture and perspired an exciting good biting and eating experience.

Steamed Signature Chicken Dumplings “Siew Mai”

Chef Yau’s strength is his ability to create a fabulous texture using chicken and here his ‘Siew Mai” was a divine to have. I like the tender and yet firm texture of this dumpling. It was freaking good. I am not surprised that one can indulge the whole basket on it’s own. It was pleasurable to have.

Stewed Shredded Duck with Rice Vermicelli

We were truly spoiled even the final dish was so good and had to resist of not having a few helpings. The Stewed Shredded Duck with Rice Vermicelli was a mind blown noodle dish to have. It was very captivating in flavour and taste although it may look dull due to lacking in good colour contrast over this dish. I like the present of shredded duck meat which was stewed for hours with Chinese mushroom and dried prawn. The rice vermicelli was soaked till soften and was given a good stir fried. I had a few nice generous helpings.

Ti Chen’s Mooncake

At end we had the mooncake tasting and it took me right off my feet with such delight. It was so well presented and so gorgeous plated on the the turning table. As for the home baked mooncakes, I had a great attraction with the ‘Creamy Milk Tea’ as the taste of the coffee and tea had a great balance and not overly sweet and so was ‘Sweet Corn Lotus with Single Yolk’ that had instantly seduced my tasting palate. The ‘Diced Chicken Ham with Mixed Nut’ too did the calling and it was hard not to have a piece too. I just love the mixed nuts and well control sweetness. The “Banana Chocolate” Snow Skin Mooncake was lovely too and had a lovely to bite into while the Durian Custard (Musang King) Snow Skin Mooncake was too rude of not having a few pieces. It was yummilious session and truly pampered lunch over those lovely variety of mooncakes.

Priced at RM26 – RM33 each for baked skin and RM25 – RM30 each for snow skin, this Ti Chen Mooncake promotion is an experience that should not be missed! Available 10 August to 27th September 2015, book now. Early birds (book with full payment by 5th August 2015) receive a 25% discount. For ‘Corporate Orders’ based on a single receipt: 20 – 49 boxes (10% discount), 50 – 99 boxes (15% discount), and 100 boxes and above (20% discount). For ‘Special Discount Offers’: SGCC Members receive 20% off, Lifestyle by Saujana Members receive 15% off, and Sime Darby Group & Prime Privilege Members receive 10% off. For cardholders, get 20% off if you have a CIMB, MAYBANK, AMERICAN EXPRESS, HSBC, UOB, STANDARD CHARTERED, or CITIBANK bankcard.

For details of Ti Chen’s Moon Cakes 2015 or to book online go to www.shr.my or contact 03 7843 1234 ext 6122 or email at dine@thesaujana.com.

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