Indonesia Food Festival at Zende Restaurant Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur


Indonesian cuisine requires no introduction in the arena of gastronomy and it is one of the most loved foods by Malaysians as well as internationals. Whether it’s exotic local street food or the elegance of fine dining, Indonesia seems to have it all and it was a good experience that I go to try them out.



This country that many considered one of the richest and most diverse grounds in the world, has a huge variation of food fare with some being reflected as unique to the place itself. Reputed as having cuisines that are most vibrant and colourful, they are very much adored for the intense flavours.

Bistik Daging

Ayam Goreng Kalasan

Cumi Masak Cabai Hijau

Determined to conserve and promote Indonesia’s diverse culture through culinary experiences, the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia is jointly hosting this Food Festival with Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The Festival will showcase the country’s quality and authentic fare from 4 September 2015 until 11 September 2015. Guests of the hotel will get to experience Indonesia’s most amazing array of cultural and culinary classics through this showcase of fine delicacies.

Sambal Udang

Tauhu Taucu

Brocolli with Puff Vegeterian Sauce

The 8-day culinary journey was launched by Mr I Gde Pitana – Deputy Minister for International Tourism Marketing, Ministry of Tourism Indonesia. Also present to grace the event were His Excellency Mr Herman Prayitno – Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Tuan Hj Hamzah Rahmat – President of MATTA, Encik Mohamad Halim Merican – General Manager of the Hotel, Encik Zakariya Musa – Director of Sales and Marketing and Head of various departments.

To ensure the authenticity of this promotion, a culinary team from Indonesia has been flown in to assist in the food preparation and they will work closely with the hotel’s kitchen team, focusing on serving authentic favourites to all guests.

Siakap Fish with Padang Sauce

Sambal Tempe Kari Kacang

Perkedel Jagung

Asiman Bogor

Mee Bakso

Amongst items on the buffet line-up that guests can expect, are favourites such as Mie Kocok, Cumi Gulai, Ikan Kakak Fillet Saus Padang, Perkedel Jagung, Sambal Tempe Kari Kacang, Tumis Jamur Kuping Kacang Hitam, Cumi Tepung Asam Manis, Pepes Tahu Sumsum, Perkedel Kentang, Mie Bakso, Soto Ayam, Sate Lontong, Orak Arik Tempe Cabai Hijau, Gurame Acar Kuning Gurame Pindang, Nila Sambal Kecap and many more.


Surabi Bandung

Sweet offerings are some of the most exuberant in South East Asia and Zende’s dessert counter will be filled to the brim with sweets such as Kue Lumpur, Surabi Bandung, Nagasari, Lalampa, Sosis Solo, Limpang Limpung Pisang and many more.


The “Wonderful Indonesia” Promotion is served during lunch and dinner, daily (12.30pm to 3.00pm and 6.30pm to 10.30pm). The buffet is priced at RM 79.00 nett per person. Price is inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 6% Government Service Tax (GST).

During the duration of the promotion, there will be handicrafts on display, sale of native products and those patronising the outlet will get to enjoy Cultural Performances presented by the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia.

For reservations and enquiries, please call 03 – 4049 4351 / 4352 or email

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