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Peranakan Fish & Chips by WonderMama

THE STARTERS. It was a long series of marching on dishes that came to our table during the food tasting at WonderMama at Bangsar Village. As I was tucked in with great comfort, the first dish that placed right in front was this Peranakan Fish & Chips. This interpretation of the British Classic Fish & Chips truly looked very inviting.

Peranakan Fish & Chips

This chunks of deep fried homemade otak-otak need to be taken seriously as I find them truly delicious. The otak-otak itself came with a nice outer hard crust of Japanese batter while flooded with intense flavour and a great aroma of nyonya’s fresh spices. It was definitely addictive and I am sure it will make it difficult to share this dish. The wasabi tartar sauce too complimented this plate of peranakan fish & chips.

Otak Otak Crullers

The next dish too had a similarity with the first one whereby Otak-Otak was put into play. Having the Otak-Otak incorporated into the dough was a brilliant idea. Giving the dough a nice golden deep fried, Otak-Otak cruller came into the picture. This cruller(Yau Char Kwai) tasted good with accompanied sweet chilli sauce. As for me I find it slightly lacking in taste as I prefer a stronger present of Otak-Otak.

Sotong Sumbat

Sotong Sumbat or Stuffed Squid surely taste good here at WonderMama. I was told that the kitchen had conducted a variety of stuffing before having to finalise having a tom yam fried rice stuffing. Here the stuffed squid is seared with Mama’s spicy sambal to give it a fabulous flavour on the outside while the tom yam rice gave it a fabulous aroma, texture and gave it a fabulous taste profile. This stuffed squid is really good and definitely must have if you are dining here..

Sotong Sumbat with Tom Yam Rice Filling

Ibu’s Rojak Buah

WonderMama Ibu’s Rojak Buah consist of fresh assortment of fresh fruits coated with their special blended of rojak sauce is one of their best seller. This is dish came with crunchy bean sprout, nutty peanut and crispy yau char kwai and served over a nice lovely piece of banana blossom bowl. Rojak is truly loved by Malaysian and here at WonderMama is was perfectly executed, the rojak sauce complimented pretty well not too spicy and not overly sweet. I forked in for a few helpings too and yes it can be very addictive too.


Chicken Satay

WonderMama’s version of chicken satay caught me with such a great liking. Theirs was done with minced chicken and served in a form of a lollypop stick. The texture was really good, truly moist inside and the satay sauce too came with a sweet intense flavour of spices. I could not complain more as I like it how they had done it.

Kerabu Ayam

Kerabu Ayam make the next appearance and it looked jolly good to me. Shredded of cooked chicken breast was the main attraction and was beautifully mixed with local fresh herbs and infusion of Wondermama’s kerabu dressing that came with a hint taste of belacan. The portion was sizeable indeed and having it with a bowl of piping hot rice sounds really good.

Mum’s Secret Duck

Slices of smoked duck breast making its rave in and conquered this Mum’s Secret Duck. The sliced smoked duck was make juicy to taste and goes very well with their crunchy keropok, nutty peanuts and paired well with the Thai chilli dressing. This is definitely a light and something simple to start a meal.

Bibik’s Itik

As for Bibik’s Itik, it took a different direction and was kept simple. Here slices of smoked duck sat well on a bead of satay sauce and served with sliced wing beans and micro herbs. Both smoked duck dishes was moderately good but did stand out that well compared to the earlier ones I had.

WM Black Spider Fried Rice

When come to the mains, we had a great start especial when WM Black Spider Fried Rice make a great entrance. A very Japanese fusion cross over Malaysia dish. It was delightful to have a orgasmic bite over their deep fried soft shell crab. It was such a satisfying experience indeed. Their wok fried rice with egg and black ebiko too came packing with pungent fragrant and aroma. Such a great comfort food.

Mum’s Nyonya Laksa

Next was this Mum’s Nyonya Laksa that looked smart and handsomely placed onto the dining table. Here noodle is served with an aromatic spicy coconut broth, along with prawn, fishcake, bean sprout, cucumber and cockles. The broth itself came with intense and attractive orange red colour that is hard to ignore. It was packed with good flavours and definitely a good eat.

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam

The top seller dish that we got to taste was WonderMama’s Nasi Lemak came with a nice piece of succulent rendang ayam, baby shrimp sambal petai, stir fried kangkung, hard boiled egg, deep fried anchovies and coconut rice. I got hooked with the shrimp sambal petai as it paired so nicely with the coconut rice and the soft tender rendang chicken worked so well with my palate.

Ibu’s Mee Siam

‘Ibu’s Mee Siam’ was truly inviting and had a great sizeable portion. This dish is the essence of the peranakan’s flavours with rice vermicelli noodles, ikan bilis, julienne omelette and fresh aromatic herbs, tossed in ibu’s sambal belacan.
This noodle came tangy delicious and mouth watering. The accompanied sizeable fried chicken too was crispy and lovely to bite into.


Durian Krep

I just love how they served their durian crepe over a rustic metal mug. The durian crepe tucked comfortable inside the mug and topped over with ice cream, sweet corn and corn flakes. It was really good and captivating. I told myself I wouldn’t mind having the whole mug just to myself over a quiet weekend at my own comfort. It was sweet crazy.

Nana Tella

The next dessert was definitely for share, it was huge over my naked eye. A homemade thin pizza base folded with packed ripe banana and nutella fillings. It looked like a giant ‘karipap’. The pizza crust was baked to crisp and make it a wonderful tasty dessert. This dessert was accompanied with two scoops of ice cream. Just terrific for the night and shared with.



Pisang De Goreng

By this time, my tummy was already very full but I pushed myself to have a taste as I like just dessert. The Pisang de Goreng looked prettily compact tucked into the porcelain bowl filled with a banana fritter and topped with ice cream, caramel sauce and petite marshmallow. I managed to grab a spoon, it was good in taste and good fritter texture and having it with ice cream was delightful.


Wondermama’s classic affogato ‘I-FOR-GOT-TO-SMILE’ looked cheerful, a shot of coffee accompanied with a glass of ice cream topped with jelly, kidney beans and marshmallow. It sure looked good but I did not manage to give a try that night.


The drinks served at Wondermama are sure delicious and we got to taste their 3 Layer Bandung, 7-Asamboi, Sparkling Lychee Lemonade, Sparkling Passion Lemonade, Frozen Asian Lychee, Passion Shaken Tea and Teh Lapis Lychee. I just love the Ribena jelly being infused into some of their drinks as it does give a nice smooth biting texture.

3 Layer Bandung


Sparkling Lychee Lemonade

Sparkling Passion Lemonade

Frozen Asian Lychee

Passion Shaken Tea

Teh Lapis Lychee

The food here at WonderMama has a great nice balanced fusion that did tickle my taste buds. The dishes I tasted played well in showcasing the unique twist and taste that suits well with my liking. Yes I will be back to have another feast as I am pleased with the food served here.

WonderMama Bangsar Village
G6, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village,
1, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2284 9821

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