Tony Roma’s Summer Treat

The Barbeque Trio (RM74.09)

The E-curve outlet was not far away from my place, just a couple of minutes and I was there to try out Tony’s ‘Summer Retreat’ promotion which started on 27th July and ends next 6th September. In this promotion Tony Roma’s believes in creating a fabulous summer where grills are being put into use and a few delicious dishes was created.

Tony Roma’s Barbeque Trio was very appealing especially the white BBQ chicken. The meat was moist and tenderly done. What truly caught my attention was the white BBQ sauce. it was brilliantly tasty. Beside this, the plate was painted with terrific eye pleasing beef ribs that were coated with sweet black pepper BBQ sauce and the lamb sausage was surprisingly good and meaty. The players that were served on the platter was very down to earth pleasing. The coleslaw was refreshingly good while I left the French fries to the end, it was less as attractive amount the rest and yet the plate was wiped clean.

The Honey Lime Shrimp Salad (RM31.69)

I always had a liking on Tony Roma’s salad so was their Honey Lime Shrimp Salad that came with grilled shrimps topped over the Asian salad mix, mango, avocado, tortilla strips, feta cheese, tomatoes, cilantro and honey lime dressing. I just love the freshness that played well within my circle of taste yeti find the shrimp was slightly salty to eat on its own. Anyway it was nice to meet up with such a tasty salad.

The Cajun Spiced Onion Loaf (RM14.73)

Whenever I am dining at Tony Roma’s, their onion loaf is something I will not miss having. I just love the crisp texture of the onion and the flavour was really good. This time round, Cajun Spiced Onion Loaf was introduced and I just love the present of he sriracha ranch sauce. It paired well, it was a nice combination and it makes the onion loaf taste better especially for liking.

The White Barbeque Chicken (RM32.75)

The White Barbeque Chicken a juicy half chicken basted with white BBQ sauce caught me with such great joy. I loved this chicken especially the lurking delicious white BBQ sauce. It was definitely a good combination and the soft moist texture of the chicken make this dish a perfection.

The Seasonal Cobbler

As for dessert, it was inviting and yet simple. Having filled with warm cooked red apple, pear and cranberry cobbler topped with cinnamon crust over a scoop of ice cream was truly delightful to end a meal.

Pina Colada (RM15.79)

As for drinks, Pina Colada, Pina Strawberry Swirl and Pina Mango Swirl were riding on this menu. I was delighted as I love having Pina Mango Swirl that came with Pina Colada Swirl, mango and crushed pineapple. It was a lovely drink to have, I enjoyed it. The other two too should be given a tasting as I am sure there are as good as what I had.

Pina Strawberry Swirl

Pina Mango Swirl

The Tony Roma’s Summer Retreat menu do caught my liking and truly enjoyed this selection of dishes and drinks.

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