Ri Yakitori at The Gardens Hotel and Residences with Chef Isao

Moriawase Sashimi Salad

My recent visit at Ri Yakitori Japanese Restaurant located at The Gardens Hotel and Residences. Ri Yakitors now is headed by a new Japanese chef, Chef Isao. As usual Ri Yakitori is a very comfort Japanese restaurant that comes with great food. Tucked quietly nearly the window was our table for two that night.

Moriawase Sashimi Salad (RM38)

The Moriawase Sashimi Salad came with at rectangular plate lettuce topped with ebiko, petite cherry tomatoes and coarsely filled with nice thick cut of salmon, a nice bite size of tuna and delightful pickled sama. The dish was then finished off with mayo topping. It was a fabulous sashimi salad, truly enjoyable.



Assortment of Yakitori

Yakitori is the house specialty. Every filled stick is grilled to perfection and so was my set of yakitori. The mune chicken breast was grilled with bainiku (plum sauce) topped with finely sliced obe leafs, was really delicious. It was nicely grilled outside and moist inside. The delightful sourness sweet of bainiku truly penetrated the taste and texture so well. The kawa (chicken skin) was grilled to perfection and I liked the crisp texture that gave a nice enjoyable bites. The tsukune meatball looked really gorgeous when giving a nice and carefully grilled. It was fragrant to taste. The momo (thigh) had a lovely texture, tenderly soft and so suiting to my liking. The teba (wings) was done perfectly.


The assorted Yakitori came with a three great pairing sauces and dip. The green tea salt was unique and paired well with the chicken breast yakitori, salty with a light green tea at taste. There other were miyabi which had a soy and spring onion in taste and yakiniku sauce came with a light tangy citrus. Both works well with yakitori.

Flower Crab Spaghetti (RM30)

The spaghetti came with such a great delightful. It was coated with great flavour while the flower crab kept the spaghetti truly busy. It was a beautiful to look dish and the richness liquid released from the crab just soaked up so well into the spaghetti, making the dish taste so perfectly delightful. The spaghetti was al-dente too.


Maguro Tuna & Rice (RM30)

Just love the size of the Magura Tuna Rice that was placed right in front of me. It had a fabulous texture upon layer, the fish and the rice. I got to confess it was very filling but I am up for it as I was having a good appetite.

Camembert Cheese Yasai

Chef Isao send this over for me to try, a Camembert Cheese Yasai. Melted Camembert Cheese came with an assortment of light elements for dipping, petite bread, asparagus, cooked mushroom and more. It was fun to eat as I like that particular one, melted cheese. It was something different.

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean

Mochi with Vanilla Ice Cream & Red Bean

We had two desserts, a green tea ice cream topped with red beans and mocha with vanilla ice cream with red bean. Both were nicely prepped to my liking, it was something simple and yet intensify to end the evening.

Chef Isao

It was a great evening and yet I hope to be back to try out more of Chef Isao’s new dishes.

Ri Yakitori
The Gardens Hotel and Residences
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
58000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03-2268 1188

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