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A foodie, a cook, a blogger, an author, a TV show host, join Sarah Graham as she shares her recipes from her cookbook “Bitten” in her cooking show similarly entitled “Bitten”. Learn how to prepare delectable meals plus world-renowned dishes such as satay, lamb pitas, mango salsa, pasta and risotto etc. Enjoy her easy step-by-step recipes teaching you delicious recipes for brunch, dinner, teatime or just a simple snack if that tickles your fancy.


Feel the warmth that exudes as she welcomes you to her house where she cooks and hosts dinner for her family and friends where sometimes they occasionally help her in preparing the meals. Meet famous chefs as she learns and goes through a culinary exchange with them. You’ll learn that great satisfaction comes from sharing with others! A South African native herself, join her as she explores markets in Cape Town to get the best fresh quality product for her food.

Know how her passion for cooking was born, through her monologues, which might just give you further inspiration to cook up a delicious meal for your family and friends. This August, you’ll definitely be smitten by bitten!


Bitten : Sarah Graham Cook Cape Town
The show will be on air 4th August, Tuesday 7pm. 13 episodes X 30 mins. First Time in Asia


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