US Potato Culinary Festival Menu at The Roulette Restaurant Bar

The Roulette Restaurant Bar

Located at one of the most happening culinary fortress we embark our eating journey at Oasis Square Ara Damansara. Our pit stop this time is at The Roulette Restaurant Bar and out task is to try out their potato dishes specially created for the US Potato Culinary Festival. What installed for us that night was truly impressive.

Drinks Ordered Over Dinner

Chef Sam Lee heads the kitchen here at The Roulette Restaurant Bar and his creation did twit my brain. The first dish got me hooked. It was a fusion US potato salad. Sounds simple and it was but the taste was very inviting and interesting. I never believed myself such this can make such an interesting appearance. Chef had a normal creamy diced US potato coated with salad sauce tucked nicely in a glass. The tasting excitement came when he topped it with minced century egg and thinly sliced sweet pickled red ginger. It was that attractive but having a teaspoon placed in the mouth was heaven. The combination of this few ingredient worked so well. At that moment I knew I am up for it, a glass to myself.

Fusion US Potato Salad

The Golden US Wedges was the next potato dish that we got to try and it came piping hot, it was real crisp out and a nice soft body inside. The wedges here got a premium treatment and make it taste fabulously. The wedges were given a coat of tasty salted egg yolk and the whole wedges came pungently with wholesome flavour. I will sincerely date those wedges out for a great night.

Golden US Wedges

Another US Potato creation that we had our finger on was the Chicken Potato Canape. It looked attractive, layered with thick-cut potato waffle fries, topped with a petite chicken patty topped with a spicy-sweet sauce and green tobiko. I like this size bites waffle fries that was crisp and the patty gave it a good body of biting texture while the sauce gave it a good moist. I just fancy the simplicity of eating this hand held gourmet and I can have a few of them.

Chicken Potato Canape

When we had our US Potato tasting gourmet, Chef Sam Lee insisted us to try out The Roulette Menu created by him and his team. Well having a fabulous start of 3 US Potato dishes, I am convinced that the food that he is going to prepare will be definitely good. I had a good bite of their thin crust smoked duck pizza which was good in texture and taste, good flavour. The crust was crisp and had a great slices of smoked duck in place for a short eating thrill.

Smoked Duck Pizza

The Roulette’s marinated lamb shoulder work very well for me especially when pairing with a pint of beer. The lamb shoulder was given a good deep fried to crisp and coated with a nice sweet thick marmite sauce. I was impressed with this one and I can have it slow while sipping my drink over a good conversation.

Marinate Lamb Shoulder

The Olio Olio Chicken Pasta approached our table with such confidence to woo us into liking it. Well I guessed we geared to be pampered instead. The chicken it was well prepared, succulent and tasty. As for pasta I find it slightly dry and prefer the present of some nice intense gravy to coat the stings of pasta. As whole it was likeable to have.

Olio Olio Chicken Pasta

The Fresh Water Prawn Noodle was the most requested dish in this restaurant according to chef. The gravy was tasty that soaked up the deep fried noodle and gave it a nice intense texture. The river prawn was huge in size and this dish cane be very addictive but we shared.

Fresh Water Prawn Noodle

Dinner Spread of Goodness

Chef Sam Lee came with a plate of interesting lamb cutlets which cooked two way, grilled and fried. The lamb had a great succulent taste on both cooking technic. I foremost find it rather interesting to have it deep fried toa crisp. It was nice in texture, crisp skin got my palate hooked. I would have grilled it but after having to taste it, I guessed it is another good option way to have it. As for the grill lamb cutlet is was good, tenderly soft and entertained me superbly well.

A Combination of Lamb Cutlet

I had an itch, wanting to have something light to filled up my lusty tummy and I requested the crispy chicken wings. I was told it was another best seller and I can imagined it was. The chicken wings giving a good deep fried and coated with intense of fried garlic. It was good crisp in textured came with great pungent of garlic smell. I got say it truly goes well with a pint of draft beef. Definitely a good companion.

Crispy Chicken Wings

Another dish that Chef Sam Lee insisted us to have is the Dried Curry Mutton with flatbread. The dried curry mutton had a distinctive taste, it took up the present of an Indian cuisine. It was packed with intense flavour and very authentic in taste. It was a very memorable dish that night. Yet another addictive dish that had fund its way into this place. The mutton was cooked to tender and it was likeable.

Dried Curry Mutton

The Roulette Restaurant Bar has an extensive list of dishes on its menu and the ones I tasted that night truly tickled my taste bud. I can definitely sniff my way back for more and to having a good time over a few pints is sure definite.

Chef Sam Lee

The Roulette Restaurant Bar
Lot R-12, Central Piazza
Oasis Square Ara Damansara
No 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A
Petaling Jaya
Contact: 603-7859 8886
Business Hours: 4pm to 2am daily

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