US Potato Culinary Festival Menu at Secret of Louisiana


My next US Potato Culinary Festival Menu tasting took me to this very exciting restaurant by the name of “Secret of Louisiana” located at SS7 Petaling Jaya over looking the Kelana Jaya Lake. Secret of Louisiana restaurant is run by owner and chef Elvin Goh. The restaurant itself flushed with interior designs that gives a New Orleans feel, simple and nice. I like Chef Elvin Goh’s style of cooking and I truly fall for his Cajun cooking. Dishes that I got to tried were gorgeous.

US Potato Crawfish Pie

The first US Potato Culinary Festival dish was the US Potato Crawfish Pie and truly caught everyone’s attention. I find it spectacular. Hahahahahaha . . . I think it was a genius, so creatively presented. A crawfish was crawling out from the pie and it truly caught everyone and even myself with such a surprise. The pie filling was tasty and delicious, white sauce was seriously put into play with crawfish and us potato. The pie was given a nice topping of golden baked pastry. I got to confessed that I had my pieces of tear bread rubbed clean the pie plate. I left it shiny and clean. Yes it was really a satisfying dish to start the gourmet runway for the night.

Shrimp Etouffee US Potato Boat

Shrimp Etouffee is a Cajun style of cooking that was really got me excited and served on a potato boat. Both really paired well and this Shrimp Etouffee US Potato Boat was so well thought off. The sauce was brilliant. So beautifully done and I had one all to myself.

Cajun US Fries Chili Octopus

The third US Potato Culinary Festival dish was a simple looking fries but it was truly well flavoured with great seasoning done the Cajun way. This Cajun US Fries Chilli Octopus was very addictive, the fries itself just can be so addictive. The octopus too was very likeable.

Louisiana’s Seafood Gumbo

Beside tasting the US Potato Culinary dishes we had a try on Chef Elvin Goh’s Seafood Gumbo. It was a sure intense seafood dish, strong in flavour and stewed to perfection. The Gumbo here is really good and it was great it came with a few toasted bread, dipping into the Gumbo is a heaven.

Spaghethi Chili Smoked Duck

The plate of Spaghetti came with intense with flavour, pan fried over with mushrooms, matchsticks zucchini, chilli and sliced smoked duck. I liked it, it was a good plate of pasta and can get me wild.

Blackened Red Fish with Cajun Vegetables

The red snapper was fresh indeed and was given a good rub of Cajun spice and pan seared to perfection. The meat was firm and tender too. The sauce was tasty and soaked into the greens and I just love it. It was definitely nice to linger into.

Hickory Bar-Bue-Cue Chicken Chop

The Hickory Bar-Bue-Cue Chicken Chop truly smells good. It can just make one be excited about it. The texture of the chicken was moist and tender and the hickory BBQ sauce work well in uplifting the dish. It was very likeable.

Louisiana’s Mud Pie

The dessert grace us to the night end with such a great delight. The mud pie tasted good, definitely a perfect piece that goes so well with a scoop of ice cream. Nice.

Owner Chef Elvin Goh

Secret of Louisana at the moment is running their “ALL-U-CAN-EAT PASTA” with 13 flavours and side dishes available on Monday to Saturday, 11am – 3pm , included public holidays and it is only RM19.90 included GST, subject to 10% service charge

Secret of Louisana
Address: D-01-01, Jalan SS 7/13a,
Ss 7, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7875 5230

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