US Potato Culinary Festival Menu at Maria’s SteakCafe Damansara Perdana

US Potato Culinary Festival Menu at Maria’s SteakCafe Damansara Perdana

Maria’s SteakCafe located Damansara Perdana (in a quiet corner of Level 3, Metropolitan Square, the restaurant is accessible
by the elevator between Citibank & Oldtown\is one of the 13 restaurants that participated in this year US Potato Culinary Festival 2015. This restaurant is best known for its premium Australian Wagyu and Black Angus beef steaks the outlet has a very laidback interior that make it such a comfortable place to dine. On that day we visited Maria’s Steakcafe to try out their US Potato Culinary Festival Menu and some of their dishes.

Maria’s SteakCafe Damansara Perdana

US Potato Pear Soup

The US Potato Pear Soup was the first dish to arrive. It was a nice potato soup and had a good texture consistency. For me the present of the pear added a taste of sweetness to the soup which did not jive to my liking, maybe I am more in favour to a savoury soup.

Mashed US Potato with Smoked Salmon and Beef Bacon

The Mashed US Potato with smoked Salmon and Beef Bacon was very addictive. It came in a very pleasant texture, creamy soft and smooth. It was nicely done and filled with bits of smoked salmon and beef bacon. Simple and yet delicious.

Shepherd’s Pie

Now their Shepherd’s Pie was truly likeable served on deep sink in plate. It was filled with nicely cooked minced and topped over with a layer of creamy potato mashed and spread with some grilled grated cheese. It was crafted well and taste good.

Dining Area

Spicy Mussels

Maria’s Spicy Mussels came in a line topped with a spicy marinara sauce. The sauce topping was good and tasty. It paired well with the mussels and it infused such a fabulous flavour. It was so easily hooked.

Oriental Salad

The restaurant top seller was this Oriental Salad. It was a great bed of garden salad, the lettuce, tomato, red and green pepper, sliced onion. The dish was very tasty because of the sauce that had an oriental flavour infused. I felt there were the present of good soy sauce, vinegar and fish flakes. it was really good.

New Zealand Baby Cutlets

Maria’s New Zealand lamb was significantly tender and came in a pair of three. It had a nice grilled outside and a nice taste of a good marinate. The texture of the lamb was soft, tender and very likeable.

Australian Black Angus

The Australian Black Angus at Maria’s sure took us for a good experience of gourmet. The texture was good, soft and had a good biting texture. The meat had a perfect flavour and truly charm us into wanting more. It was good and perfect steak.

Australian Wagyu 7

We were excited that The Australian Wagyu 7 will be making its appearance. It sure looked good. The Australian Wagyu was done in medium rare, it was so juicy soft and had a fantastic biting texture. It was definitely one of the bext cut of meat and perfectly done here.

Seafood Spaghetti Aglio Olio

The seafood spaghetti aglio olio came to table and sure looked smart. The spaghetti had an intense flavour which the squid, prawns and mussel gave the dish a nice kick.


The Tiramisu had a nice taste of cake soaked with good coffee and layered over with mascarpone cheese. It was soft and lured my taste bud well.

Prune Cake

As for their signature cake, we were introduced to try out their prune cake. It tasted nice especially it came warm. The present of the prune can be easily detected and it was not overly sweet, just right to my liking.

The cooking style here at Maria’s is tasty and their steaks truly done to perfection, I am sure I will be back for nice comfort steak and other good dishes.

Maria’s SteakCafe
C313A, 2, Jalan PJU 8/1,
Centre Wing, Metropolitan Square,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820, Petaling Jaya,

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