Tosca Presents An Exclusive Sustainable Seafood Menu at DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Tosca DoubleTree by Hilton KL
Tosca Trattoria Italiana

I had rescheduled this dinner from last week due to my busy schedule. I was happy that it had been rescheduled as I got to enjoyed the dinner over a more relaxing background and at my comfort. This dinner was at Tosca, an Italian Trattoria located next to the hotel’s charming poolside. It was a special night, Tosca’s exclusive sustainable seafood menu and I am glad that I was invited.

From now through August 31, 2015, participating Hilton Worldwide hotels in Malaysia have lined up a series of dining promotions featuring sustainable seafood choices in their restaurants to raise awareness about responsible seafood consumption amongst consumers in Malaysia. DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur present a variety of sustainable seafood culinary options at Tosca, their Italian restaurant and Makan Kitchen, the award-winning Malaysia heritage restaurant.

Last April, Hilton Worldwide implemented a shark fin ban across all restaurants and F&B facilities operated by its owned and managed hotels globally. This was followed by an announcement in May 2015 to partner WWF to evolve the hospitality company’s global business practices, reduce impact on the environment, and make the hospitality industry more sustainable.

Executive Chef Eric Siew

“The Sustainable Seafood Festival presents a valuable opportunity for our guests to learn about the importance of making smart, sustainable choices which will minimize our impact and protect our environment while enjoying the culinary creativity of our restaurants,” Eric Siew, Executive Chef explained. “Guided by WWF-Malaysia, Tosca has created a special promotional menu using Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)-certified sustainable seafood items.

The whole array of dishes I had that night was a new ala-carte menu created by Executive Chef Eric Siew. This menu was special created in support of WWF-Malaysia sustainable seafood festival(SSF) 2015, partnering with eco-label partner Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Council(ASC). That night I saw the marching of cooking chef lead by Execuive Chef Eric Siew prepping my dinner, it was truly exciting. I got to say it was not an easy task but truly they make it happened.

Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallop

The first that graced the table with such an open heart and without any restriction was this delicious carpaccio of Hokkaido scallop. It was so beautifully plated and truly gave my eyes a wink and a charming smile. I saw the finely sliced across Hokkaido scallop and decorated with lovely young rocket salad, miniature sliced tomatoes that came in yellow and red, dressed with lemon oil sand honey-sherry vinaigrette. The best part that twinkled my paired of Chinese eyes was the droppings on avruga caviar. It looked just classy, expensive and terrific. I got admit it was wiped cleaned with my soaked wet bun. I was truly had an amazing start.

Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallop

Italian Style Chilled Norwegian Pink Shrimps

Another starter walked its way to the table without any shyness. It gracefully seated infront of me. It was so well arranged on a cocktail glass and attractive to looked at. It was called an Italian style chilled Norwegian pink shrimp. The were a lot of this babies soliciting to be eating and I was one of them that felt so irresistible. Using my fingers I picked them up one by one. This shrimps came with a slight nice touch of salt juices and had a refreshing fresh sweetness in taste. It was just amazingly addictive as I wasn’t able to stop enjoying it, one after another. What got me attracted was the abindance of roe and great meat texture. I did not soaked them into the 3 signature dips: chipotle remoulade, tomato-sherry vinaigrette and Italian tartar sauce as eating on them on its own was already so alluring. I got to confessed I did dip my fingers into the dips for tasting, there were also really tasty. That night I went nuts over shrimps !

Delectable Chilled Norwegian Pink Shrimps with Lots of Roe

Dill Cured Tasmanian Salmon

The dill cured Tasmanian salad was another mouth teaser. Having make my own cured fish, this one at Tosca tells me a lot of wonderful stories. Looking at the intensity of the curing already convinced me that my night will be blessed. I was truly spot on. I was right. The slight saltiness and sweetness make it so nice to have. While the generosity of having such a thick cut was such a delight and the texture was spot on, firmed. Drowning into the fabulous third starter I know my mains will be not difficult to convince.

Canadian Lobster with Potato Gnocchi

The first main was such a show off. It was so attractive to look at and how can one resist of not wanting to own this, a sexy looking cooked Canadian Lobster. It took the centre stage and accompanied with potato gnocchi cladded underneath it looked so nice with some stain of searing. The lobster was given a nice grilled and drizzled over with amazing tasty brown butter sage lobster emulsion. The potato gnocchi had a fabulous texture, firm and it was addictive. I had a good few. The accompanied green pea puree gave the dish a good colour and feel while the leek fondue enhanced the taste well. It is a must have dish.

Sea Bass al Catoccio

The sea bass al catoccio was an interesting dish to experience as it came in a parcel wrapped over with the parchment paper. The fish was cooked in the beech oven with awesome Mediterranean flavours. I was not told what was the coating was but the nice saltiness in taste do tells me that it could be a mixture of blended olive and capers. A dash of squeezed baked lemon juice added the zest to the fish. It was convincingly good, well I liked it.

Red Snapper Capellini

Next I had a good tasting of this pan roasted red snapper fillet which had a nice rust outside and it was was moistly done inside. The topped mustard crumbs gave a pleasant flavour to this fish dish and the angel hair pasta was nicely done too. A touch of tomato vinaigrette gave the dish a nice boast of taste. Nice.

Slow Roasted Tasmanian Salmon

The slow roasted Tasmanian Salmon looked truly scrumptious. The taste was a great show off. I like the crust encaged the salmon and the texture of the meat was moist and soft. I liked the portion size of the salmon served, it was huge. Underneath was the potato and celeriac ragout and accompanied by eggplant parmigiana which when well with my liking even it was my first meet. The lemon-caper sauce complimented the salmon well.

Tosca DoubleTree by Hilton KL 4
Semifreddo topped with Chocolate Sauce and Hazelnut

To end the tasting night we had a taste of Tosca’s semifreddo. It had a fabulous smoothness in its texture that smooth well with my liking while the crystalized sugar gave it a nice popped up texture. The topping of chocolate sauce too was a great enhancement. I got to say it was a charming dessert.

My discovery of sustainable seafood menu here at Tosca is really delicious and I was truly impressed. It definitely will be alluring me back for more. For reservation please call (03) 2172 7272 or online reservation at

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