The Deck at Weil Hotel Ipoh

The Deck at Weil Hotel Ipoh

During my stay at Weil Hotel Ipoh this year, I attended a dinner at The Deck situated at the rooftop of the hotel. The food presented that night was the creation of Chef Sam Lau and his team and I truly enjoyed the dish creations. Chef’s cooking had an English influence which got me inspired to dive in for more.




Entrement – Smoked Fish Bon Bon

The entrement was light indeed to start off with, a trio of  medium size of deep fried smoked fish ball. It was crisp on the outside while the inside was truly tasty , fluffy and soft. Paired with pickled fennel and salted cucumber the whole dish work pretty well to my taste bud.

Soup – Red Lentil Soup

The soup, a bowl of red lentil soup was pretty taste too. I like something liquid and warm along my dinner. The soup was very calculated brewed and it came with infused onion, prawn and served with crouton. Lovely, something nice to have in Ipoh.

Cod Fish with Butter Herb Crust

The main was this nice piece of cod fish pan seared to skin crisp layer over  with butter herbs crust worked perfectly for the night. The cod was moist and tender and accompanied with pilaf rice and nice tomato sauce.

Lime Sorbet

As for a palate cleanser, a fine petite white Chinese tea cup was filled with yummy and light sweet lime sorbet. It was very inviting.

Dessert – Ipoh White Coffee Pudding

The dessert presented was full of admiration, a pudding made with a home classic flavour of Ipoh white coffee was showcased. The pudding was beautifully baked and topped with candied walnut raisin and went along well with vanilla mascarpone, salted caramel sauce and crisp tuile. It was a great finish for the night dining at The Deck.

One of The Wine Tasted on That Night

Chef Sam Lau

The Deck
Weil Hotel Ipoh
292, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak
05-208 2228

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