Philips Pressure Cooker Braised Chicken Legs with Duo Dried Mushrooms

Pressure Cook Braised Chicken Legs with Duo Dried Mushrooms

Wanted to make something for dinner and there I went to do some grocery shopping at nearby. Pork was too stressing for me as I had been playing kitchen with it for days, from pork knuckle to pork neck the pork belly. Well I was cleaning my freezer as that compartment was too congested with things I bought many weeks, months ago. I got to confess at now my freezer looks brighter and lighter. I am a real freak in buying and yet not able to use them. I am a bad boy!


Cleaned Chicken Legs with Boiled Water

I usually cleaned most of my meat before cooking them over a pot of boiling water. It helps the filter out those unwanted residue. I notice cooking chicken using the pressure cooker can be such a hassle as most time you will then to over cook them and the texture turn to be rough and dry. Now after analysing some cooking method and recipes on the conventional cooking caught my notice especially when come to braising. I found it to be such an excitement. The outcome of my cooking was such a joyful one. Two chicken leg was not enough tonight. The texture was soft and moist, what most the chicken was truly succulent. It was not dry and rough.

Darken the Chicken Legs with Dark Soy Sauce

Once my chicken leg cleaned I gave them a gentle massage with my dark soy sauce rub. I tried my best to give it a good rub and putting on some energy into it. It was fun and not a difficult task. The I set it aside so that the colour can stain onto the chicken.

Tea Tree Mushroom, Brazilian Dry Mushroom, Dried Longan and Sliced Ginger

The next method is to pressure cooked the braising broth. First I soaked both of the dried mushroom with hot water and leave them aside till soft. Once done I place them into the pot together with fried longan and sliced ginger. Pour in the liquid ingredients and closed the cover and give it a pressure cook for 10KPT. This is will definitely juice out the flavour. Once cooked then only I put n the chicken legs and add on another 10KPT. Once cooked I leave it to rest or keep warm for another 10mins. This will slow down the cooking and will also let the chicken to absorb the flavour from the sauce.

Pressure Cooked The Chicken Leg

2 Chicken Leg
Dark Soy Sauce
4-5 Mexican Dry Mushroom
4-5 Tea Tree Dry Mushroom
5-6 Sliced Ginger

200ml Premium Soy Sauce
3 Tablespoon Dark Soy Sauce
2 Tablespoon Fish Sauce
1 Tablespoon Oyster Sauce
1 Tablespoon Sesame Oil
20gm Rock Sugar
1 pitch of White Paper
800ml Water

Clean the chicken legs with boiling water.
Pad dry and add Dark Soy Sauce to darken the chicken, set aside.
Soak the dry mushrooms with hot water till soft.
Add in the sliced ginger, dried longan, soaked mushrooms and the ingredients for the sauce into the PPC pot.
Pressure cook it for 10KPT.
Once ready add in the chicken legs and KPT for another 10KPT, once the pressure cook completed leave it warm for another 10mins (to let the flavour from the sauce soak into the chicken leg)
Then the chicken legs are ready.

Soy Sauce Chicken Leg Flavoured with Duo Dried Mushroom

The chicken taste just terrific and filled with flavour from the soy sauce and the aroma of the mushroom. The sauce was intense and the meat was soft, moist and tender. I topped the chicken leg with some freshly fried sliced shallots and chopped garlic.

Tonight’s chicken legs was not enough for 3 people therefore will have to make more the next round.

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