Dining at Ti Chen Saujana Golf Club with Executive Chinese Chef Sam Lu

Deep Fried Scallops with Banana and Taro Paste

Having to find my way to indulge a fine elegance dinner at Ti Chen Saujana Golf Club prepared by Ti Chon’s new Executive Chinese Chef Sam Lui was truly an exciting experience. As that night we were showcased with some of his award winning and signature dishes from his Signature Dishes and Gold Award Winning Menu from The World Chef Competition 2015, Shanghai. His signature dishes will be available in the new Ti Chen ala carte (unveiling in Sept 20150. As for his Gold Award Winning Menu is available now until end of August with days advance booking.

The first platter that came to the table that night was truly a celebration. At one end was this scallop sitting on top of a cut banana coated over with a taro paste and was given a perfect deep fried in hot oil/ The casing looked wonderful and crisp. I just love the texture of the fresh scallop with the combination of sweetness coming from the almost ripe banana. It was a nice start. Each piece will cost RM8 with a minimum order of 4 pieces.

Roasted Chicken Roll with Korean BBQ Sauce

The other end of my plate was this tasty and nicely roasted chicken roll. This chicken roll was given a nice massaged over a tasty Korean BBQ sauce. The taste was intense, flavoured with Korean chilli powder and the Korean BBQ sauce truly worked it way into the chicken well. The chicken gave a remarkable robust taste to this chicken and played well into my tasting palate. Definitely an interesting chicken piece it was done with a Korean influence.

Double Boiled Village Chicken with Maw Soup

I always love something warm in my meal, a bowl of warm soup is just superb. That night a perfect bowl of warm delicious captured my day. The flavour of the soup is intense and sweet in flavour coming from the double boiled village chicken. A hint of Chinese herbal roots can easily be detected coming from the soup. The fish maw had a great texture too, soft and so irresistible. A bowl of cost RM88.

Steamed Cod Fish with Chinese Herbs

My cod fish dish was presented in a nice modern way. The thick slice of cod was given a steam and layer over a light layer of porridge in fused with Chinese herbs. Topped with supreme soy sauce form the whole dish transform into a fabulous jewel on that night. It was a delicious tasty dish and the cod fish was cooked to perfection where it balanced out well with the hot porridge. (RM35/100gm)

Homemade Apple Wood Chip Smoked Flavoured Roasted Duck

The homemade apple wood chip smoked flavoured roasted duck was truly a showcase that night. The smoked flavour coming from the apple wood chip can easily be detected. I just like that smoky smell, it was awesome. The duck was roasted well and the meat texture was firm and tender. (RM68/half, RM118/whole)

Butter Garlic Fried Rice with Crab Meat

The garlic fried rice with crab meat was superbly showcased, It came in a shape of a ball, bind with sauce. It taste really nice and the present of garlic can be easily detected. It did go well with the homemade apple wood chip smoked flavoured roasted duck.

Sam’s Coffee Pudding and Baked Homemade Almond Cream Bun

The dessert was very impactful and it was so seductive to indulge. Sam’s Coffee Pudding was brilliant, so well bind and the texture was perfect smooth. The intensity of two type of coffee was just the right balance taste. It was so charming. The homemade baked almond cream bun just the perfect piece to wrap up the dinner. The bun was intense crisp outside and soft inside which the almond cream intense the taste. Loving it so much. Wish I had a few more.

Executive Chinese Chef Sam Lu and Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew at Ti Chen Suajana

Executive Chinese Chef Sam Lu a multi award winning chef attended the Chinese Cooking Course under China Hakka Famous Chefs and also trained at the China Development Centre of Molecular Gastronomy. Globing around the Asian Continent, Chef Sam Lu hopes to enhance the diner’s understanding and appreciation of Chinese cuisine by reflecting the familiarity and variety that diners are looking for in Chinese cooking. He too carries the his task to lookout for new ingredients and flavours to arouse the palate and stimulate the imagination, Chef Sam Lu brings with him more than 18years of accumulated culinary ingenuity.

Having Executive Chinese Chef Sam Lu and Dim Sum Maestro Yau Kim Yew are definitely a good combination and a heavenly team at Ti Chen Suajana, food creation here surely and definitely will be alluring and will definitely be pleasing.

Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant
Saujana Resort
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel No (603) 7843 1234
Tues to Fri ~ 12.00pm – 2.30pm (lunch) & 6.30pm – 10.30pm (dinner)
Sat & Sun ~ 9.00am – 2.30pm (lunch) & 6.30pm – 10.30pm (dinner)

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