US Potato Culinary Festival at Rendezvous Steak Garden Restaurant Subang Jaya


Our dinner started with half a dozen of escargot with delicious tasty melted cheese here at Rendezvous Steak Garden Restaurant located at the centre of Subang Jaya. The restaurant is about 2 years old and this is their third outlet beside the one at Kampong Pandan and Cheras. The meat had a great biting and the cheese itself I find it rather seductive and very alluring in taste. I got to say it was a great teaser to start of any meal. Simplicity I would put it.

Tropical Fruit Tea

We orders their Tropical Fruit Tea which had a great light sweet juicy taste. I find it nice and truly addictive. The remedy of this tea contained of the combination of apple, passion fruit, orange and lemon. The idea of this tea is to build up a good appetite, accelerate digestion, rich with vitamins and minerals.

Potato Skin

As to indulge the US Potato Culinary Festival menu we ordered their Potato Skin which was done to perfection, I think they make it must better than mine. I like the fact their potato skin was not too thick and the skin itself was done to crisp. The filling was tasty and the present of the coated cheese truly leached into my liking, Nice.

Curry Potato Mash

Another festival menu here is their curry mash potato. It had a memorial taste of our curry puff and the only difference is the shell, instate of pastry skin, a swap of mash potato came into play. I got to admit is was slight huge for me but never the less it was good.

Fondue Chicken

Fondue chicken was on the Festival menu and I got to say it was lovely especially the pot of melted cheese fondue. It came warm and seductively delicious, the cheese sauce. The crunchy deep fried chicken had my liking and dipping into the cheesy sauce was just terrific. I got to note here, I had the plate of potato wedges coated with cheese almost to myself. It was great to have and I never knew that I am so into melted cheese.


Rojak Buah

We also tried their Rojak Buah, a fresh cut fruits coated with a sweet prawn paste black sauce. It was truly addictive and I just love having their crackers coated with their black sauce. Very refreshing.

Lava Chocolate Cake with Coconut Ice Cream

As for dessert we try their lovely lava chocolate cake paired up with a full scoop of coconut ice cream. The chocolate ganache slowly ozzing out from the cake shell making me having a few spooning. Their premium ice cream was good too, the coconut played well with the lava cake. The resident baker who happens to be the wife of the restaurant owner brought to our table some petite cupcake to try and it was nice to indulge.

Mini Cupcake

It was a nice casual tasting night we had here at Rendevous Steak Corner and I will definitely be in this neighbourhood for more indulging of their dishes as the are a lot to pick from.

Rendezvous Steak Garden Restaurant Subang Jaya 55A, Jalan SS 15/4,
SS 15, Subang Jaya, Selangor

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