New Line Up of Dishes at Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Double Boiled Soup with “Sek Hup” Chinese Herbs & Black Chicken

At recent I was invited to try out a range of new dishes created by Executive Chinese chef Thian Taik Yong that caught with great dismay. I had indulged his crafts and I got to admit this time it was truly managed to catch onto my likings. As I was about to sit at my comfort, a nice smart bowl of white porcelains came marching into the private dining room and came tucked gently infront of me. I was truly left with such an excitement and makes me wondering what was waiting for me. It was a double boiled soup with “Sek Hup” Chinese herbs with black chicken.

“Sek Hup” Chinese Herb

It was a fabulous soup after a constant brewed, the soup was truly intense and the refreshing sweetness truly flow in from the black chicken. The present of the “Sek Hup” surely enriched the soup well. I found it really good and tasty. Honestly I had two bowls and whipped clean through out the lunch.

Double Boiled Soup with “Sek Hup” Chinese Herbs & Black Chicken


Siew Loong Pao

Came next this little gem of dumplings, Siew Loon Pao with great tender skin and came piping warm. The minced pork and spring onion filling with a touch of pork oil was amazing delicious. I had mine soaked with a bit of dark vinegar and finely sliced ginger. It was good but make sure to have them warm.

Beancurd Roll

The beancurd roll was very likeable. I adore the crispiness of the beancurd while the prawn fillings was refreshing good to bite into. The spread of mayonnaise gave the roll a nice sweet creamy taste.

Pan Fried Carrot Cake

The pan fried carrot cake texture was firm and tasty. Having it pan fried, it gave the outer a nice crisp texture. I had mine with some garlic chilli sauce.

A Platter of Dim Sum – Deep Fried Salad Prawn, Deep Fried Sesame Ball & Steamed Shrimp Dumpling Caviar

Moving to the next dim sum came this platter of three that consist of deep fried salad prawn, deep fried sesame ball and steamed shrimp dumpling caviar. The platter do look smart and very attractive. The deep fried salad prawn was good as it massaged well inside my mouth. Prawns wrapped well in dumpling skin and given a good fried and topped with salad cream was noticeable. Next to it was this deep fried sesame ball, a deep fried glutinous ball filled with sweet chestnut and palm sugar paste coated with black and white sesame gave a good run for its crunchiness and taste. I would definitely eat it while it is still crispy. The steamed shrimp dumpling caviar was pretty and looking at its translucent skin with the deep orange caviar can sure cheer me up. it was yummilicious.

Homemade Style Baked Spare Ribs

The homemade style baked spare ribs was truly adorable and I love the present of Chinese herb “Tong Kwai”. I was informed that it took them overnight to marinate the ribs with the herbal soup then second marination using red onion, honey, black soy sauce and spring onions. Before being served the ribs were given a good bake till the aroma bursting out. It was a good rib and I like it done moist and tender.

Roasted Goose

The roasted goose was so divine to looked at. The goose itself was marinated with Chinese herbs and five spices and was given a golden brown and crispy roasting. It was told it was a specially sorted local goose that truly caught me with such a fabulous delight. One side of the goose, the meat was tender and firm while the other side the texture was soft and smooth. It was incredible findings. It was so good that I have a few extra pieces. It was terrific.

Green Shooter

Together with the roasted goose came accompanied was this set of green shooter. It was a special palate cleanser make of spinach, vinegar and sugar for after indulging the roasted goose. It was truly interesting and it taste really nice.

Roasted Piglet

The piglet was perfectly roasted with Chinese five spices, herbs, bean sauce and salt. It was roasted to perfection and truly adorable. I like the crisp skin which had a good biting texture. The meat itself was not to thick as some do. I would give a thumbs up for this roasted piglet.

Fire Up The Herbal Chicken in Salt Rock

Craking The Herbal Chicken in Salt Rock

Herbal Chicken in Salt Rock

The village chicken was marinated well with dark soy sauce and herbs and given a good fried then stuffed with dry scallops, mushrooms. black fungus and pork belly. The next chicken was given a good wrapped with baking paper and then given a finishing coat of meringue salt and then baked. The preparation of serving the chicken was exciting to watch, the baked salt was given a pouring of Chinese wine and then a touch of fire before giving a hard knock with a small hammer. It sure smells good. The texture of the chicken was smooth, tender and moist. I would love making this similar chicken at my home comfort and I am sure my guests will like it a lot as I do.

Fresh Tiger Prawns Braised With Milk and Pumpkin Cream Sauce

The next pumpkin dish was lovely, having to see fresh cooked tiger prawns sitting inside the steamed pumpkin was exciting. Smells good, that was coming from the aroma of the creamy pumpkin sauce. It was nice to have the present of the chilli padi and curry leaves that boosted up the taste of this dish. having to eat the sauce with deep fried Chinese bun was so suiting to my liking. I had my plate of sauce wiped clean.

Braised Crab Meat and Crab Roe with Homemade Beancurd

Soya bean milk and egg were the main ingredient of this homemade beancurd. The combination was given a nice gentle steaming to form the curd. The formed beancurd then was given a deep fried. This homemade beancurd was tenderly soft and silky while the coating of the braised crab meat and crab roe sauce boosted up the taste of the whole dish. Lovely.

Di Wei Signature Fried Rice

To end the lunch we were served with DI Wei signature fired rice and it was simply delicious. A simple good wok “Hei” fried rice that came with prawns, eggs and sweet beans here at Di Wei truly knows how to seduce me into having two delicious bowls.

The whole banquet experience at Di Wei was truly scrumptious and got me wanting to be back for more. It was a delicious gourmet. Just Terrific at Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant.

Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant
Address: Empire Hotel Subang,
Jalan SS 16/1, Ss 16,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Phone:03-5565 1388

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