Alessio at Solaris Dutamas

Good Food at Alessio

“I love my findings of this place when it was just my first time stepping into this eatery.. The dishes got the right combination of flavour and taste especially their smoked duck pasta, , it is a sure hit as my tasting palate finds it truly terrific. The lady owner is a true modest person, shy and a passionate into creating all this dishes herself from making her own bread to delicious pieces that being put on the plate. it was a terrific discovery thanks to my friends Mark for his recommendation and introduction” my mumbles

A line of Mocktails

This restaurant is not too difficult to locate as it is situated at Publika. I was slightly late this time while the gang of foodie was already present and looked hungry. hahahaha . . . . . I am always late honey! Taking my seat the were already tall pints of mocktails waiting to be consumed and I got to admit they were true thirst rescue. Tasty as it looks it do like the Italian Passion, yums!

The Entrement Paradiso

The entrement came with style and truly elegantly displayed on a cocktail glass and a little petite coconut. One side was the tangy sweet apple salad contained in a petite coconut shell while the coconut water and thin sliced of coconut meat was beautifully presented on a cocktail glass. It was a nice light entry to start with and truly suits those who is into something light.

The Lava Grilled Black Pepper Lamb Kebabs

My appetite is getting more alerted by now when the smell of grilled lamb came flying into my nostril and gave me a wonderous joy and smile. I am not a big fan of lamb but this one had a good texture of bitings, tenderly prepared. The hint appearances of black pepper can just melts you down and making me wanting to have another bite. The combination of chinks of pepper, onion and pineapple balanced the taste well. Nice.

The Duo Salmon

Walking my fingers into this ‘dulang’ set can called for my pair of eye for a great food hypnotisation. It was illusionally gorgeous to look at and a lot of discovery need to execute. There is a pyramid looking of fried rice standing firm, a fan of deep fried enoki and a pair of popsicle grilled salmon. Without any hesitation I had the first fork plunging into the garlic fried rice and it was lovely and fluffy, the wok hei was a blessing. The enoki was so tastily crisp and left me shouting for more, it was such a teaser. Now the salmon was nicely grilled with miso paste and the other was with teriyaki sauce. The salmon we had was good, the outer was firmly done while inside was soft tender silky slight better then in texture. The other table had their slightly firm inside. The use of miso and teriyaki totally had a differ texture of its own, and bot yet standing proud on its own. I prefer the miso marination but I was my preferences.

The Coconut Island King

Came sitting at the table was this huge prawn coated with curry milk gravy with salted egg and curry leafs. It was such a pleaser and so diving to indulge it especially with this homemade fried buns. Having it soaking into this pool of dirt looking red milky sauce came so striking delicious, intensive sweet memoriable flavour. I had my sauce wipe clean. Amazing me! The prawns texture was firm too.

Indulging Looking Blue River Prawn

The Twin Duck Spaghetti

The twin duck spaghetti was the winner of that night as everyone loves it. I was left with dismay and want to have the dish to myself. I got to admit the pasta was given a generous topping of sliced smoked duck and thin battered fried sliced smoked duck. Now the pasta itself was given a good coating of sauce and came to table warm and nice. I fall for the light crisp deep fried smoked duck as it had a fabulous biting texture and taste that capture most of the audience that night, it was freaking delicious.

The Tuscan Lamb Shank

The Tuscan lamb shank was left on the table and getting ready for indulge looked attractive and sexy. I know it was wooing me pamper it, The texture was smooth and soft, tender in texture while the sauce gave a boost to the dish with such richness. I found it rather a bit huge, therefore sharing it can be a good solution. Lovely.

Basmati Nasi Lemak Muhibbah

The Nasi Lemak Muhhibbah came flying to the table right infront of me with such a look on. The platter was big and got me excited. The rice was fluffy and had a hint of coconut milk in it. As for the accompanied dish, there were spiced fried chicken, butter prawn and tenggiri fish curry. Overall the taste is good, I would like the spiced rub fried chicken as the flavour was intense but the butter prawn was just moderate as I prefer mine to be crisp. The tenggiri fish curry was good, having some gravy to accompany the rice is damn syiok!

A very Wealthy Balance Nasi Lemak
The Pepperoni pizza, Hawaiian pizza and Wild Mushroom Pizza

Their pizza is delicious. A full stop ! hahahahaha . . . . the thin crust base a such winner, moist crisp, perfectly done. The toppings too played an important role. The Hawaian was juicy and delicious to give it a good thumbs up. The baked sliced wild mushroom topped over the pizza gave the pizza a bewildered flavour and can just mesmerized anyone. As for the pepperoni, it done to a nice perfection. Their charcoal oven truly rocks, as the pizza were baked to perfection.

The Spicy Chicken Pizza

The spicy Chicken Pizza walk the talks during the dining session. It came with thin pizza dough and topped with delicious tomato sauce coating and topped with drizzled spicy chicken. I got to say it was irresistible and I had two slices all by myself. Heheheheheheh well it was light and simple to eat.

The Twin Naked Lobster Thermidor

The surprise for the night was having to look and taste, Alessio’s Twin Naked Lobster Thermidor where half was cooked in cheesy termidor sauce encrusted in three melted cheeses and another half naked at its best grilled with French butter. I got to confess that I am into having both to myself, I rather not to have it shared. It was definitely can be my main dish for the night. Yes greed can just develop instantly without any hesitation. The one coated with cheese was so divine in taste, intense with flavour. As for the one done with French butter it had a clearer taste of the sensation lobster. My verdict, it was just terrific.



The Crème Brulee with Sliced Fruits

To end the night we had a nice comfort crème brulee that came with nice sliced fruits. The crème brulee had a right balance of sweetness and texture, it was good. The food here at Alessio truly got my thumbs up and I will definitely be back for the duck pasta ! Delicious.

Solaris Dutamas, 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-6211 2838

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