New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge Curried Talley’s Greenshell Mussels

New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge 1

This is my creation entry for the New Zealand Food Connection a lightly curried Talley’s Greenshell Mussels topped with Tatua Cream, drizzle of Chilli Flake and Rockit Apple Jam . . .. . . . I got to say it was a sure spot in taste, texture and looks . .. . I am truly delighted

New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge
The New Zealand Ingredients to Pick From

The making of this dish was not too difficult to make, it was easy to follow. Heating up the mussels in the curry stock makes the mussels taste better. The whipped cream smoothen the eating texture while the chilli flakes gave the mussels an exciting kick. The present of the apple jam gave a sweet gummy texture. The combination of texture and flavours sums up so perfectly. Delicious yet full of simplicity and nothing too complex here.

New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge 2

Talley’s Greenshell Mussels
Curry Stock
Tatua Cream
Dry Chilli Flake
Rockit Apple

New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge 3

Cube the apple into small pieces and add it ito the boiling water and sugar. Reduce till it thickens. Set it aside to cool.
Heat up the curry stock and poached the Talley’s Greenshell Mussels for 2-3minutes.
Dry the mussels and set it on the plate.
Whipped up the Tatua Cream and pipe on the mussels.
Top the cream with chilli flakes.
Then place the apple jam and garnish with chopped spring onion.

New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge 4

I just love my selection of best produce of New Zealand and truly capture my this cooking challenge. Just fantastic experience.

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