Philips Airfryer Caramelised Dried Oyster

Caramelised Dried Oyster with Philips Airfryer
Airfried Caramelised Dried Oyster

I had been wanting to make this light addictive yet luxurious caramelised whisky dried oyster. I got to confess it was superb stunning and got me hooked. I had been biting into one after another. I just can’t stop indulging it. The taste was dense, crisp on the outside and packed with intense flavour. Brilliant.

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Caramelised Dried Oyster with Philips Airfryer 3
Soaked Soften Dried Oyster in Whisky Mixture

12pcs Semi Dried Oyster
50ml Whisk (your preferred brand)
20Oml Premium Soy Sauce
30gm Rock Sugar
1 litre hot water

Method 1
Soaked the Semi Dried Oyster with 300ml hot water for about 20mins.
Drained the excess water and repeat the soaking 3 times till the dried oyster soften.

Method 2
Pad dry the softened semi dried oysters.
Place them in a small pot, add in whisky and marinate for 30mins.
Then add in the supreme soy sauce, 50ml water and rock sugar.
Heat up the stove, slowly braise the soaked dried oysters till they change to dark colour.
Once braised, let it cool down and set aside.

Caramelised Dried Oyster with Philips Airfryer 2
Oil Coated Whisky Dried Oyster

Method 3
Heat up the Airfryer to 170C
Place the soaked dried oyster on the grilled plate
Airfry for 10-12mins, turn the oyster during half way air frying.
Serve right away while warm or can served cold ad preferences.

Caramelised Dried Oyster with Philips Airfryer 1
Airfry Whisky Dried Oyster using Philips Airfryer

I just love this caramelised dried oysters. They taste brilliant and can served during a private parties and I am sure your guests will be surprise with your cooking. Have a great time trying . . . . .. Sidney Kan, The Mad Pantry King

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