Ippudo Malaysia Launches New 2015 New Grand Menu

Ippudo Pavilion

“Last night I had a great time tasting IPPUDO Pavilion’s NEW Grand Menu 2015, the appetizers were brilliant and I was craving for more of their seared salmon roll. The ramen I had, Karaka Kakuni was amazingly delicious as my chunk of braised pork belly took me right to heaven. I know this is a porn to some but I just can’t live without this amazing tasty layer of aromatic fats. The layers of lean from the pork belly worked fine with me, And I finished off with half a piece of their tasting fragile soft daifuku that left me wanting to marry this shop, yes it was damn nice but left me longing for more . . . . bad this is bad . . . . . . hahahahahahah !” quoted from my FACEBOOK

Ippudo Pavilion 11
Mr Tomo Kudo sharing his IPPUDO story

The local chapter of Japan’s acclaimed ramen chain had launched its new 2015 Grand Menu at their Pavilion KL outlet a few days ago and I was one of the few got invited to do the tasting. These new culinary creations will be debuting at their Ippudo’s Pavilion KL and The Gardens Mall outlets from this 1st April 2015.

Ippudo’s Regional Operation Consultant, Tomo Kudo shared, “Ippudo
always aims to bring to the table tasty selections brimming with robust classic flavours and a hint of modern finesse. We believe our new menu will offer a taste of today’s Japan. Ippudo Malaysia refreshes its menu on an annual basis in line with founder Shigemi Kawahara’s philosophy to continuously innovate to remain true. Kawahara is well known for reinventing ramen and refining recipes for a dish that emerged over 300 years ago. These recipes continue to captivate more than 50,000 customers who visit Ippudo’s over 80 restaurants throughout Japan and almost 50 overseas outlets in major international cities daily – including those in London, Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila that opened their doors in late 2014.”

Ippudo Pavilion 1

This April Ippudo will be showcasing two new ramens – the Shoyu and Kakuni Ramen. Kakuni Ramen is a signature dish offered only in selected Ippudo stores featuring tender pork cubes simmered in Ippudo’s special soy sauce. Twelve other new main dishes that customers can look forward to are the Salmon Salad, Spicy Boiled Gyoza, Lasagne Gyoza, Sweet Corn Tempura, Dashimaki Egg Roll, Mushroom Teppan, Pork Grill, Ika No Isobe Age (deep fried squid tentacles with seaweed powder), Teppan Rice with Beef, Teppan Garlic Rice with Chicken, Grilled Ell Roll with Terriyaki Sauce and seared Salmon Roll with Mentaiko.

Ippudo Pavilion 2
Spicy Boiled Gyoza

Ippudo Pavilion 3
Seared Salmon Roll with Mentaiko

Ippudo Pavilion 4
Pork Grill

Dashimaki worked perfectly massaging its way through my mouth alike having a fabulous French kiss. It was soft, silky and tasty. The Spicy Boiled Gyoza was like a working on a tender and yet beautiful concubine that looked great and taste fabulously. Seared Salmon Roll with Mentaiko took the runway glamorously, beautiful and yummy, left me craving for one more piece. The Pork Grill was tenderly done with nice biting texture and warm.

Ippudo Pavilion 5
Teppan Rice with Beef

The Teppan Rice with Beef came with such detail and perfection. It eye truly an eye bulging rice dish with an outstanding fried egg and layered over with fried rice and tipped with beef. It was so adorable stunning and worked well into our palate. We loved it.

Ippudo Pavilion 6

Ippudo Pavilion 7
Karaka Kakuni

Ippudo Pavilion 8
Shoyu Ramen

Ippudo Pavilion 9

Those with sweet tooth may like to savour the seven new dessert: Panna Cotta with Soyabean Flour, Matcha Parfait, Otachoco Monaka (crunchy chocolate sandwiched between soft vanilla ice cream and wafer), Daifuku (Japanese mocha filled with ice cream served with strawvberry and lemon slices), Japanese Bite Size Ice Cream, Taiyaki Ice and Cheese Stick.

Ippudo Pavilion 10
Cheese Stick

Not only offering a great new menu but Ippudo makes sure the experience is friendly to their customer’s pocket with a new lower price point. Ippudo strives for a continuation to offer premium food selections but now at even more affordable prices.

Ippudo is available at Pavilion KL (Tel No: +603 21106233), The Gardens Mall (Tel No: +603 2201 6238) and Bangsar Shopping Centre (+603 2011 6238)

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